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Article for the week of 7/24/07

Dateline Hollywood, California….

The Blonde Bombshell has fallen
By, Puns McKenna (Continued from 7/17/07)

At a press conference held in one of her family’s hotels, Paris Hilton withdrew her bid for President. Ms. Hilton stated that her reasons were personal and private, however in a follow up question she gave some insight as to why.

A video has been circulated on the Internet showing Ms. Hilton in a very compromising situation. The video’s origins are as of yet unknown, however, it is pretty damning. The video shows Ms. Hilton taking money from a prominent judge of the Ninth Circuit Court. Disguises of course are being worn, but anyone can tell who is in the video.

Ms. Hilton has refused to comment on the video and it’s origins. Rumors, however, have pointed to Paris’ own camp. Actor Mel Gibson has been suspected of creating the video in an effort to stop Ms. Hilton from ruining the world for entertainers with her “Save the Entertainer’s” movement. He has often been heard denouncing the movement.

Reporters have been trying since Friday to get a response to the allegations, however, Mr. Gibson has taken the “no comment” stance. His Agent is refusing to allow Mr. Gibson to comment on the grounds that it may ruin his chances of staying at Hilton Hotels.

Ms. Hilton’s parents have been asked to comment on their daughter’s campaign, but thus far they have refused to respond. It would seem that there weren’t as many people voting for Paris as originally thought.

Since Ms. Hilton’s withdrawal many reports have come out detailing the shady dealings of her Stars Over America organization. It has been reported by other news organizations that Ms. Hilton’s organization has embezzled millions of dollars worth of campaign funds. An investigation is underway, and there is a press conference scheduled for next Thursday evening to either confirm or deny the allegations.

This reporter will be present and bring you the news as it breaks.

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