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Article for the week of 5/31/07

Damn that Southern Glory
By, Ezra Mann (Editor and Weirdo)

Let’s try to be civil for the moment,
We are after all not barbarians,
But don’t tell the northerners that.

All we know is that institution of racism
We still hold slaves and hail General Lee.
Bring fourth the hicks in chains,
We’ll give them a good show sure nuff

From cowboy Texas to the mighty Mississip,
We’re only slack jaw yokels to you
All praise the union’s perfection.

We’re so behind the times, so says Foxworthy
Our necks are red because we’re here
Here and not north of the Mason Dixon.
God bless you and your understanding.

I could go on, but I hate being ignored,
Tis the curse of not being a Yankee
Damn that Southern Glory.

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