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Article for the week of 10/12/06

Really Pathetic Movie Review

Open Season Shoots to Top of the Box Office

By, Paul Mann (Editor and Weirdo)

Way back in the caveman days man first learned to illustrate the world around him by painting on his living room walls. The crudely drawn figures included himself, perhaps a few of the neighbors and of course, animals. Then the animals got tired of the lousy artwork and decided to move to California where they started Hollywood. (Or at least thatís what a beaver told me) This eventually led to Open Season. Ok, so the details on the process of movie making are a bit ďfuzzy,Ē but ďBearĒ with me while I bring you a review on the latest animated movie out of Sony Pictures.
The whacky story of the movie begins when Boog (Martin Lawrence), outlives his welcome in captivity under the care of Beth (Debra Messing), a Timberline National Forest park ranger. Forced to find a way to survive three days before hunting season, Boog ends up securing friendship in a mentally off mule deer named Elliot (Ashton Kutcher). At first, things go terribly wrong when the other animals of the woods decide they arenít going to accept the new addition. Yet, what would a heart warming animal fable be if those that turned away the outcasts didnít eventually take them in. This comes just in time as the creatures will need to form a critter alliance to outlast the hunters.
Make way for a comedy that will surely entertain both adults and kids alike. With characters such as McSquizzy the squirrel (Billy Connolly), Ian the alpha mule deer (Patrick Warburton) and Mr. Weenie (Cody Cameron) audiences will be left with plenty of quotable lines. The movie flows nicely and includes parody of both the serious and bizarre. If it were allowed Iíd say take your pets, because they might enjoy it too. Besides, what could be more fun than seeing nature put the wild back in wildlife.
All around, Iím satisfied spending the cash I did to see Open Season. While not the most original, at least the movie was fun and gave a fresh view to David vs. Goliath theme. Iíd definitely recommend it for the whole family. Heck, itís looking like a pretty good year for animated movies. For a job well done, Open Season deserves a howling four out of five.

This movie review was also featured in Volume 33: Issue 7 of The Chase at Eastern New Mexico University.

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