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Article for the week of 9/20/06

Rock Star Supernova Band Legal Woes Continue
By, Grey Entertainment

No sooner has the Reality TV series ended than the legal issues begin. Such is showbiz.
No one expected them to have the intestinal fortitude to do it, however with legal action all the rage world wide the first band to be named Supernova, possessing a longer if somewhat quieter career, forbids the newly formed “super group” from performing under it’s assumed name, a crippling blow considering the group has barely even begun to do anything than wallow in their own ego.
As one backer put it “We thought the name was appropriate and the other guys could be bought off with a cheap bribe.”
The failure of the bribe (a complete list of names and numbers of actresses who want to date musicians) and the beginning of legal action has put a temporary halt on the resurgent career of Whosit, Whatisname, Tommy Lee and Somethingorother Rossi.
Now they face bigger threats.
A supernova within the Andromeda galaxy has sent word that for the last nineteen millennia it has been using the moniker “Rock Star”, with Supernova being a surname.
Consequently this celestial body has seen fit to launch an independent law suite.
“Rock Star was content to let other bands be known as Supernova on the basis that his musical career has been minimal and his chosen name remained unique to him,” said one lawyer acting for the stellar entity.
Unfortunately Somethingorother Rossi, as befits a lead singer, ignorantly opened his big mouth and said that if Rock Star Supernova had a problem he should come here and take it up with the band face to face rather than hiding behind a distance of untold light years.
Given that Rock Star Supernova is a giant ball of burning gas with a gravity greater than anything else in the solar system the prospect of a face off with the musical group could be disastrous to the human race.
Consequently several organisations have stated that they will destroy the band before Rock Star Supernova makes a move.
Iran in particular has been vocal in hunting down and killing like animals every last member of the band.
The United States, ever suspicious of Iran, has reported that it will not allow it’s citizens to be targeted by a foreign power in such a manner, and has set up a task force specifically tailored to destroy the group within two months, regardless of actions of any celestial entity, and with the distinct possibility of allowing the public to vote on who gets “sanctioned with extreme prejudice” first.
This would explain why Pamela Anderson has enlisted in the United States Army and is practicing her tank driving skills while listening to “Flight of the Valkyries”.
Seeking to make some good of the situation the production team behind the television show “Rock Star: Supernova” is going to televise the fate of the musicians, whatever it may be, even going as far as working with the US government, the Iranian government or the FOX Network, known for it’s association with enormous gaseous entities.
“If the opportunity arises we will include a fan voting session,” said one source close to the producers. Though everyone is quick to admit that Pamela Anderson has first dibs on taking down Tommy Lee no matter what anyone else says.

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