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Article for the week of 9/13/06

Holy Hoppin Nightclubís Batman

By, Puns McKenna

So the other night I went out to a local nightclub. First time Iíd ever been to this place, and to say I was impressed is an understatement. My other half and I walked up to the door and were carded by the bouncer. I mean this guy was your stereotypical bouncer. Big, burly, and the lovable teddy bear look. You all know what Iím talking about, even if you havenít ever been to a nightclub, this bouncer has been depicted in many, many movies. Roadhouse, The Mask, Urban Cowboy, etc. So anyway, we get carded and go inside. Inside the lights were, dim blue and the music, provided by a DJ, was hoppin.

Inside this place looked like a cross between a smoky jazz café and a bar. It was already quite late by the time we got there and most of the patrons were already three sheets to the wind. Iíve discovered something rather interesting about that. Itís more fun to watch those that are three sheets to the wind, than to be three sheets to the wind myself. So, Iím watching these people having a grand time, in various stages of blissful impairment, and I hear a group of people doing double dares and stuff that I havenít heard since I was in grade school.

But this place was great. There were people galore, from the office set to the in off the street casual set. The DJ played all night, and if the music was a bore, you could tune into your favorite entertainment, the Television. There were about several TVís mounted in the walls behind the DJ, which were showing old re-runs of Flash Gordon, SNL, And a few others. If youíre ever in Reno, I highly recommend this place. Itís called the Sapphire Lounge, and itís at Harrahís Reno in downtown Reno. You can Dance all night, Drink, Eat Appetizers, and hang out with complete strangers to your heartís content.

So if youíre a wallflower, or a rabid partier, this place is for you. Eat, Drink, and be Merry. Or as Robin would sayÖ ďHoly Jackalopes, Batman. This place is Hoppin.Ē

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