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Article for the week of 7/18/06

Talking Immortal Monkey in Plagiarism Row
By, Grey Entertainment (continued from TIM releases album)

No sooner has his album hit the streets than Talking Immortal Monkey finds himself accused of plagiarism and locked in a lawsuit over false advertising and obtaining permission to replicate music under false pretences.
At the heart of this story is, oddly enough, Talking Immortal Monkey’s least popular song on the album “Talking Immortal Monkey Experimentation” (TIME), the cover of “You’re Beautiful” originally by James Blunt.
While initial criticism was that no monkey could possibly hit those notes without being neutered, something Talking Immortal Monkey has taken great pains to disprove with whirlwind romances with Lindsay Lohan, the recently dumped Cameron Diaz and Cher, it turns out that there was more than just eye watering pitch at play here.
Talking Immortal Monkey is well known for his Midwestern and Southern accents, dropping from one to the other within a single conversation, usually deliberately. He claims that this is because of the moving he did as a child and has adequately imitated a number of other accents picked up during his travels.
According to information packaged with the CD Talking Immortal Monkey claims to have perfectly imitated Blunt’s accent to capture the essence of the song, even though everything has been set to a samba beat.
Investigations have revealed that the song may have been recorded, partially or fully, with Lulu, ward monkey of Sir Paul McCartney.
Evidence cited to date includes minute vocal changes that could not be produced by one singer.
Talking Immortal Monkey has tried to claim he is just that talented, however no one can buy it.
Armed with this sort of evidence the rest of the CD was quickly scoured. While nothing definitive has been found yet the covers of “We are the Champions”, “Mr Jones” and “Conga” have yielded discrepancies that could be indicative of someone else singing.
Experts claim that Talking Immortal Monkey’s singing range cannot be as vast as to cover every song on the CD, no matter how talented he claims to be, or the influence of Michael Jackson.
Adding to the problem is a claim by the Goo Goo Dolls that they never gave permission for Talking Immortal Monkey to do a hardcore gangsta rap version of “Iris”.
Neither they, their manager or legal team have a copy of the paperwork, and a cursory look at what was provided by Talking Immortal Monkey does possess authentic signatures, yet has his name scrawled in over some exBoybander.
The primate himself was unavailable to answer questions, remaining sequestered in his relocated mountain top retreat on the shores of Lake Michigan.
For the moment things do not look good, while individual elements of evidence are small they are adding up. The one bright spark is that sales increased briefly as technophiles, critics and the mean spirited bought copies of the CD specifically to rip it apart in search of further fraudulent revelations to gain them a few moments of fame.
Most of the rest of us simply wait for the other shoe to drop, most likely in the form of revelations that a body double was used for all Talking Immortal Monkey music videos, all of which include at least three now infamous “ab shots” to showcase the six pack which is normally covered.

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