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Article for the week of 7/11/06

Talking Immortal Monkey Releases Album
By, Grey Entertainment (Updated from TIM launches Career)

Amid the births, marriages and desperate Hollywood attempts to stave off financial and critical oblivion it should be noted that someone in show business is actually producing something entertaining.
That this someone is Talking Immortal Monkey is somewhat embarrassing, though the success he is enjoying is a welcome rarity on the modern artistic landscape.
Attending a launch party in Detroit – ostensibly to avoid taking sides in “this East Coast/West Coast bull pucky” – Talking Immortal Monkey mingled with the likes of The Dixie Chix, Sheryl Crow, INXS:TNG, Justin Timberlake and occasionally someone with talent.
The album, titled “Talking Immortal Monkey Experimentation” (TIME) is full of covers with a Talking Immortal Monkey twist. Songs such as “Give it Away”, “Man on the Moon”, “Breathless” and “Toxic” have been rerecorded with distinctive Talking Immortal Monkey vocals and set to alternative beats.
Sales have been brisk, with several tracks receiving heavy airtime on radio stations, though MTV and other music outlets refuse to show any videos owing to extensive airborne faecal matter. Talking Immortal Monkey has tried to smooth this over with explanations of how it is a part of his heritage, however too many stations fear for their operating licence.
Critically the album has done slightly better than most that are heavily reliant on covers. Some seeing the high pitched screeching as a positive influence on some songs while others believe that not even a jibbering ape can make anything by Brittany Spears any worse.
Officially the reasons for an all covers debut album is to showcase Talking Immortal Monkey’s vocal skills. According to press releases he has been a major driving force behind many of Michael Jackson’s songs, including “Bad”, “Black or White” and “Billie Jean”, drawing on a combination of his own and Michael’s life experiences.
By releasing an album of covers Talking Immortal Monkey seeks to prove his skills lie in the execution as well as the planning and creation of song.
A little dirt digging shows that Talking Immortal Monkey may be a fibbing long-lived primate.
Much like Sir Paul McCartney, recently declared ruler of some obscure region of Mars because it’s the only thing left to honour him with, Talking Immortal Monkey is taking legal action against Michael Jackson regarding proprietary issues with music.
Apparently the self-styled Prince of Pop still retains legal rights to anything written by Talking Immortal Monkey, including any new works penned since his release from his Neverland cage.
This sort of thing is not without precedent, Paul Schaffer has a similar agreement with David Lettermen, only with some reimbursement such as a nice holiday home and tasty snack treats delivered every hour during the weekend.
Talking Immortal Monkey receives no such benefits, indeed many struggle to find any upside for the simian singer now that he has been released from the horrors of Neverland.
For now Talking Immortal Monkey is trying to make his way in the music world as best he can, dealing with the handicap that is Michael Jackson a lot better than Michael Jackson himself tends to deal with these things.

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