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Article for the week of 5/17/06

To Wii… or not to Wii!

By, Puns McKenna

This is a question many gamers are going to ask themselves numerous times, until this new game system finally comes out. Sure sounds a little corny don’t it? Well according to marketing experts Wii is apparently original enough to promote a LOT of sales. And something tells me they could be right. Sure Nintendo is a household name, EVERYONE knows Nintendo, right? Of course right. But the new name, Wii, is HOT.

Now from a buyer’s perspective I see this as a Wii bit out of whack. Terrible pun I know, but it fits. A name like Wii, which incidentally is pronounced “we”, just seems a little over done to me. The name makes me think of “Wii will rock you”… or “Wii are the world”. No offense to the people who came up with the name, but it just doesn’t make me think of a Nintendo game. From a Marketing standpoint, New…Fresh…Original names can bring in more dollars, but they need to have a solid product backing them. I’ve never had a problem with Nintendo’s so I’d say that the marketer’s may have hit a new nail on its Wii head.

Now I’ve read numerous articles that discuss the “popularity” of the name, and the reason’s behind it. The name is designed to signify a sort of “unity” and perhaps promote more time spent with others than alone. I’m not so sure that the practice of gamers will change just because of a cool new name, but who knows I could be wrong. I do expect more of the sales to be made to parents of small children though. Want to know why? Because, in my humble opinion, the catchy new name will appeal to more of the younger mindset than the older players.


Ten year old little Timmy goes into the local Wal-Mart and sees the latest and greatest that Nintendo™ has to offer. “Wii!” he screams in delight. “Mommy, I want a Wii!”

Now Mommy is perplexed at best because she’s likely never heard of a Wii, though the word sounds familiar to her. But once she’s done scolding Little Timmy for his embarrassing outburst, and Little Timmy is done explaining what a cool game system Wii is, Mommy’s likely going to buy the product.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that the Game system will go far. Just not necessarily on my dime.

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