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Really Pathetic Movie Review

Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

By, Puns McKenna

A look into a world of Magic and Adventure, where whole lives can be played out in moments, an enchanted realm where daring sword fights happen every day. A world where the beauty is unsurpassed and magical creatures await you.

Now I know that this movie’s been out for a while. It came out just before Christmas 2005, but I just watched it for the first time on Easter Sunday. And all I can say is: Wow! This is a story that so perfectly shows the balance between good and evil, and the necessity of both in the world. Discover a place where Good and Evil fight for supremacy and Truth triumphs over Lies. Discover a place where reality and fantasy overlap to create a wonderful world for the imagination to explore.

So have you ever wanted to meet a Witch? Have you ever wanted to stand nose to nose with a Lion? Well you can do it in Narnia. How do you get to Narnia? Well in this story, you simply step through the Wardrobe in the upstairs room of an old mansion. Step into the magical realm or Narnia where you can fight against the evils of the White Witch alongside Centaurs, Fauns, and Gryphons.

Join Lucy, Edmund, Peter, and Susan Pevensie, (played by: Georgie Henley, Skandar Keynes, William Moseley, and Anna Popplewell), as they journey through the harsh winter wastes of Narnia to find Aslan the Lion (Voiced By: Sir Liam Neeson), and bring order to the chaos once more. Meet Lucy’s friend Mr. Tumnus (Played by: James McAvoy), he’s a Faun that wants to do good, but his fear of the “Queen” of Narnia (Played by: Tilda Swenton), is so great that he’s compelled to do as she bids. Until little Lucy shows him that doing good is always better than bad.

Watch a fractured family learn to accept one another and grow closer in the mythical world of Narnia. See the mystery and wonder unfold around them as differences are set aside and understanding grows.

This movie is a must see for the entire family. Though all may not understand it, everyone will walk away with something positive to say about the movie. And perhaps one or two will want to read The Chronicles of Narnia, by: C.S. Lewis. I know I’ve been inspired to.




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