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Article for the week of 2/20/06

More Theological Entities In The News
By, Grey Entertainment

Mohammed cartoons, the Virgin Mary guest starring in South Park, L Ron Hubbard promoting a new book on Oprah, recent weeks have seen more and more deities and their representatives on Earth hitting the headlines in entertainment circles.
There appears to be no connection between these appearances, simply coincidental timing as contracts are fulfilled. The Pope, the Dali Lama and John Travolta all state that the additional publicity is nothing more than happenstance and not at all related to any Armageddon, Ascension, New Beginning, Rescue by Aliens, Ragnorock or Unseasonable Octoberfest. No one has yet fully ruled out the possibility of something with capital letters, however it appears not to be the end of life as we know it.
Nonetheless these appearances do merit attention on their own worth, even if two of the heavy hitters, Mohammed and Jesus, are refusing to comment on any issues after statements made by each were taken out of context at the time of the 2000 US Elections, contributing to the vote counting and pigeon catching issues at the time.
L. Ron Hubbard, theoretically dead and not yet resurrected, is still trying to steal the spotlight with promotions on his new book “Real Mothers Don’t Cry”, even horning in on the Cruise/Madonna/Carebear battle over Oprah’s soul.
Hubbard surprised many when, rather than simply siding with Cruise, he opened a whole new front, urging Oprah to join the True Hubbardite faction rather than the Ronnie Sect, which claims that L. Ron Hubbard and Ronald Regan were simply two facets of the larger whole, and only actors should be in charge. This leads many to believe that this Hubbard is in fact a Hubbardite or L’s Not For Loony fake to discredit the Ronnies.
Another to keep an eyen on is Anubus, working with the Coalition of Stereotyped Deities to put an end to discriminatory story writing and hiring practices.
By far the most aggrieved of the group Anubus has been regularly portrayed as a villain or at least a cold, uncaring entity in movies and TV series. Now he spearheads a movement to see fairer representation for the likes of Ares, Shiva, Michael J. Fox and himself.
Though the group has made little headway so far if the Holy Ghost of Elvis decides to led support matters could change drastically.
Also worth paying attention to is Loki, Norse Trickster God, who’s new sitcom “Heimdall Let Me Pass” has been referred to as “Seinfeld for the Twenty First Century” and has been put in opposition to “Joey”, the nearest thing to a successful “Friends” spin off that hasn’t been burned at the stake.
Loki is quietly confident that this will greatly improve his career, which is worrying because normally no one can shut Loki up.
Whether this new trend indicates a renewed time for theological belief, or perhaps a waning of religious power we can all hope that this means an improvement in the quality of TV viewing.




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