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Article for the week of 10/22/05

Really Pathetic CD Review

The Corrs – "Home”

By, Cozmic

The Corrs have always had one great thing going for them. No, I don't mean their exceptionally good looks... Okay, the Corrs have always had two great things going for them. Their exceptionally good looks and their great mix of irish folkmusic into pop. Now, normally this has only been as part of a few songs, or as separate tracks on the CDs, or as the great source of inspiration for some truly amazing instrumental tracks. Home, however, does not contain any catchy popsongs that willget played on the radio. No, Home is an irish songbook, containing only traditional Irish songs played by everyone's favorite Irish siblings-only band.
The CD starts off fairly calm with My Lagan Love, a nice,c alm song, although I have always disliked starting a CD with a calm song, unless you plan to keep it that way forever. It does work, however, once you get into it, which happens fairly quickly. Following My Lagan Love is Spancil Hill, another great song, and by this point the album is pulling you in.
It continues this way, with great, but actually pretty sad, lyrics, some of which are in gaelic, like ”Buachill on Eire” and ”Brid Og Ni Mhaille”, although there are translations in the booklet, which is a nice touch for those of us who can't understand gaelic. ”Home” also sees the return of an old favorite in ”Old Town”, which was first released on ”Forgiven not Forgotten”, as well as on ”The Corrs Unplugged”. It brightens up the entire album, and also manages to fit in really well. Two instrumental tracks make their way to the album, the cheery-sounding ”Old Hag” and the finishing track ”Haste to the Wedding”, both of which are excellent. Nevertheless, my personal favorite on the entire CD is the incredibly sad ”Heart Like a Wheel”, which has amazing piano playing and shows just how beautiful Andrea Corr's voice really is.
All in all, if you ever liked The Corrs, or Irish folkmusic, I'd recommend checking this album out. If you like both, then run and buy it right now, you won't regret it.



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