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Article for the week of 7/19/05

Mosquitoes vs. Wasps
By, Grey Entertainment

It is an argument as old as the Oprah Winfrey show and subject to far less change or debate. Principally because the Oprah Winfrey show, along with the other talk shows of the early 90s was responsible for starting this debate.
The question is which hurts more, and yet remains more entertaining that what is on television, mosquitoes or wasps.
Though Reality TV is thought to be the primary cause for the resumption of this issue the lack of interesting sitcoms is also believed to be a contributing factor. Though dramas remain interesting the propagation of the CSI phenomena along with a glut of medically oriented dramas is beginning to wear out the interest of viewers.
Similarly the lack of quality science fiction that is not a repeat or a special showing of a canceled series is causing more and more people to drift towards other forms of entertainment.
Long gone are the days when producers would take a risk on a new and interesting comedy, or anything for that matter, the clones are upon us, and not simply in the form of the new George Lucas sponsored soap opera featuring the Fett clan.
Consequently the most interesting discussion anyone can have in relation to entertainment is to discuss whether mosquitoes or wasps would cause the more entertaining sting.
Traditionally mosquitoes would have held the edge, as they do not simply sting, but bite and withdraw blood, sometimes injecting blood from a previous meal, leading to all sorts of contamination related possibilities.
However we appear to have a new generation more concerned with immediate sensations rather than the intricate possibilities of future infections, and thus wasps are so far ahead.
It has not yet reached the point where this debate is being televised, especially since the last lot of experts on the subject have since moved on and started up their own DVD collections.
There are many who are willing to take their place, unfortunately these people see their roles as being similar to that of Reality TV and want to debate while completing a series of challenges.
The only feasible alternative presents the debate in the form of a science oriented series set in Atlanta and featuring new and interesting camera angles to showcase the city itself.
Thus even this old debate is ruined by the lowering standards of television.
There is hope yet, predominantly in the form of movies. This possibility is based on the notion that if a movie starring Tom Cruise and directed by Steven Spielberg can get genuinely good reviews then it is possible that a new golden age of Hollywood is about to begin. As this sort of thing can only truly be collapsed by television becoming more interesting Couch Potatoes around the world slouch with anticipation.



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