Gallery of Sticks

Welcome to the Gallery of sticks, formerly the Stick Figure Archive. Here you can check out special stick figure presentations that celebrate either a holiday or parody everything from historical periods to ways of life. Occasionally we will provide you with a new addition. In the mean time, enjoy the gallery. If you would like to buy a t-shirt with any of these sticks send an e-mail to:  Pathetic Mail.

Global Sticks NEW!! (See...we's got culture!)

Sticks of the World

Health Sticks **A little salute to fitness, stick style.**

Health Sticks

Circus Sticks (These sticks like to clown around.)

Circus Sticks

Sticks of the 1950s (Get your tutti fruiti on with these rocking sticks.)

1950s Sticks

Patriotic Sticks (Grand old sticks for the USA)

July 4th Sticks

Halloween Sticks (Ooooga Booga)

Oct 31st Sticks

X-Mas Sticks (Happy Hollidays from RPP)

Christmas Sticks.





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