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Welcome to the news of the past...browse the links and be amazed.

Stupid Criminals 5 Beauty Queens. WAR in the northeast No biblical floods this year. Who won't be pope.

Sleep Deprivation. Soft toy murders. Nothing to see here. S.W.III fails to brainwash. Operation Beer Can. Aliens tell earth: shove it.

Stupid Criminals 8. Aliens postpone again.. Daughter of Godzilla in coma. Airlines and live entertainment. Terrorist change tactics.

Stupid Criminals 9. Being Swedish. Alternative Fuels....again. International Election Bumper Crop. Supernatural PR.

Stupid Criminals 10. France may lose surrender title. Shark vs Whale. Aussie Terrorism. Mime Liberation Front Invasion.

R.I.P. Pat Morita. Peace on Earth Actually Possible. A Swedish New Year. Trees make bid for global domination. Piracy no longer profitable.

Space Fossil Fuel Race. Giant Eyeballs March on Washington. The Blob Moves!. Smart Virus. Garlic Ban. War of the roses update.

Talking Immortal Monkey Found. Talking Immortal Monkey Released. Talking Immortal Monkey Launches Career.

Aussies search for new purpose. Peanut Butter Madness!! Wu-Long Tea.. Truth About Jimmy Hoffa. Aliens Angered over Brain Refusal. Relations with Iran Falter...again. Weasels Held Hostage, Badgers Strapped to Dynamite. A Sudoku a Day Keeps Schwarzkopf Away. Zombies break from Monsters. Those Whacky Pontiffs. Pluto and the Planetary Debate. Space Race takes new twisted turn. New Zealand Still Pissed at French. Microsoft Denies latest attempt to rule the world.. Jerry Springer to bring peace to middle east. Seasons Grettings bleak. Penguins take over North Pole. Candid Photography could Solve Cold Cases. Alf Faces Legal Battle. Alf holds Press Conferance. Cats Reject Alf Statement.. Alf skips out on cat bill. Hulkamania to go wild on osama. War in Florida. Anti Smoking ads serve double purpose. Blog to the white house. Cell Phones Linked to Rain Forrest Decline. Bush to Finally solve Iraq! YouTube to Take over world. Idiots and Hybrid Cars. Jehovah's Witnesses safe from Hurricanes. Castro Death:Who knows. Swedes to Stop Roger Federer. George Lucas and Polygamy.. Good Omens Book Review. Al Gore ponders post nobel moves. TSA might actually fix problems! Rats to fight war on terror! GPS for global domination. French Riots not union supported. Ivy Leagues Digging For Students. 2007 in Review. Culinary Killer on the Loose. Culinary Killer strikes again! Culinary Killer continues to Baffle Investigators! Culinary Killer Cornered! Yahoo takes care of company spies. John McCain risks huckabee support with I-Pod playlist and Microsoft's evil advertising plan. Ron Paul Comeback sneakily in the works. Hillary gets Desparate, calls in mounties. John McCain Celebrates Victory with Happy Days Sacrafice. Obama does not suspect the spanish inquisition. The perils of Democracy. Obama caught in dress up scandal. Corn conspiracies and Ralph Nader oh my! Steve Irwin impersonators could save economy and Obama to pick yodeling running mate. Hillary Clinton promises to carry world to better fuel economy. McCain/Bea Arther affair revealed! Hybrid Aliens not pleased with current candidates. Hillary threatens to unleash clone army. Hillary may latch self to Obama ticket. Firefox root of all evil. Richard Simmons caught in Slavery Scandal. Budweiser to go after mole people. Furniture related deaths on the rise. Obama McCain Duel kicks into high gear. Robbery and Murder! Gen Con 2008!! Palin Pains. McCain Muckraking. Hollywood Bodyparts Black Market Growing. Freaks fish for votes. Kansas to exploit murder rate. After 2008 election. Insane Holiday Finds. Tis the season to spend stupid. Tips for the Obama presidency. Bin Laden to throw popularty bash. Microsoft, Disney eyeing stimulus package. Westminister Dogs called upon to save economy. Penguins to become pedicure agent of choice. Muslims shaking off the bad vibes. Social Networking doing too much police work. AIG stumbles to cover stupid and california files for bankruptcy. Twitter being considered a weapon. Olympic Competitors being hunted down. Not enough Tea at Tea Parties and Turning Lead into Gold. Pope's visits brings magic and Swine Flu Update. War is no laughing matter and english muffin assault. Super Hero Billionaires form team and Bullying Broadcast. Potentials of Florida Depopulation and Angry Mob Broadcast. Villainy strikes again and Oz broadcast. Internet controls you, Mobs losing in tough economy and Oil Price Rise Broadcast. Harvard study and Founding Fathers Broadcast. New Supreme Court Nominee thinking food court and Harry Potter Broadcast. Obama finds holy grail and Sarah Palin Broadcast. Foreign world shocked by cash for clunkers idea and Mole People Health Care Broadcast. Nazi Criminals running out of hiding ideas. People bored with positive lies and Madoff prison Scam Broadcast. Sony and Apple team up to bring down Amazon and Bollywood vs. Disney Broadcast. Sweden reveals plan to block Wal-Mart entry and Political Outburst Broadcast. Pirate code goes to court and Infomercial scam Broadcast. A man with dreams in the sky and terrible vacations. Classic Monsters weigh in on Health Care. Weight loss companies come collecting on Obama campaign support. Bullets to have warning labels and Europe braces for invasion. Catapult gains popularity as airplane travel skyrockets. Kris Kringle to give coal to world leaders and What is the holiday really about. Conan O'Brian to host torture hour. Iran's new space program causes giant animal concerns. Dick Cheney hoards the world's nuclear supply. Gary Coleman claims FAA is discriminating against short people and FAA introduces naked flight. Soda Barons angry over soda ban. Republicans want way old school health care. Backwoods America influenced by backwoods planets. Zombie Hitler objects to Youtube ousting.

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