Hello all of you visits! Here is my new addition to my site...Its tips for a great place called HABBO! Its a virtual Chat site where you can chat and build your own rooms in a hotel...Here you can hang and do many things that i can't even explain so, what beter place to see what it really is then there.So if you wanat visit couse you have no idea what i'm talking about!Click on the HABBO pic on the bottom...BUT if you know all about it clickHERE.

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This will blow your mind!!!!!Take a look at the picture in the middle above.Now fallow these easy steps.

1 look and keep looking at the four dots lined up and down in the middle of the picture for 30 seconds.

2Close your eyes and tilt your head back with out opening your eyes.

Finally you should see a red circle with in your eye lids .What else do you see.............?

Dont give up if you dont see it , maybe you are trying too hard.Wait till you see the rest...

For questions or comments hit me up.Hit Home for more info.Also if you want to admit something,you can too...
Hey every body here is something new for the grown ups. This is about who you really are clich hereTo enter my esychic area.Note over 18 people only.Come on find or let me tell you who and what you are... Something Else.Something fun! The Eli Games are here...Now something newer.My ne and better than ever favorit Virtual Chat.

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What's your opinion on this new war against terrorisim?

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May I have your attention please!!!

May I have your attention please.

This is to a guy who gets on my nervs.His name is Chris.This guy who has been in love with me sence 8 th grade has always molested me.I meen its like this alright.If some one has a crush on some one its not that some ones foult if he dose'nt care is it ?Anyway im posting this to let every body know that its people like these that dont have to make you go out with them , or even kiss them like this dude did to me.I want to make one thing clear though.Im a streight non gay guy.I like girls.My girl friend is not pregnant.And I never did ,never will,and im not supose to kiss you Chris.Peace and im out.America! America!

Also Chris if you have a problem bring it on!

Peace i'm out again.!

Also Click Here if you want to visit my personal profile web site. Peace Im oouut...

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