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III Paragon Egypt

1-Origin of Egypt- The Wars and Revolutions vs. Egyptian Kings before the end in 1322 BC

Human history began when man and women invented symbolism because the ability to use symbols is partly how we arbitrarily define humankind. Speech was the first significant type of symbolism ever invented. Scientists know the date when speech began, by studying fossils and skeletons of 146,000 BC. There are certain aspects of vertebras that tell us when the spinal cord was wide enough to have the nerves to control the muscles needed for speech.

Speech was first use to talk about religion and what humans are doing in this world. The idea of God in a polytheistic manner was there when speech began. Christians recognize the moment of creation of man and woman as that date when humankind first developed or evolved the divine material soul. The soul is material made of particles such as dark matter or Kepers that do not interact with electromagnetic forces or nuclear forces, the French ether of the 18th century. If they tell you the soul is immaterial, they are saying it does not exist because material things are the only ones that exist. The soul evolves from the embryos in a natural manner with all fetuses in all humans that originated with this couple in which the male had Christ and the female had the first human soul, after 146,000 BC. The date in which Christ first generated the material soul in a man and woman has to be 146,000 BC. Most Christian anthropologists agree that men and women invented speech on that date to talk about Christ or Amen and religion. That is why the preoccupation with Christ, the light, defines humankind. Furthermore, religious experts agree that as soon as humans had souls, they recognized the existence of Christ at least pantheistic or polytheistic.

The Christian scientists know the genealogy and kinfolk of all humankind by studying the genes mutation since man began to be modern man. They can corroborate this by the genealogy of languages, studying philology since the appearance of the gene FOXP2 associated with the differentiation of tongues in 53,000 BC when all human beings were 30,000, around 60 tribes of approximately 500.

The lines of quasi-humans [pithecus] wrongly named by reductionism Homo erectus, habilis and sapiens, which date as far back as 7 million BC, Christian Scientists arbitrarily do not categorize as humankind, even if they used fire, smiled, built nests and used stone tools. Christ is not a descendant of monkeys, neither. The monkeys are descendants of Christ and have a common ancestor with him. Man and women began to exist after Christ had evolved to what they are today, so humans have nothing to do with monkeys, reptiles or fishes. The monkeys separated enough from our common ancestor Christ to become another race. Humans kept close enough to the common ancestor to stay as one human race until today.

Retrospective feminine mitochondrial studies indicate that all human beings that are alive today came from a marriage of one male that lived and married in around 146,000 BC. Christian people recognize the moment of creation of man and woman as that date when humankind first developed or evolved the divine material soul. The soul is material made of particles such as dark matter or Kepers that do not interact with electromagnetic forces or nuclear forces, the ether of the 18th century. If they tell you the soul is immaterial, they are saying it does not exist because material things are the only ones that exist. The soul evolves from the embryos in a natural manner with all fetuses in all humans that originated with this couple in which the male had the first human soul, after 146,000 BC. The date in which Christ first generated the material soul in a man and woman has to be 146,000 BC. Most Christian anthropologists agree that men and women invented speech on that date to talk about Christ or Amen and religion. That is why the preoccupation with Christ, the light, defines humankind. Furthermore, religious experts agree that as soon as humans had souls, they recognized the existence of Christ at least pantheistically or polytheistically.

The population of modern human souls that lived since their creation is probably around 14,000 M [millions]: around 200 million lived from 146,000 to 5,000 BC, around 800 Million from 5,000 to 1, approximately 3,500 M from 1 to 1789 and around 9,500 M from 1789 to 2019. They created approximately 14,000 million souls. With 7,200 million people on earth [2012] and only less than 1/3 of them Christians, we can see that 2/3 of the souls created are in hell. The number of Christians born since 30 AD is 5 billion so most are in Glory just for being Christians.

Hell is what Egyptians called Amam. For them hell was the reincarnation of a soul in a crocodile or a hippopotamus. In hell, everybody believes in Christ. Hell is eternal but not your sentence in it. People in hell want to advance to the new or the old glory. That is why everybody in the new, the old glory and in hell are sworn to the right hand of Christ. That means they all want to serve heavens to move to better glories. The Old Glory is the only one that existed from 146,000 to 3202 BC when Narmer began the New Glory by recognizing where Christ or Amen was. The Old Glory is the reincarnation of a soul in a female. Souls in the borderline between hell and glory or between old and new glory go up and down. Sometimes they go down to hell again specially when there are large wars.

The Christian scientists can see all men and woman as one race. From 146,000 to 70,000 BC, humankind was around 20 tribes of an average 500 members less than 10,000 humans in paradise. They followed the seasonal movement of the herds in the “Ethiopian Rift” and in the Nile River in Sudan and Egypt. After 70.000 BC, they began to spread all over in other caves out of contact with the originals. Later, in 53,000 BC, when humankind was 30,000 humans around 60 tribes of an average of 500 they began to invent different languages that served them to identify their tribes, ethnic group and families. The footprint of the genealogy of humankind becomes evident in retrospective philological studies.

From the first tribe, using a method of maximum parsimony scientists studying mutations that serve as markers can establish nine basic ethnical groups and cultures of humankind A-B-C-D-E-F-K-Q-R out of the 18 haplogroups created named A to R.. The haplogroup that has the latest mutations in the Y segment and has discarded the most mutations that identify the first 17 groups that separated from it is the Aryan R1b1c8 [“R1b3a”] group. Therefore, the first-born of humankind has to be in this group. Arians are the source of almost all the genetic polymorphisms.

At one time we were all A group, then we, the leading group of the firstborn, got rid of A markers and evolved the B markers and all humankind were either A or B groups. Then we did the same for the other seven groups. All groups are descendant of us the R group. Those with marker M207-s, the Aryans, have lost all the markers of previous groups. We are the first born of all humankind. The first born of humankind is not in the group that has the oldest or more ancient markers; the first born of humankind is in the group that has discarded the most mutations, in the YNR Chromosome, the Aryans. Aryans, meaning R haplogroup with M207 marker, are the ones with the largest number of binary polymorphisms. The word Arian means the ones that connect all. They are also the source of almost all the genetic polymorphisms. This shows they came first. The Egyptian King Tutankhamen had the R haplogroup marker. The Egyptians invented monotheism and thought God was the second soul in their king or first-born of all humankind. They knew they were the only ones kin [meaning a relative of] of all people on earth.

Groups detach from the line of the genetic first born similar to the way different species of the Animal Republic detach themselves from the specie that became the Modern Human during evolution. The human population of the Egyptian continent and therefore of the whole world was 30.000 members in 50.000 BC. With tribes averaging 500 members gives us around 60 tribes or families, 60 caves. This facilitated the genetic lateral transfer or hybridization.

The 1st and 2nd significant genetical divisions are the YNR-A and YNR-B created when the first born of humankind separated from YNR-A in 53,000 BC creating the markers of group B and discarding the markers of group A. Scientists call them the Khoisan-Afar people. The Afar lived in the Nile and looked in those days like the Arians today. They include the pigmies of today in the south of Africa.

The 3rd significant genetical division is the YNR-C created when the Son of Man separated from YNR-B in modern Egypt creating the markers of group C and discarding the markers of group B in around 52,000 BC. We call this group the Nubians.

The 4th significant genetical division is the YNR-D created when the firstborn separated from YNR- C in Egypt creating the markers of group D and discarding the markers of group C in 51,000 BC. We call them the Fujian. Among them, we find the aborigines Ainus of Japan.

The 5th significant genetical division is the YNR-E created when the firstborn separated from YNR-D creating the markers of group E and discarding the markers of group D in 50,000 BC in Egypt. We call them the Niloan. The Niloan invented the Old and the New Stone Age cultures that spread to the rest of the world. They invented sewing, knitting, weaving, spears, fishing, domestication of animals, sculpture, paint fabrication, painting brushes and an innumerable number of things many take for granted. They invented a polytheistic religion with altars and places of worship. They were nomads but invented the use of gathering places. The invention of the neolith in Egypt happened in 35.000 BC. It did not get to Eurasia until 25.000 BC.

The 6th significant genetical division is the YNR-F created when the firstborn separated from YNR-E creating the markers of group F and discarding the markers of group E in 49,000 BC in Egypt. We call them Sethites. They include those of Iran, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, West Timor and South East Asia.

From this YNR-F Group in 49,000 YBP broke apart the genetical haplogroup YNR-G of Luwian-Ossetian which today is common in northern Mesopotamia and Ossetia. From group F also broke up in 48,000 YBP the group YNR-H that we call Bharat, which populated the present Bharat continent. From YNR-F broke apart in 43,000 YBP the YNR-I that we call Arzawan that inhabited modern Turkey and Elleniki. They are the ancestors of those who spoke Pelasgean, Ras or Etrurian, Ligurian, Cantabrian, Cibarc, Kartvelian, proto Urartu and Iberian. From YNR-F also sprung in 43,000 YBP the Haplogroup YNR J that is the Semite and Jew ethnical groups. The G-H-I-J- YNR groups all originated before 34,000 BC.

The 7th significant genetical division is the YNR-K created when the Son of Man separated from Group F Sethites creating the markers of that Group K and eliminating the markers of the Group F in 42,000 BC. We call the group K the Hapi. They originated in Egypt. They also settled the fertile crescent of modern Iraq.

From YNR-K broke apart YNR-L that began 41,000 BC. They call them the Engir and they populated Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bharat, Indonesia and Papua. The Engir invented cuneiform scripture some time later. The word Engir means people of Christ. They settle southern Mesopotamia that they called Kiengir, or the land of the people of Christ. Bharat they called Jambu. From YNR-K also broke apart YNR-M that began in 41,000 BC. They are the most common haplogroup in Papua and Austronesia. They call them East Caucasian Aborigines. From YNR-K also broke apart the YNR-N that began in 40,000 BC. They call them Caucasian and some speak Uralic languages too. It includes the cultures of the Saami and Finnish. From the YNR-K broke apart too the YNR-O that began in 40,000 BC and they call the YI. This group includes the Yi that later established the first sovereignty of Meitah, or modern China. Yi people spoke Hmong-mien and Dai languages like those of Thailand. From the YNR-K also broke apart the YNR-P in 40,000 BC. This group the Kazack lives in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

The 8th significant genetical division is the YNR-Q created when the firstborn separated from YNR-K creating the markers of YNR-Q and eliminating the mutations of group K in 32,000 years BC. We call them the Altaic. They included the Amerindian. The Altaic emigrated from Wilusa to Korea and Nippon through Central Asia. They came to America via the silk route and crossed the Pacific Ocean through the frozen Baring straight.

The 9th significant genetical division is that of the YNR-R begun in 31,000 BC when the firstborn separated from YNR-Q creating the markers of YNR-R and eliminating the mutations of group Q. We call them Aryans because they knew they were the firstborn tribe of all humankind. The word Aryan means: “the one that connects all”, which means all the people of humankind. They came out of Wilusa [modern Turkey.] They built the first cities in Catal Huyuk, Cayonu, Jarmo and Alikosh in 7500 and then moved back to the Nile.

They inhabited the country of Wilusa or Ilion when the firstborn originated this group. The northwest of Arzawa was the country of the primitive Luwian-s from 35,000 to 31,000 BC, when it became the country of the Aryans. Some have misnamed Aryans, Europeans. Europe was a Semite female from North Africa not related to the Aryans.

The Aryan ethnic group of firstborn Ptahuti established himself in Kemet-Egypt 7,400 years before Christ. That they came from the area of Cayonu, north in modern Turkey, is evident in the pottery of pre dynastic Egypt. The legendary Tahuti was the first King of Egypt in 5705 BC the first head of state we know his name. That is 3 cycles of 1461 from the creation of the state 5705 to the revolution in 1322 BC.

We give credit to Tahuti for creating the first sovereignty, the first laws and the first private property in the world. Ptahuti established Pe-Sae-Bast, capital of the 1st state Egip-Tut [the land of Tut] in 5705 BC.

The Chronology used to follow the history of Eve, the history of the Holy Spirit, and the history of the Sethite and Semite tribes is that in the book of Genesis, in the Old Testament. This chronology begins after the first confrontation between the followers of the Aryan, the firstborn patriarchal line of humankind that of Cain, and the followers of the matriarchal genealogy of Abel or the line of Eve. They did not have last names and the sons they named the same as the father. Therefore, when they say Moses lived 120 years it means they were at least two Moses in the dynasty.

The war of Cain and Abel was in October 3, 3810 BC. Creation for the Holy Spirit is the moment when the Sethites recognize her as the queen that marries the firstborn of the Sethites. Adam is born in 4610 that is for the Holy Spirit [Eve], the moment of creation. Abel who was never first born of the Sethites dies with Adam in the war of Cain and Abel [G = Genesis 5:4]. Eve succession dynasties were Seth dynasty [G 5:3] that became firstborn of Sethites in 3809 BC; Enoch dynasty [G 5:6-10] firstborn in 3685 BC, Cainaan dynasty [G 5:9-12] firstborn 3560 BC; Mahalaleel dynasty [G 5:13-6] firstborn; 3375 BC and Jared dynasty [G 5:18-20] firstborn in 3320 BC. Enoch Dynasty [G 5:21-2] was a failed dynasty that died before Jared died, Methuselah dynasty [G 5:25-6] was firstborn 3320 BC; Lamech dynasty [G 5:28-31] was firstborn 3146 BC; Noah dynasty [G 9:28-29] [G5: 28-32] [G 7:11] was firstborn in 2959 BC and Shem dynasty [G 5: 11-10-1] was firstborn 2604 BC.

Arphaxad and Salah dynasties died before the Semite Shem. Heber dynasty [G 11: 14-17] was firstborn in 2452 BC; Peleg, Reu, Serug, Nahor, Terah, dynasties all died before Heber. Abraham dynasty [G 12:10-22] was firstborn of the Sethites in 2001 BC.

Isaac they conceived as the result of Abraham selling Sarah [Gen 20:2-20, Gen 12:10-27, Gen 18:9-10] as a prostitute that is one reason why Eve stops recording their genealogy. Isaac [b 1900 BC] and Jacob dynasties, not only died before Heber, they chose the emperor imperially not genealogically recognized and more important they fought against Amen [Christ]. That is one reason why the Holy Spirit abandons them and stops recording their Chronology. The Holy Spirit succeeds in a peculiar genealogical order so Eve found herself a whore and abandon.

Jacob dynasty was born in 1840 BC. The birth of Joseph’s imperial dynasty, the first son of Jacob and Raquel, was in 1780 BC. The Jacobin invasion of Egypt began in 1752 BC. The Jacobins take the Delta of the Nile and Fayyum in 1699 BC. Joseph was vizier for a foreign Semite emperor of the 10th Dynasty and the Fayyum canal was there since the third dynasty so Josephus only refurbished the canal or lied about it.

Jacob’s invasion is the same as the foreign dynasties in Egypt #14, 15, 16 in the Delta from 1699 to 1651 to 1542. Egyptians recover the Delta with Kamose in 1542 and with Amenhotep III, in 1371. The final revolution against Akhenaton and Tutankamen was from 1353 to 1322 with the dynasty #19 controlled by the Jacobins.

The Jacobins poison Egyptian waters and crops and soon all Egyptians became their slaves. [Genesis 47:15 to 26]

The Exodus of Moses II corresponds with the killing of Tutankamen in 1322 BC. To say Moses I [born in 1402, killed in 1322 was descendant of Levi, not of the King Thuthmoses IV of Egypt, firstborn in 1401, is strange. There are 4 generations of 25 or 40 years from Jacob to Levi, to Kohath, to Amram and to Moses II according to the Evangelical Chronology. With 40 years each and 78 of life of Moses I is 240 years. That is still short of the other chronology that assigns 430 years from Jacob to Moses [born 1360] II’ exodus [See Genesis 46: 8-11- Exodus 6:18- 20]. Moses II exodus corresponds to the revolution of the Jacobins against Tutankhamen in 1322 BC. When they talk about Moses I or II the son of Thuthmoses IV being 120 years old at his death in 1282, they most establish that it means Moses II the one assassinated in 1282 in what is today Mecca before crossing the Jordan. We anchor Moses II death with Anchises raise as the first-born in the battle of Troy 1282 BC.

Solomon builds his temple 4 years after taking power in 1032 BC. Between the time when Solomon initiated his temple and the Battle of Qaqar was 179 years. Imperatriz Athalia takes power in 876 BC. One anchor of the emperors of Israel is the Battle of Qaqar against Assyrian in 853 BC a well-known date because an astronomical event recorded. The anchor of an eclipse registered in Shalmanesser Assyrian records is 763 BC. Emperor Joash begins his reign in 836 BC. Bankers chose Emperors. Kings, on the other hand, take power only after they are recognized firstborn of the nation of the specific state in question. This gives them control of all declarations of war against the nation pending redemption.

1st War of Sethites against Ptahuti

The tribe led by Abel lived north from Egypt in Mesopotamia in 5650 BC. The sympathizers of Abel invented demagoguery and class struggle. They kept calling themselves the poor and falsely identified the Egyptian in their foolish trifle as the wealthy, only to justify their aggressions. The acolytes of Abel did not accept that increases of population or family members in a tribe divide their wealth.

War between these two ideologies began in 3810 BC. The tribe of Sethite-Abel fought Ptahuti also known as Tut who ruled Egypt and Cainaan or Canaan. They fought this first war in the world in Cainaan because Egypt prohibited Abel’s immigrants to transit into their land after they created the Egyptian sovereignty. They considered them illegal immigrants. This war of Canaan was the struggle between Canaan and Abel mentioned in the Bible. Canaan defeated and killed Abel’s small army. This struggle is also part of the legend of Isis in Egypt. Tahuti was the Lord of Cain, which meant the people of the pertinacious spirit in their language. Sumerians pronounced the word Cain similar to Canaan. The partisans of Abel saw it as a struggle to control the gold mines and metallurgical skills of the Egyptians.

Seth’s 1st Revolution in Egypt

Seth compatriots responded to Abel’s defeat in the battlefield infiltrating into Egypt violent fanatic ideologues, terrorists, whores and thieves, which contributed to the first successful Jacobin Revolution, in 3790 BC. The revolution exiled the descendants of Tahuti south to the area where Luxor is today. Jacob did not exist then. This was a “Sethite” Revolution. This revolution is also part of the literary legend of Isis. Seth tribe had established their exchequer in Ubaid or Eridu near their enemy city of Ur in 4795. The temple of the city was the treasury of the whole hunting ground of their tribe from 4795 to 2795. Tahuti took this opportunity while exiled in the south to send emissaries to travel through the known world to exchange technology and gather data about the rest of humankind.

The human population of the whole world in the days of Tahuti in 5705 BC was 200,000. The inhabitants of the Middle East the most populated were 40,000, 20,000 followed Seth and 20,000 followed Egyptians. That is around 40 tribes or towns of approximately 500 for each ethnic group. It was easy for them to send travelers to establish the genealogy of humankind all over the world.

The unfruitful struggle of the tribes led by Abel and the Sethites from their home in Eridu, trying to hurtle the kingdom of Egypt, characterizes the age of Tahuti. The history of states begins with this first state, Egyp-tut, or the “land of Tahuti,” created in 5705. Egyptians created this state because they loved culture and technological development. Their fundamentalist and communist enemies, devout to the gregarious tribe of Abel, were only interested in fornication, war, stealing, selling whores and procreation. For them the purpose of life was to re-produce. These were the first wars in the history of humankind. The paternalist Egyptians fought the maternalist socialists, led by Abel and the Sethites.

Among archaeologists Badari, Merimda, Fayum, Omari and Nubit cultures represent the Egypt of King Tahuti. Nagada and Badari II cultures represent the infiltration of Seth. Gerzean or Naqada II and Maadi or Naqada III cultures represent the restoration of Horus or Scorpion’s dynasty in September 25, 3760, which Jews commemorate in their calendar as the first expulsion.

Tchar, the firstborn descendant of the dynasty of Scorpion was the primogenitor descendant of Tahuti. Tchar restored the dynasty of Tahuti in Egypt in 3760 BC. They defeated Seth’s usurpers from their capital at Waset in the south. They recorded this in the well-known legend of Isis and the return of Horus to Egypt. Tchar was a religious person but he did not establish a theocracy nor did he recognize the presence of Christ or Amen in himself. The whole world population of humankind in 3760 was 7 million people. Egyptian invented writing with hieroglyphics in 3450 BC mainly for religious writings.

The first-born descendant of Tchar, HRH Narmer, conquered the north of Egypt in 3182. HRH Narmer invented monotheism and established a theocracy in Egypt. He is the first Son of Man to recognize the presence of Amen [Christ] in him, meaning succeeding in the first-born of humankind, meaning two souls to a person. The Sethite people refer to HRH Narmer in the Bible as Tutbaal, which meant Tut’s treasure. World population in 3202 was 14 million.

War started in the Ptah continent known today as Africa in 3182 BC. Egypt, led by HRH Narmer in this occasion, fought the Wawat, in the south because they allied themselves to Seth.

The nefarious imperial-republics created by Seth, Shem, Eber and Abraham tribes’ succeeded each other in Mesopotamia. The genealogies and chronologies of these four tribes are in the unadorned biblical sketch. These dynasties created the following repertory of imperial republics before the Kassite invasion of Babylon: Wari-Kish in 2800 near future Babylon, Akkad in 2334, Assur in 2130 and Babylon in 1741. They created the following imperial republics after the Kassite invasion: Ur of the Kaldu in 1595, Assur II in 1268, Babylon II in 612, Persia in 549 BC, Seleucid in 322 and the Parthian in 55 BC. The ubiquitous Jews after HRH Jesus Christ created the following imperial republics in Mesopotamia: the Sassanid in 229, the Ottoman in 1169 and the British Imperial Republic from 1920 to 1960. They hired British as mercenaries to combat in this area.

Kemet in this struggle financed Luwian and later Aryans to stop Seth’s empires moving west. Kemet traded from the Nile to Ur, to Shusha and to Troy in Arzawa [modern Turkey]. They used ocean going sixty-meter ships with ample breadth to trade gold jewelry and other crafts with Jambu [Bharat] and Meitah [China]. However, Seth born in 3809, from [Nineveh] Ninua defeated Arzawa’s Luwians in the first war in the modern Aryan continent in present Turkey in 2599 BC. Ninua took Troy to establish conscript trade in that city in 2450. The people of Seth invented the human trade of conscripts and kidnapping of children. With the abundant profits of the trade of young Aryan and Bahrain girls, they enriched the cities of Assur. The Sethite and Semites looked to females as objects of commerce.

The alliance of the Aryans, lead by king Zipani, had their capital in Kanesh since 2300 BC and in Troy since 2269. Aryana began as an alliance of Luwian-s, Aryans, Egyptians and Engir exiles who joined each other to defend Arzawa and the west against Sethites and Semites’ encroachments in 2269 BC. Kemet’s nobility financed them, aided them and led them. They used Netermetu language, the language of Christ, and their writing has survived in their business transactions. The people of Ilion, the Guti, the Mitanni, the Ossetia or Scythian, the Kanesh or Nesh, the Musky, the Kassite and the people of the Tocharian languages were all Aryans. These were allies of Kemet in the war against the Sethites of Sumeria. Some members of the Luwian nation for a while survived in the southwest of present Turkey as the Lukka or Lucky people in Lycia or Lydia.

Egyptians trained their soldiers physically building pyramids. They built pyramids with “Cachum Bambi” or cranes with iron bearings. They defeated the northerners in small invasions of terrorists financed from Ninua or Nineveh capital of the Sethites financiers from 2605 to 2154.

Wars of Semites against Kingdom of Narmer in Egypt before the final revolution 1322 BC

The First Semite War was the Wool and Beer War

The 1st war lasted from 2334 to 2132. Shem, a successor of Seth, was born in Lagash, in 2383. This is the year of the birth of the Semites. These dates are from the Bible and denote the end of a dynasty of patriarchs that all members carry the same name. Seth financed it with profits from their trade of beer and wool. They exploited children and conscripts in weaving sweatshops. They financed Sargon of Akkad [2334] from the banking center of Ninua [Nineveh, today’s Mosul]. They defeated the Engir and the Luwians and expelled Egyptians of Ugarit [Syria] before taking the delta of the Nile in 2270 BC.

The Amorite people friends of Kemet and the Aryans began to infiltrate Akkad in 2168 led and financed by Egyptian agents. In Akkad in 2154, an illegal flood of Amorite immigrants caused overpopulation, revolts and destruction of the delicate environment. With the defeat of Akkad and the financiers of Ninua, the Egyptians recovered the delta in 2132 and the Aryans their positions in Arzawa. The third dynasty of Ur, the Engires, began to rule in that capital. Sethite financiers, when Akkad fell in 2154, moved their treasury to Lagash at the end of the Jade or Silk Route. The Enzi or governor of Lagash, Gudea [Judah meaning the chosen to power] hired Elamite-s terrorists to make raids against Engires in Ur III.

The Hebrew or Habiru and their bastard tribe of Sa-Gaz began with Eber’s dynasty, which was born in 2061 BC. Their national treasury in Lagash became wealthy with the trade of kidnap white conscripts from the northern Aryan tribes and the Altaic conscripts from the east. Hebrews defeated the Amorite of Assur and enthroned emperor Ushpia who ruled from 2026 to 2015. He established a military capital at Hebrew Kaldu (Chaldean). Assur is the first Hebrew controlled imperial republic. The Old Testament calls Ushpia, Nimrod, born in 2090.

Hebrews organized the world’s first center of private banking to finance war by secularizing the business of the national treasuries they controlled. They established this banking center in Ninua [Nineveh Mosul] in the Assur Empire in 2026. That was the year private banks came into existence. The center of banking of the world stayed there until 1741, almost 300 years. Hebrew bankers in the ancient imperial republics had absolute and oppressive power. Bankers owned all the land and controlled all the trade and industry. Emperors were their employees. Bankers created a classicist and supremacist oligarchy based on their conscript labor and their discrimination against females. They financed wars and even theaters of wars with no real enemy. Hebrew’s infiltrations of Egypt were foreign Egyptian dynasties #8, #9 and #10, 2150 to 2135 BC. The bankers promoted secularism, promiscuity and adultery to destroy the family and the character of their vassals. Aryans expanded to Epirus [1899] and mixed with Pelasgean, relatives of Caucasians. Their descendants were the Frigians.

The Semite bankers of Nineveh [Mosul] financed the Altaic Yiu-hu to impose the Xiah in Meitah [China 2101] and their trade in human conscripts, horses and alcohol. Later they change the Xiah dynasty for the Shang in 1523 and later the Chou in 1027. All Dynasty changes in China identify a war between Nationalist and the Mongolic internationalists financed by Jews from Samarkand or Persia. The nationalist were the Ch’in, Han, Song, Sui, Tang, Sung and Ming dynasties.

Semite Bankers in Babylon financed the Chuang Rong for the first war ever in Jambu [1550], which later became Bharat or India. It was against Meluhha Dravidians in Mohenjo Daro and Harappa to impose their unfair trade of alcohol, copper and horses for war.

Egypt invented and began colossal stone construction with epigraphic inscriptions in the reign of HRH Zoser of the third dynasty. He moved the capital to Menofer [Memphis]. The Egyptians known for their parsimony invented the plow and the bronze and iron cultures. They knew the history of all the tribes in the world, which they inscribed in their public monuments. Ptah Hotep of the third dynasty built the Tumilat Canal to the Red Sea, precursor of the Suez Canal.

2nd war of Jade and Silk 1741 to 1529

The wealthy banker Abraham was born in 2001. That is the year that his tribe began their history. Abraham invented prostitution, kidnapping and lying as evident in the Bible when subtly John quotes Jesus, John 8:44. Before Abraham, nobody in this world lied. Abraham’s family had large extensions of land in Harran near what is today Sanliurfa in southern Turkey. Tribe leader Sumuabun, an Amorite, built Babylon nicknamed “kad-Ningir-ra” or gate of the polytheist gods in 1890. Banking leaders thought of themselves as Gods because they supported serfs.

The bankers or “shulhanims” of Abraham’s tribe, after they got control of Ninua, financed the Semite Sea-Land dynasty to conquer Elamite Ur in 1750.

After the death of Hammurabi, in 1741 the world center of private banking, now controlled by the proselytes of the anthropolatred Abraham, shifted from Ninua to Babylon. It stayed there 140 years until the Aryan rip it apart in 1595.

Abraham’s wicked fanatics defeated Kemet in the age of HRH Amenemhet. From Babylon, they financed the long second war against Kemet. Jacobins began infiltrating Egypt in 1752, which is 430 years before they killed the son of man Tutankhamen, when Moses II began the exodus, 1322 [Exodus 12:40.] They called this war the Jade and Ivory War that lasted from 1752 to 1529, 223 years. They financed it with the profits of the Sea Land people in these commodities. Mesopotamia through the Persian Gulf traded with Bharat in the Malabar Coast.

Babylon’s bankers were more successful and they took the Delta of the Nile in 1733 after corrupting the Aryans with their prostitution houses and infiltrating terrorists to corrupt military leaders with the proceeds of their trade. Abraham armed men under the command of General Salatis annihilated the martyr HRH Mernefere-Ay and took Menofer, the capital, tarnishing the honor of Egypt, in 1699. Egyptians fell back moving their capital south to “Was” [Luxor] near their gold mines.

The Aryans of Kussara led by Labarnas, king from 1650 to 1620, overran the Assyrian conscript stations of Ninua and Babylon that exploited the Nesh [islanders] in Arzawa. They established the Kingdom of the Hittites, in 1650. Hatusilis led the Hittites to liberate the Nesh from Assyrians in Cilicia, 1640. The Hittites also defeated the Caucasian hurrians of Urartu in 1610.

Jacob changed his name to Israel when he began preparing to fight against Christ [Amen], in other words against the King of Egypt, in 1557. The Egyptians as well as Jacob believed that Christ succeeded in the genealogy of the King of Egypt because he was the first born of humankind. According to their belief, there were two souls to each person that did not communicate to well with each other. One soul was on test the other one in heavens. The second soul in the King of Egypt was that of Amen or Christ, Chrestos, the supremely good, and the divine creator. The name Israel means those who fight against Christ. Jacob and their tribe felt proud they were the people of Shem, a word that meant evil and that they were going to fight the Kingdom of Egypt.

After a period of rest, Egypt threw their financial power behind the Aryans for a two-prong attack on Babylon. Kemet’s Ferocious HRH Nubkeperure Inyotef VII defeated the Babylonian troops in Kemet in 1597. They recovered the delta of the Nile after annihilating the vassals of Abraham in 1557. They drove them out in a campaign from 1557 to 1540.

On the other prong King Mursilis and the Kasites with the financial help of Egypt introduced horse drawn wagon logistics for their armed forces, the 1st time in the world, 1598. The Hittite Mursilis, from 1620 to 1590, with the help of the Kasites and the technological advances reduced the Assyrians and destroyed to rubles Aleppo. They also sacked and raped in the unpopular centre of banking Babylon in 1595.

In a new epiphany, the ingenious HRH Kamose introduced chariots of war drawn by agile “Was” horses while fighting against the Jacobin invaders in 1541. Chariots had a driver and an arrow shooter. HRH Kamose in a gesture worthy of titans died when his chariot overturned; in an attack to Avaris headquarter of the taciturn Jacob, in 1540. HRH Kamose’s brother, HRH Ahmoses, defeated and dragged through the battleground the dead body of the reticent Abrahamite top General Apophis while he took Avaris and Canaan. Jacob ran north abandoning his men. HRH Thutmoses III using the chariots again defeated the Hebrew-Abrahamites in Megiddo and culminated his killing epopee reaching the Purartu or Euphrates River in 1529 BC. Christ gave them as far north as that river. The rapacious HRH Thutmoses also had a categorical victory over the black misanthrope Nubians, allies of the Abrahamites guaranteeing the gold supply to cast the rings they used as currency with his allies.

The exuberant Kassite Kings ruled Babylon as the second dynasty, from 1595 to 1156. The adepts of Abraham and their center of banking of the world shifted to Ur of Chaldean after the Kassite victory. The world center of banking stayed there until it moved to Babylonia again in 1156.

Achaean Semites descendants of exiles from Akkad, after their defeat at the hands of the Amorites, went to the Peloponnesus to establish the Acadian federation. Their military leaders, the Myrmidons defeated the Dorian in Thessaly with capital at Phithia. The Dorian had to take refuge north of mount Olympus until after the war of Troy.

In the Peloponnesus, the crypto Abrahamites, together with the Acadians, established a center of banking and trade in Mycenae. Other exiles settled in Sicily, Crete and Tarsus or Cyprus to continue their conscript trade and struggle against Kemet. Sparta was also a communist Abraham state. People knew them as the tribe of Dan or the Danaan. They lived a secret life pretending not to be an Abrahamite, speaking the language of the host nations they lived with. This process of faking with sham another’s national identification, they called it Diaspora.

The Israeli tribe of Dan financed and governed Mycenae, Tiryns, Pylos, Iolkos Cadmean and Mynian cities under the dynasty of Atreid to which belonged Menelaus an Israeli of the tribe of Dan.

Some Tyrens and Amorites also immigrated to the Peloponnesus and began to call themselves Phoenicians and Philistines, or people of the sea, which meant pirates. They conquered Tebas and Orcomenos Kaldu cities.

3rd War of Gold and Silver 1480 to 1400

Chaldean’s bankers financed a third war called the Gold and Silver War 1480 to 1400, 80 years. They financed this war with the trade of the Kaldu in gold and silver. The Kassite defeated invasions of the Chaldean of Ur in 1480. In this event, HRH Thutmoses III defeated the Kaldu in Gaza in 1451 and in Aleppo in 1450 extolling his kingdom with these honors and humiliating their Semite enemy. HRH Amenhotep II squashed the Chaldean in Syria in 1420. Egypt kept an alliance with Tudhaliyas king of the Hittites from 1460. Egypt was also the ally of the Trojans of Wilion. Amenhotep II squashed the Hebrew and Abrahamite henchmen again in Syria, in 1408. HRH Thutmoses IV defeated them in 1401 once more causing great losses of money. Kassite-s defeated the Chaldeans too in 1400 BC. Kemet in that date established Ugarit in what is today Syria. Mycenaean-Israelites led by the kings of the dynasty of Aquiles defeated the Nesh and took Miletus in modern Turkey in 1450. The Hittite had to intervene to defeat and expel these Acadian invaders, in 1465 and 1450 BC. Then Mycenae conquered Crete and destroyed the Minoan civilization. They slaughtered all Egyptians and their sympathizers in this land, in 1406. The Minoan had been a good ally of Kemet.

4th War the Whites and Incense war 1360 to 1340 and the 2nd and Final Jacobin Revolution in Egypt

Chaldean and Mycenaean bankers financed the fourth war called the White and Incense War 1360 to 1340. Mycenaean Israelis and the Acadians with their profitable trade of white Arian Elleniki female children sold as concubines led the movement to challenge Kemet in the White and Incense War. White refers to white Aryans kidnapped in Aryan lands and Laban or Lebanon. The Egyptians defeated them again.

For years, Kemet was the most powerful country in the world. For the first time in history, people from different countries lived in Kemet. Visitors from everywhere came to Kemet to learn science, mathematics, medicine, drama, sports, dancing, music and arts.

2nd and Final Jacobin Revolution in Egypt 1322

The nefarious Israeli terrorists infiltrated Egypt with manic-depressive Jacobin psychopaths, thieves, prostitutes, terrorists. The terrorists created secret lodges of the worshippers of Set or Setesh, the female patron of evil in Kemet. They called themselves the sons of Shem, a word that meant the female icon for evil or temptation in Kemet, whom Arians call Aria or Eve today. These violent fanatic ideologues divided Kemet’s society and injected hate with a curious combativeness to obtain their final revolutionary triumph. With the proceeds of human trade, they corrupted and bought army officers to join their revolutionary plans. They organized secret seditious cells in Kemet’s Army and in the cities that harbored them. The terrorists controlled the trade of conscript concubines girls and gays and the red light districts in the delta. The Jacobins made a fortune selling Hellene, Ishmaelite and Bahrain conscripts and running prostitution rings in Kemet.

Religion in Egypt always was monotheist. Amen was the only Christ, the hidden one that you could not see, the soul that lived in the King together with the soul of the firstborn, the King. There were two souls in 80% of the people. During the Jacobin infiltration, the conspirators took patron saints of each town and county and turned them into local gods. This way they took control of the income of the priesthood in that town and did not send the corresponding monies to the capital. Each local temple became a local bank. Temples were treasuries and did the banking functions.

The garrulous canaille with their usual disrespect organized the corrupt priesthood of “Was” in an intringulis with army officers and minor government administrators. The opulent temples of “Was” controlled 30% of the revenues of the kingdom and led the conspiracy against the monarchy.

The King wanted to send resources to Canaan to supply his allies. Abdi-shirta in Gubbla-Byblos and Abdi-khika in what is today Jerusalem. The foreign bankers and the priesthood of “Was” did not allow it and betrayed the King’s allies in Canaan. In Was, the principal ally of the Abrahamite bankers was the Jacobin felon Dudu. The insolent Aziru was the military leader at the service of the Jacobins in Canaan. He was of Hebrew extraction. Tyi, Horenheb and Ramses [Ramesu] were the leaders of the military conspiracy in “Was.” Officers Yankhamu and Amenemmapet led the legitimist cortege that supported the King.

HRH Akhenaton had to move to Amarna because illegal Jew immigrants infiltrated Menefer and “Was” in large numbers. From Amarna the king could not control the disintegration that the Jacobin infiltration produced. HRH Akhenaton was a King without power from 1353 to 1336. He did not create a new religion but made a call to the unity of the kingdom under the old monotheism. He did not worship the sun but used this symbol as the written sign for monotheism. He taught that Amen was not only the Christ of Egypt but also of Canaan and his Hittite and Amorite allies. HRH Akhenaton called the Hittite Aryans for help and the Hittites defeated the revolutionary Egyptian army in 1369. ”Soon, all Egyptians became conscripts of the Israeli [Communist terrorists] when the Israeli poisoned their water and food supply and took control of their livelihood. Genesis 47:15 to 26.”

When Akhenaton died they took HRH Semenkhere who they assassinated and HRH Tutankhamen sons of HRH Akhenaton as prisoners of their army officers and of the priesthood of Was and moved them back to “Was.” HRH Tutankhamen only ruled as a figure of state from 1333 to 1322. The revolutionary Egyptian Army defeated the Mitanni, their former ally. Finally, they brutally assassinated HRH Tutankhamen running chariots over Him and burning his corpse in 1322 on the last day of the Sirius or Septit cycle of 1461 years. The scan of the body of HRH Tutankhamen has shown he died violently at 19 years of age with a large number of ribs broken and his heart missing.

The family of the impostor Ramses a distant relative of the King led the revolution sponsored by the Jews. When they ended the Kingdom of Kemet, they established Ramses’ imperial republic in cohort with the Jacobin bankers, in 1322.

The population of the world in 1350 BC was 49 millions: Jambu 12, Meitah and SE Asia 17, Sethites, Hebrews and Israeli 7, Aryans and Caucasians 8 Kemet [Egypt] 2, Kush 2 and Caribbean 1.

Anksenamen, the widow of SAR Tutankhamen, during the revolution, asked the eponymous King Suppiluliumas to send her a Hittite prince to help her. Zannansa the prince the Hittite King sent did not have a strong security and Ramses troops assassinated him. This crime was the main reason for the war of Kadesh of 1274.

HRH Moses II was the last firstborn of Kemet’s royal family born in Egypt. Moses I was from a union of Thuthmoses IV [firstborn in 1401] with a Levite virgin Exodus 2:2 to 8. Moses I they killed with Tutankhamen in Was in 1322. Moses I had issue with Sepphora [Saphora] Exodus 2:21-22. The male descendants of his son Gersam, his grandson Shubael, his son Eliezer, and his grandson Rehabiah did not survive the 40 years exiled in the desert and the Jacobin Egyptian persecution looking for them to kill them. The Israeli killed them in what is today Mecca after they did not need them any more. Moses II traveled with a small group of Egyptians and Israelites that knew he walked with Amen. Exodus 3:14

HRH Moses II born in 1360 died in 1282 at 78 years of age before Ramses conquered the Amorites from 1273 to 1233. Moses I and Moses II lived 120 years [Leviticus 34:7.] Moses II never gave Canaan to the Israelis because he never got there with them. Christ or Amen did not give the land of the Amorites to the Israeli. The Emperor of Egypt that the Jews put in power gave that land to the Amorites long before Moses II. Saphora the wife of Moses who was the Scion of the House of Laban inspired or dictated the first two books of the Bible. The next three books added were the cult of the conservatives Sadducees. The rest of the Old Testament books; were added by the freewheeling Pharisees and they all begin with the same sentence.

The next first born of humankind after Moses II was his coetaneous Anchises born in 1362 in Troy, son of Dardanos grandson of Thuthmoses IV. Kemet’s judicious queens took precautions and did contingency preparations to evade the revolutionary contumely they saw coming. The lustrous HRH Thuthmoses IV [became firstborn 1401] among his many wives, he married Electra an affectionate and lovely princess from Samothrace, an island part of Arzawa. She was the daughter of King Tarkhundaraush [see document in NYC museum]. Later they became ancestors of Aeneas firstborn in 1282. They established themselves in Troy’s IV level.

The Hittite led by Muwatallis, king from 1282 to 1272, defeated Assyria and the imperial republic of the neuropath Ramses in the second Battle of Kadesh [Kinza], in 1274. The Trojans assisted the Hittites in this Battle of Kadesh as was discover in the unearthed cuneiform consular tables, today in London. In one of them, King Muwatallis tells Alexander of Troy that his chariots have to fight on his side for the Battle Kadesh. The word Alexander he used as a title like First Born, Prince or Commander. The Trojan defeated the Acadians led by Aquiles or Pijamaradus at Miletus, in 1290. Trojans also defeated the Mycenaean-s in the famous battle of Troy 1282 to 1273.

The Israeli also used the impudent Ramses and his army to take over the land of the old ally of Kemet, the Amorite, between 1273 and 1233. Then they made the famous exodus described in the Bible. The illegal immigrants of Israel in Egypt were 2 million. One million of the Israelites, the wealthiest stayed in Egypt. The Phoenicians and Amorites had been allies of the Egyptians and SAR Tutankhamen. Ramses and the Israelites devastated the land of the Amorites and established the state of Israel, meaning the state of those who fought against Christ. The Gasqa a Caucasian tribe also took advantage of the confusion and attacked the Aryan Hittite capital in 1259.

-4 World Wars After Revolution in Egypt 1322 and 3rd & 4th Jacobin Revolutions

The history of the successors to the crown of Egypt after the revolution against Tutankhamen we arbitrarily divide in 4 periods of war. In this way, we emphasized the struggle between the idiosyncrasies of Semites and Aryans Egyptians. There were four world wars after the revolution of the Jacobins against HRH Tutankhamen that have a Paragon with modern history.

The First World War of Egypt against, the Amorites in 1282, through negotiations consolidated the Israelis in the land of Amour, in 1233. In the Egyptian and Amorite languages the word amour meant sundown and learning, because they learned at night.

The 2nd World War 1282- 1273 BC was the Egyptians against Trojans and Hittites at Kina [Kadesh,] which Egypt lost. This World War included the battle of Mycenae against Troy from 1282 to 1273 and the conquest of Afghanistan by the Aryans. . This war includes the Aeneas conquest of Lazio in Italy


There is no archeological evidence for a Mycenaean victory at Troy. They never lived in Troy. Modern archeological discoveries show that Aeneas conquered the Aryan continent, which discredits the incongruent story of Homer’s obfuscated Iliad. HRH Aeneas made settlements of Trojans: in Italy, in the city of Aeneas in Macedonia and in the western coast of the Balkan Peninsula. On the other hand, Clytemnestra killed Agamemnon on his return. Thebes erased the nation of Orchomenos and betrayed Odysseus. There is no evidence that the Acadians conquered any territory after the battle of Troy. There is no evidence they won the battle of Troy.

In Troy, they spoke the language of the Luvian. Homer the author of the exotic Iliad wrote his books sometime around 700 BC and before those days, there was no linear “B” Hellenic script. Homer’s poem describes in detail events that happened 573 years before, from 1282 to 1273. That story they could only transmit in writing and that means written in syllabic Aramaic language. There was only one flow of immigrant hostages in the area of Miletus, where Homer lived in the years after 722 BC. It was the exodus of the Israeli refugees and the sale of Israeli war conscripts after the destruction of Israel in 722. Homer was a priest of the King of Judah, Hezekiah. They captured and blinded him after the revolt of Judah in 701. The name Homer means hostage so they must have sold Homer as a conscript in the island of Quios. He had access to the papers with the written story of the Battle of Troy. He inspired himself on a tradition written in Aramaic and not an oral one transmitted by poets in Iona. It is impossible that several consecutive poets would memorize the 27,000 epic hexameter verses of the Iliad and the Odyssey. Homer had personal interests in doing hypertrophic historical revisionism in favor of the tribe of Dan. They can see that Homer knew that Acadians were Semites and not Hellenes. That is why he seldom calls them Hellenes. [Iliad book 2 line 684]

It is impossible that the Acadians or Mycenaean would have taken 100,000 men in 1,000 ships to Troy in 1282. If they had had that force they would have not wasted any time with the Trojans and would had gone to conquer Hattie or Egypt the wealthiest two states in the world. When Hattie confronted Egypt in those same years, in 1273, at Kina [Kadesh,] the winner, the Hittite, took 37,000 men and Egypt had 20,000 men at the place. The alliance of the Hittites included 16 nations, Troy included. The Battle of Qatar between Israel and Assyria, in 854 BC, the largest until its day, saw 40,000 soldiers on each side. If the Mycenaean had 100,000 men they would have not built a defensive wall when they landed. If they had 100,000 men, there would have not been personal duels. This personal encounter of the leaders denotes that Homer was bringing the influence of the Bible where there were duels such as that of David, Goliath and Elkanah. The number of 100,000 corresponds to the largest armies of the date after Homer finished dictating the story in 700.

In reality, the Acadians sent 40 ships with 25 men and supply each. The Trojans won the battle because they had cavalry and incendiary bombs they had invented. In Troy, there were 2,500 soldiers among their 20,000 inhabitants. They sent 1500 to Kina and a 1000 fought at Troy. The Trojan contribution to the Battle of Kadesh was decisive with their gigantic herds of war-horses.

The allusion to the supposed kidnap of Helen, wife of Israeli Menelaus, by Alexander is allegorical. Menelaus was emperor of Sparta, Argos and Mycenae and brother of Agamemnon. The judgment of Paris, Paris means the first-born, was to choose between the wealth of Mesopotamia, the intelligence of Egypt and the pristine wilderness and freedom of the Italic and Hellenic peninsulas. He chose the nature of the Aryan continent. The King of Troy was claiming his right to the Aryan land of the Hellenic and Italian peninsulas. The Hellas is not a girl named Helen. Paris choice was the unspoiled nature and that is why they do not return Helena, the peninsula, after the war.

A wooden horse the size described with sham by Homer would have required modern roller bearings to be able to roll. You cannot fit one single hidden midget soldier in a wooden horse that fits through the doors of the inner fortress of Troy less than 3 meters wide and high. Around the wall of Troy, there were houses with people how could they have left the horse at the foot of the wall, what or which wall? The ground around the outer housing of Troy is very steep to allow pushing a large wooden horse. The doors of these supposed outer walls would have been doors and streets as small as one or two meters as the ones of the inner fortress of Troy as you can see when you visit the site. There were no remains of the wooden horse in the excavations at Troy.

Streets of Troy

The enteric illusion of the wooden horse discovers the sarcastic vein in Homer and the writings of a blind Jew. In order to have free access to the black sea the Israeli bankers and Ramses had to negotiate with the Trojans and give them the Aryan continent betraying their cousins, the tribe of Dan, the Mycenaean. The wooden horse refers to the peace table where Ulysses negotiated with four wooden legs reminiscent of a horse where Ulysses surrendered the Hellenic and Italic peninsulas in exchange for Israel and Egypt and possible a free traffic through the Dardanelles. When Homer says that they went in with a wooden horse, he means with a negotiating table. The negotiation is obvious when Hatusilis III of Hattie from 1265 to 1235 exchanges wives with the Egyptians to solidify relations.

Hordes of Mycenaean Jew refugees escaping from the Dorian onslaught invaded Arzawa, Egypt and Palestine. They called themselves “people of the sea” or pirates. Tudhaliyas IV of Hattie from 1235 to 1215 reports a battle in Shea River to repel pirate invasions. The Dorian Hellenes in an epic campaign evicted the Mycenaean from most of the Balkan Peninsula by 1100. Some of the Israeli Mycenaean took refuge in the Euboea Island next to Athens were they initiated the movement of the “Greeks” that invaded southern Italy later on. Some moved to the Spartan’s communist state in Lacedaemon, in the Peloponnesus.


The 3rd World War

after the revolution against Tutankhamen was the war where Jew bankers financed an army of Semitic Medes and Persians 559 lead by Korus [Cyrus] to burn Athens in 480. This war included the war or revolution of Amulio against HRH Numitor of the dynasty of Aeneas in Alba Longa, Italy that expel the firstborn to Argos.

The 4th World War after Tutankhamen was the Macedonian conquests of Alexander III in Persia and as far as India. 753- 309 BC

Aryans inherited from HRH Tutankhamen the imposing struggle against the nefarious Babylon’s bankers. The first war in the western part of the Aryan continent began between HRH Aeneas and the Latin in 1272 BC. HRH Aeneas arrived in Latium after passing through Sicily where Egyptian and Trojan expatriates had settlements. The exalted Mycenaean tried to use the Latin to fight their penetration. HRH Aeneas cunningly became king of the Latin after a few battle victories and a marriage to a Latin princess. The illustrious Trojans’ brought the iron and horse cultures to Italy, demonstrating that their Mycenaean rivals were not the promoters of technology. They founded a capital called Alba in Lake Alban in Lazio Italy.

Scientists have shown archeological evidence that all Trojans finally evacuated the majestic Troy VII with honor, 89 years after the end of the Trojan War. This was after an earthquake tremble the city on the last Thursday of the penultimate month of 1184. Trojan-s celebrated that date in Latium Italy as Thanksgiving Day, the day Christ gave them the Aryan continent.

The Bankers of Caldea conquered Babylon and moved their center of finance there. They expanded their trade in Bharat via the Ganges to Impala and Szechwan. The Aryans defeated them and expelled them in the Battle of Kurukshetra 1032 described in the Mahabharata. Aryans established their Capital in Hastinapur. The Babylonian Jews had to build up Samarkand as an important center of finance to continue their trade of humans, alcohol and horses to the east, aided by the Mongols via the silk route.

The struggle between Aryans and Semites also expanded in the western Mediterranean.. The people of Hellas, the Hellenes were an Aryan people. The Greek sect of southern Italy was a people of mix race between Jews, Semites and Hellenes. The Greek Euboean-s, which were crypto Jews, established Pithecusae near modern Naples in Italy in 775. This doomed the Aeneas dynasty. The Aryans expanded west to fight against Phoenician kidnappers and Semite conscript traders

3rd Campania Jacobin Revolution 753 BC

The 3rd Latin Jacobin revolution in Alba Longa in 754 ended the monarchy initiated by HRH Aeneas. Later they created the Roman Imperial Republic in the year 753 BC. Israeli bankers in Jacobine Egypt financed the revolution through the Greek-Semite aristocracy of Campania in southern Italy. They had the cooperation of some of the cadet lines of the royal family, distant cousins of the king.

Republicans terrorists exiled the last Aeneas king, HRH Numitor, to Argos in Elleniki. There in Argos he had issue and begot HRH Nebrophonus the first king of the Macedonian dynasty. HRH Nebrophonus became firstborn of HRH Narmer after they murdered HRH Numitor in his return to Italy celebrated today by Romans on December 31, 754 BC a day before the first day of the Roman calendar. Diodorus of Sicily collected information of these events in his book.

After the Revolution in Alba Longa, Macedonians took the lead against the bankers of Babylon. They soon conquered the wealthiest gold and silver mines known at the time, those of Pangaea, Gallikos, Mygdon and Cretonne in Thrace.

p>The 4th World War after Tutankhamen was the Macedonian conquests of Alexander III in Persia and as far as India. 753- 309 BC

The bankers from April 21 753 to 509 imposed themselves upon the Latin in Rome with republican-emperors such as Romulus, Numa, Tullius, Ancus and the three Tarquinius. After Lucius Tarquinius in 509 BC, they controlled Rome with republican Consuls or Presidents. There were as many Emperors as wives of the Aeneas, which recognized the divinity of the Aeneas as the successor of Narmer. These emperors made themselves strong in the imperial-republic with the use Ras or Etruscan mercenaries as a police force. The bankers of Campania used the last of their Tarquinius emperors as a scapegoat to introduce the imperial republic in Rome. They elected their bootlicker Brutus as first Consul or President, ending the Tarquinii Empire.

Egypt’s Jew Bankers were the wealthiest people and the leaders of all private bankers in the world after the revolution against HRH Tutankhamen. They controlled all the trade of grain. They did also all the trade of Sinim’s silk the most luxurious commodity. Sinim was today’s Szechwan where they fetch the silk via Impala in India. They also controlled the trade of gold from Kush and papyrus from Egypt. The Israelis took over the job of the first jewelers of the world from the Egyptians. Before the revolution, the name Menefer meant jewel. It was also the name of the capital of Egypt and the center of jewelers of the world. They used Jew soldiers to guard the important gold trading station at Elephantine and Luxor in the southern border of Egypt.

Israel had a fragile trade alliance with Phoenicia that interfered with the interest of the Jew bankers that controlled Egypt since the days of Ramses. In Egypt, Jews acted as state bankers or “alabarchs”. The most powerful banking family of Assur and Babylon was that of Jacob Egibi. In Nippur and Nineveh, the banking family of the Jew Murashusin ruled the world banking system for some centuries too. Egyptian bankers financed and incited the emperors of Kush [Africa] to conquer Egypt and rule it from 750 to 630. Kush black emperors formed the 25th dynasty of Egypt.

In complicity with Judah, the corrupt absolute bankers of Egypt with sophistry incited Assur to attack and incorporate Damascus the capital of Syria. They shamelessly incited Syria in 732 to revolt against Assur, again offering them support. When Assur invaded Syria, Egypt suddenly withdrew to Gaza betraying both Syria and foolish Israel, in 722. Assur controlled by Jew bankers ended Syria and Israel and sold the Israelis as conscripts in Mesopotamia and other places. Israeli priests became hostages of the wealthy and innocuous interests that financed the conspiracy. A part of the intrigue was that some of the priesthood of the Temple of Israel joined the conspiracy in favor of the international bankers. The Jew banker employee Sharrukin or Sargon became emperor of Babylon, in 710. King Hezekiah of Judah again revolted in 701 and Assur viciously defeated them again.

Egypt defeated Assur in a theater of war in 698 taking Babylon. When Assyrians find out the bankers of Babylon had acted in cohort with the Egyptians ones, they destroyed Babylon. In another theater of war, Assur conquered Egypt in 671 but did not rough Jew bankers in Egypt. Egypt used Greek soldiers. Assurbanipal [669-627] did not withdraw from Egypt until 653 and only because his brother with Elamites was conspiring against him in Babylon. After this invasion, Semite Emperors substituted the Kush Emperors of Egypt.

Each of the three most powerful banking groups in the world Babylon, Egypt and Athens had some imperial republic and colonies they launched to fight for conscript markets in the Aryan continent. The ignorant Phocaean-s, clients of Babylon bankers, had established Massalia modern Marseilles in 595 and Alalia or Corsica in 565. The Phocaea was descendant of the Lydian-s. The promiscuous degenerate Luwian cities of Lydia penetrated by illegal immigration were full of red light districts, pirates and kidnappers. Carthage, founded in 814, was also a client of the bankers of Babylon and later of the bankers of Ctesiphon in the Persian Empire. They had control of the trade in the western Mediterranean Sea. Carthage’s people were descendants of Semites from Phoenicia.

Communist Spartan in Laconia was a mob of the tribe of Dan. The Spartans together with Epirus were clients of the banks of Egypt. Spartan mercenaries fought against Persia to defend Egypt in 456 BC. Spartans had their victories against the Hellenes in the Peloponnesus in 680 and 640.

Athens, the third banking power, was an Aryan federated imperial republic in the Aryan continent. Their center of banking was first at the island of Delos and later Athens itself. The Acropolis in Athens was a center of banking [trapezital] like Commerce Street in London or Wall Street today. Temples did the functions of banks in the Athens of those days. In the island of Delos 50% of the inhabitants were Phoenicians Semites. It was the largest market of conscripts in the world. They had taken that dishonor from Crete after the Mycenaean invasion around 1400. Syracuse inhabited by Corinthian Hellenic kept Carthage at bay in their advances in Sicily. 734.

Israeli bankers in Egypt ordered the Emperor of Egypt to attack Judah in 609. Judah in anguish turned to Babylon for succor. Babylon in a classical theater of war defeated his symbiont Emperor Necho at the Battle of Carchemish in 605. Submissive Necho fought with Greek mercenaries like in a gladiator show. The outlandish Emperor Nabuaplausur or Nebuchadnezzar, who died in 562, inspired by the bankers, advanced as far as Pelusium in the border of Egypt. A simulated skirmish followed between Babylonia and Egypt for the possession of Judah. Finally, Egypt bankers with subtlety sold out Judah and Babylon incorporated it in 587. This was the agony of the last segment of the state of Israel. Babylonians blinded the High Priest Zedekiah for his intemperance and took Jews to Mesopotamia as conscripts to serve in forced labor or as concubines. The tempered Babylonian bankers ordered the scorching of the First Temple of Jerusalem on July 27, 587.

Although Babylon was the world largest center of financing activity in volume of business, the wealthiest bankers in the world lived in Egypt, which was socialist as Britain in 1950. In Egypt, the banks had more control over government than in Babylon. Jews in Egypt were wealthier than any other banker in any other time in history. Jews at the time were the wealthiest and one of the most populous ethnic groups in the world.

The valiant effort of the temperamental Macedonians kings to stop the advance of the bankers in the west was exiguous. The dynasty of Kuru, financed by the Jew bankers of Caldea and Mesopotamia, got to power in 559. They took over the Chaldean Empire of Babylon and Egypt where they did not alter the bankers there.

The kings of Macedon invented silver coinage to buy their neutrality in the first Xerxes-Persian invasion against Athens in 480. The Egyptians had invented coinage of gold rings to serve as currency in Egypt, in 2300 BC. Kuru [Cyrus] and his Persians burned Athens in September 4, 480. The struggle of the Jew bankers against Athens lasted until Spartans destroyed Athens on April 30, 404.

HRH Philip II prepared Macedonia for an invasion of Persia by securing the unruly neighbors and by conducting intelligence inside Persia with Officer Xenophon. Philip II died assassinated. The son of HRH Philip II, the tempestuous HRH Alexander III, the Magnanimous, filled Macedon with eternal glory smithereening the immense Persian Army with his military advanced formations. Philip [III 359-317] was not a son of Philip II. The Macedonian Hellenic culture sifted to the east.

Before Macedonians carried out any expulsion of Jew bankers from their territories, HRH Alexander III died of malaria in his basilica in Babylon, in 323. The valiant HRH Alexander III in his supreme hour left the absolute bankers without political lashes this time in the city of Alexandria. The boastful Jacobin bankers used the Ptolemy dynasty to rule Egypt from 331 until HRH Julius Caesar invasion in 47 BC.

4th Jacobin Revolution against Egyptian-Macedonian kings the Diadochi 9-14-312 BC

The generals, the “Macedonian Diadochi”, bought off with the same Vedic-mantras, by the Egyptian and Babylonian Jew bankers began fighting internecine wars among themselves. The manipulative retinue of the predatory bankers killed Generals Antigonus and Perdicca Eumenes, the main supporters of the sons of HRH Alexander III. Egypt’s agent the despicable Cassandra sliced the veins of HRH Alexander IV young son of HRH Alexander III in September 14, 311 the first day of the Seleucia calendar. Cassandra founded the city of Thessalonica. The last Macedonian Firstborn HRH Heracles son of Barsine born in 327 he also assassinated him in October 14 309 BC. The next firstborn of the line of Firstborn HRH Narmer was in the family of HRH Julius Caesar in Sicily. The theaters of war that existed since times unmemorable between Babylonia and Egypt continued between the bankers of Seleucia and those of Alexandria, using Macedonian soldiers as gladiators.

Seleucus the leader of Mesopotamia forcefully moved the people of Babylon to his nearby new capital Seleucia in 275. The bankers also changed the name of the Egyptian city of “An” to Babylon II. The World Banking Center moved from Babylon, where they had offices from 1156 to 329, to their new haunt in Alexandria. It stayed there from 329 BC to 145 AC, from 617 to 755 and from 1169 to 1250. Alexandria was the city that HRH Alexander III planned and began to build in Egypt contiguous to the Mediterranean Sea. Alexandrian bankers landed their exquisite commodities for Alexandria through the port of Bernice in the Red Sea. Alexandria had more Jews than any other city in the world; it was like Manhattan in New York City today. There were 15 wives of the Macedonians after Philip I in 615 BC that recognized the divinity of the Macedon Kings for being firstborns of Narmer that is why the Empire of Ptolemy in Egypt, which redeemed these wives’ favors to the King lasted 15 emperors. The son of Roxana, Alexander [IV], was never Son of Man because he died before Heracles neither the impostor Philip III.


The rancorous bankers began financing the aristocratic imperial republic of Rome right after the death of HRH Alexander III to serve them as their new gladiators. Legislative power in Rome belonged to a curia of arrogant senatorial aristocrats. The senators themselves elected the one hundred members of the Senate and each served for life. The also aristocratic Assembly of Centurions elected the consuls or presidents who administer with laxity the budget and commanded the legions of the army. They restricted membership to both political bodies to a Patrician aristocracy loyal to the bankers of Alexandria, Ctesiphon and Campania. The aristocracy proudly paraded with their “peñates” in their shoulders during public parades. These “peñates” were busts of venerated ancestor who made them aristocrats.

The abominable Phocaea residents of Massalia navigated the Rhone River kidnapping Gaul or Celtic Aryan children for sale in the Delos market. The Celt and Gaul satiated with these systematic abuses attacked Rome and Marseille. Rome was a small insignificant state in 309. The pugnacious Gaul had even established an alliance with Macedon before HRH Alexander died in 323 BC, for a new attack on the city. Rome was barely surviving in a perennial chaos against its neighbors: the Celt, the Gallic, the rebellious Ras or Etruscan and the Latin Sabine.

Antiquated Rome had only incorporated the main Latin states in 323. This was only possible because they offered generous terms to the nobility. The Latin members of the legendary noble family of HRH Cayo Julius Caesar, of long ancestry in Sabinal and Sicily, became great panegyrists of the Senate with rights to be High Pontiff before the last of the Macedon king died. They were the firstborn descendants of HRH Aeneas after the Macedon. The Julian had business in Sicily, the Candy Island of those days. Cayo was the name of pile of the firstborn, his name of tribe was Julius and his family name was Caesar, meaning master or professor. In Rome, the Pontiff Maximums supervised the honesty of elections. The dignity of Pontiff conferred to HRH C Julius Caesar the faculty to censor the press and publish the official punctual state chronicle or newspaper the only source of history.

Rome’s war to consolidate all client territories of the bankers of Egypt lasted from 323 to 30 BC. This was the fifth World War. The family of the Julian was responsible for their success. They fought three wars against Carthage. There were hundreds of thousands killed in several naval encounters. The second of these wars was a disastrous invasion of Hannibal from 219 to 202 BC. The egregious Anibal, the battering ram of the Semite Carthaginians, crossed Spain and France and climbed the steep snowy Alps to inflict inhumane destruction to the astonished Romans with hundreds of thousands of men killed and a similar number of females raped. The devastating conquest of the imperial republic of Macedon by Rome did not occur until 146 BC. That same year, Rome ended Carthage in the third Punic War. Some officers of Carthage after their defeat in Africa went with Hannibal to Macedon to continue the fight against the Rome.

The center of world banking moved to Ctesiphon in Parthia in 146 and the Parthian-s took Seleucia and Mesopotamia. This event expedited the complete depopulation of Babylon in 126. Rome took Syria in the year 64. They also massacred Judah. Nevertheless, every time they tried to advance against Parthia, either they killed the emperor or there was sedition among the legions. They were mysteriously defeated because Ctesiphon, the center of world banking, had agents in all army units.

Civil and Social Wars broke out in Rome and C Julius Caesar, prince of the oratory and later a copious writer, won with the party of the nationalist idiosyncrasy. His family sided with the people’s party against the international banker’s party. These Civil Wars began with the fright after the assassinations of the honorable Tiberius Gracchus, in 133 and the supreme Consul Pomponius Marius, in 100 BC. Both nationalist politicians were illustrations of the archetype of a defender of justice and the people. The execrable economic interests of Rome from 146 to 58 BC obeyed the will of the foreign bankers of Ctesiphon and Alexandria. The wealthiest state bankers or alabarchs in Egypt belong to the Jew families with last names such as Alexander and Demetrius who had agents in Puteoli, Campania and Rome.

The Teton-s and Celt-s attacked Rome in 390, 285, 200 and 194 BC in real punitive wars. The Celts had killed over 100,000 Roman soldiers in some of these incursions. One time they sacked and raped the daughters of the patricians in Rome itself. The Teutonic attacked Rome in 102 BC. Celts and Teutonic were preparing armies for a war the Romans could never have survived in 60 BC. Most of the wars the Roman republic had ever won were theaters of war negotiated by the absolute bankers before hand. Sometimes they even paid the enemy to start the war. In view of the German preparations for war, the Roman Senate made HRH Julius Caesar their consul to get them out of the awkward danger of the Northern Aryans. HRH Julius Caesar with his usual equanimity defied the risks and obtained well-deserved victories against the Celt and German in this saga. In the bloody campaigns described in his book “Gesta”, Cayo Julius Caesar used brave Roman, Celtic and German fighters among his troops.

Julius also conquered and integrated Egypt to the Roman Empire in 47 BC. In Egypt, the priests and historians recognized him King and direct descendant of the 18th dynasty kings of Egypt thanks to the information provided to him by Cleopatra VII. The only thing he fail to do was an extermination of the lackeys of the Jew absolute bankers in Rome before he went in campaign to solve Rome’s problem.

In Egypt Julius married HRH Cleopatra VII who begot his only son HRH Caesarion Ptolemy XV. What impressed Julius the most about Cleopatra was her knowledge of history, genealogy and Egyptian religion not her beauty as modern Jew motion pictures have suggest. She had all the genealogy from Thuthmoses IV to Julius, which she gave to him. Cleopatra as other Ptolemy queens gave birth to Caesarion in the house of births [mammisi or meskhenet] of Nectanebo in the temple of Iunef [Dendara]. This birth room is the most ancient of Egypt. They dedicated this temple to Hathor. In this complex there is also a birth house built by the nationalist Nero and a Coptic church. Both buildings venerate the birth and deification of HRH Caesarion. There is also a temple dedicated to Isis. There are inscriptions of Cleopatra and Caesarion in the walls of this Temple manifesting the deification of Caesarion.

Ater this triumph, Julius Caesar returned to Rome to mediate in the Civil War against the international Jew bankers. With his Army, he crossed the Rubicon River something that was anathema and the law forbid. Julius defeated the internationalists and took over Rome to eradicate an administrative immorality that was bordering with the grotesque. His party acclaimed him King.

In a cordial and effusive reception, his party and the people in general formally recognized Julius Caesar king or firstborn of Rome as serious historians admit. The grandiloquent HRH Julius in his first speech in the tribune elaborated a panegyric in which he defended the genealogy of his sister and their relationship to HRH Aeneas. In this abstruse manner, he made his genealogy part of the official record. The fluent HRH Caesar argued Rome needed a monarchy without aristocrats to conquer Persia and Germany and to obtain a permanent Pax Romana.

Rome’s Civil Wars ended with the assassination of Julius Caesar in the Senate, on March 15, 44 BC. This violent bursting, financed by foreign capital in Rome, proverbial by its cruelty, climaxed in a victory for the party of Ctesiphon Jew absolute bankers. Part of the aristocracy, sold out for trinkets to the foreign capital and beating their drums, led by the imbecile Senator Brutus, killed Julius Caesar. They also murdered almost all members of the family of HRH Cayo Julius Caesar. A mob of Jews murdered Sextus Julius Caesar, a first cousin of the king, at the door of a synagogue in the Middle East. On the other hand, the nationalists merciless killed Brutus and all other regicides.

Marc Anthony and Cleopatra, after the King’s death, wanted a hereditary monarchy in Rome and supported HRH Caesarion who was a minor. Yet, the agent of the nationalist bankers, Augustus, prevailed at the battle of Actium in 31 BC. The only wife of the Julian that recognized the divinity of Julian and Caesarion was Cleopatra, wife of Julius Caesar. The Empire to pay this wife only had one Emperor Mark Anthony. Marc Anthony committed the unpardonable blunder of not exterminating all Jews from Egypt before confronting the usurper Augustus. Mark Anthony died in combat and the Jews killed Cleopatra, in 30 BC. The Empire that followed in Rome was to pay the 103 wives of the Kingdom of Egypt. These were the only ones not paid yet after the revolution against Tutankhamen. The Roman Empire lasted 103 Emperors from the usurper Augustus to Emperor Romulus Augustulus 503 years afterwards.



It is impossible to believe that the impostor Augustus executed HRH Caesarion Ptolemy XV, the son of HRH Cayo Julius Caesar when his reason of entry to power was to suggest being the continuation of his supposedly adoptive father HRH Julius Caesar. Octavian, alias Augusto, a vicar of the national bankers of Rome got to power claiming a false testament of Cayo Julius who supposedly chose him to be his successor.

Caesarion Ptolemy during the invasion took refuge in “Was” [Luxor] and later in an oasis west of that city not part of Egypt that the Roman armies never reached. He had the option to escape to India but his friends and enemies preferred that he stayed there. Plutarch, the creator of the myth of the assassination of Caesarion during the invasion, is not a primary source. He makes a statement almost 100 years after the events without any details or references needed to corroborate. When you read that Jesus was the son of Christ it should be easy to transport yourself to the times and know that they meant the son of Caesarion. Cesarion was the only person in the world that the country where he was born deified. In those times and places intelligent people thought that Christ or Amen was with Caesarion. When Jesus talks about his father, he is referring to Caesarion. Intelligent people are monotheists they do not belief in Tertullian and Athanasius trinity.

Nobody would be so stupid other than humans to act against Christ. In the afterlife glory as well as in hell, everyone wants to serve Christ. That is the meaning of sworn, or seated at the right hand. Serving Christ, souls move to better glories.

The genealogy of the Sethite patriarchs is actually the genealogy of Eve, until Jacob marries Raquel. Before that, other scions were Sarah and Rebecca. The house of Laban was the one carrying the Aryan succession of Eve’s soul. There is a brake of the chronology and genealogy of Eve with Jacob in approximately 1788 BC. This brake in history lasts until Exodus in 1323 BC and brakes again between Samuel approximately in 1077 BC and Solomon approximately in 972 BC. This is because Eve abandoned them because they were fighting both Yahweh and Herself. Finally Nebuchodonosor ended the madness of the state of Judah in 586 and Pompey ends in 63 BC another Jewish State made by Kuru in 536.

The daughter of Marco Antonio and Cleopatra, Selena, was married to emperor Juba of Mauritania. The sons of Marcos Antonio survived except Antyllus who died fighting with his father’s army.

Jews and Romans such as Arius and the innocuous circle of Maecenas patronized pseudo-events from obscurity. They conspired with great simulation to try to get HRH Jesus Christ to marry in Israel so they could use the Declarations of War against Julius. The plan, which never succeeded included a series of pseudo-events. The lewd Claudia, great granddaughter of Augustus worked in the preparation of this shameful script for these events. This indecent Claudia Procula married the pimp Poncio Pilate. The Emperor made Pilate Procurator of Judah, just because he married her. She was the granddaughter of Julia the lascivious pedophile, third wife of Tiberius. When nationalists took power in Rome Caligula exiled Pilate and Claudia to France where they died in misery.

Caesarion married Mary only because she acknowledged to him that he was the first-born of humankind and Narmer, the Son of Man, and therefore his second soul was that of Christ. By Mary doing so, if they killed or not Jesus during His mission, that alone will guaranteed a new religion after His death. She had to do so because Cleopatra taught these principles of the Egyptian religion to her son. He would have not married her if she did not recognize who he was. When Joseph took Mary as a wife, he did not consummate the marriage. A couple consummates a marriage when the genes of the two, male and female, become one by having a baby born of both, Mathews 19:5.

The genealogy of Mary in the scriptures is an irrelevant suggestion because when they define the origin of a female they go by the mitochondrial DNA of the genealogy of her mother not the genealogy of her father. On her mother’s DNA, she was Aryan the same as the first born of humankind. The genealogies of Mary in the scriptures are those of his father Pantera descendant of David. Neither Mary nor her mother Ana were Jews, her grandmother Emerantia was a wealthy Roman Aryan female married to a wealthy Jew Stolan. Using Panthera genealogy was a test and a stunt of proselytism among the Jews. Christ repudiates being a descendant of David in Mark XII: 35-37.

She was the Scion or the one with the Holy Spirit. Mary was born in 25 BC, she conceived Jesus at 18 years of age in October 8 BC, Jesus was born in July 14, 6 BC, she went to live in Ephesus with John in 30 AD and she died at 70 in 46 AD. Curiously enough, Paul did not visit Ephesus until 53 AD. The Holy Spirit is serving under the orders of Christ. Her teaching is the test that Christ wants to give humankind to equalize the test between those that made it before and those taking the test now.. Nevertheless the Cannon was corrupted from Pentecost year 30 to the first published Cannon in 90 AD and to the creation of Catholic Theology in 251. That is 220 years of Jew distortion of what really happened. In the verse where Mary confesses that she conceived by the deeds of the Holy Spirit she is making an allegory to the second soul inside her [Mathews 1:18]. Jesus led to the desert by the Holy Spirit after Baptism means led by the second soul in her person. Jesus had an idea he was the son of Cesarion. It was John the Baptist who affirmed his beliefs at Baptism. Mathew 4:1. This was the real reason why John Baptist was jailed and later decapitated. It was not because Salome danced well. That is an insult to John Baptist. Elizabeth the mother of John Baptist was a cousin of Mary and she taught her son John many of the secrets Mary told her.

Mary off course lost her virginity when she had sexual relations with HRH Caesarion. In Luke 1:34 Mary tells the good or angelical person how can she be pregnant when she never had sex with a man? Some people think that she is saying she conceived without loosing her virginity. What she really means is that she had sex with Christ not with a man. She was not a virgin after Jesuschrist had sex with her. The age of Christ begins six and a half years after the birth of Jesus because that is when Caesarion who had sex with Mary died in an Oasis west and outside of Egypt. The birth of Christ was in year 6 before the age of Christ. The age of Christ has no year zero it goes from 1/1 of year 1 BC to 1/1 of year 1 AD.

Mary and Joseph stole Jesus from his father when he was a baby. Their main purpose was to get Jesus married in Israel and under the direction of his wife; they would have redeem the Declarations of War not redeemed yet against Julius Caesar. Jesus motive was to disqualify the Mosaic religion that had been adultered by making it a religion of Seth, Abraham and the Israelis. When they tell Joseph to go to Egypt, they are referring to go from the Oasis to Egypt. The creation of the Mosaic religion also involved a kidnapping of a baby son of Christ, Moses I [b 1402-d 1322], from the liter of Thuthmoses IV by the Levites. All important monotheist religions began in Egypt: Amen, Moses and Christ. HRH Caesarion thought the birth of his son would fulfill the expectations of the Egyptians. They were waiting for their Messiah, Asar. Egyptians when they had no king waited for Asar to restore the monarchy in the city of Abydos.

Mary’s matriarchal lineage was of the house of Laban [means white Arian]. This lineage is by marriages politically related to the wealthy family of Herod. The matriarchal succession of Mary and the more remote matriarchal lineage of Laban is a succession, which goes from the queen to the wife of her son of precedence or firstborn. If the queen does not have a son or if he does not marry, the succession is to the daughter of precedence. That way the second soul in the queen’s line is always in the same throne. If the succession was always to the first-born daughter, the daughter when married will take away the succession of the second soul to another family out of the crown. This tradition, the priests of Egypt kept in the divine sealed book of Seth in Egypt.

This they derive from the verse Genesis 2-26 and “then Christ told me lets make humankind in our own image.” Who could have existed when humankind began, except Christ and Arya? To make humankind in the image of both of them, they had to make humankind between the two; one had to be in a male, the other one in a female. The one who speaks in first person in the Bible is Aria or Eve. She is the one that dictates the Bible or the oral tradition of religious knowledge. She is the “Word” at the beginning mentioned by gospel writer John. John was the Apostle who traveled as an exile with Mary to what is now Ephesus Turkey where Mary died. Arya talks about Christ in third person so they are not the same.

In the Gospels, they discover that Christ was in a male and the Holy Spirit in a female because the only one that could have dictated the events of Christ when he was a young child at Pentecost celebration in Jerusalem was Mary. The father of Jesus, Caesarion, did not live very long after the birth of Christ, neither the stepfather Joseph who they assassinated too. Mary picked the passages and particulars of the Gospel specially the original Gospel, that of her secretaries Mathews and John.

The Cannon is not to help you make it to heavens. On the contrary, it is to test you, to make it more difficult to make it to heavens. Heavens is by competition. The Holy Spirit does not fight Christ on the contrary; she is doing integrity inspections to equalize the test over time at the orders of heavens.

Mathews is the Canon given by Mary at Pentecost to those that were going to propagate the religion and financed the churches. There were more than 400 in the Cenacle in Mount Zion where the Church of the Apostles is today. There were thousands of Christians waiting for news outside. Christians were a majority in Jerusalem in Pentecost year 30. Luke and Mark do not add any to Mathews instead they confuse by omitting the trip to Egypt. Luke is the Secretary of Paul and Mark the secretary of Peter. John is important because he went to live with Mary in modern Turkey. If you reject the Cannon because it contains miracles or other unnatural stories, or any other reason, you lost. You must remember the purpose of the test while reading. Always remember that Christ was the deity and he did not choose the words of the Cannon.

The family of Mary was wealthy, noble and completely Hellenized. Mary’s grandmother Emerantia was a wealthy Roman with connection to the Roman imperial power. Mary was born in a wealthy suburb villa called Nazareth in the outskirts or suburbs of wealthy Sephoris in Galilee. Nazareth was 170 kilometers from Egypt’s’ border. Nazareth did not exist as a town it was a villa before the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus in the year 70 AD. They created Nazareth-town later in what was the villa of Mary. Mary received a privileged education in the temple with the daughters of bankers of distinguished families and masters of logia.

The genealogy of Joseph in the Gospels is an irrelevant suggestion to test the readers. In order for Joseph to have a genealogy going back to Abraham, he had to be a wealthy person too. From the first year of the age of Christ to Abraham 1800 BC, there should be about 72 generations of 25 years, average. The Gospel is 18 to 32 short. He was Jesus’ stepfather and they separated him from the conspiracy for making indiscretions that might have alerted Jesus who he was while Jesus was young. The genealogy of Joseph they give you is a test given to you to throw you off, to see if you love or not religion and Christ. To love is to know.

Many, who do not study the Gospels, go about saying: “stop knocking down the Jew after all Jesus, Mary, Peter and Paul were all Jews.” Paul was born at Tarsus and his Arian father married to a wealthy Jewess send him to study Hebrew religion. St Paul letters to the Colossians 3 and 4:1 and 1 Timothy 6 where he justifies conscription or slavery shall not have been included in the Cannon because Paul did not write them. Peter the son of Arian John of Bethsaida Galilee talks about Rome as the Old Babylon of today. Why you allow people to say Christ or Jesus was a Jew? In a Genetic analysis, the ethnicity of a male is the ethnic group of his father’s line; the ethnicity of a female is that of the mother’s matrilineal ancestors. Jesus, the Son of Man, meaning the first born of humankind had to be a member of the Aryan Y-DNA Haplogroup R. He has no ethnicity, race, or family name because he is the first-born.

Lucas [2-7] suggests Joseph traveled from Galilee to Beth-Lehem. It is impossible that Mary about to give birth would travel 60 miles so that the baby will be register in a town that did not exist where the family of his stepfather had his roots. Mary and the sumptuous Joseph could not have traveled alone from Judah to Egypt without a logistic caravan and without lots of armed soldiers. There was a bandit war in the area. She had to be from a wealthy family with political influence for her and HRH Jesus to travel, enjoy wine weddings, and elbow with bankers meaning tax collectors so much as described in the Gospels. In Egypt, lodging was very expensive. There were no tourist services or Hotels in those days. In their trip to Luxor, they were guests at palaces belonging to families of financiers they knew. The synagogue where Mary was educated assigned her to Joseph with another five virgins because Joseph was the topmost master of logia in conspiracies. Joseph was a wealthy contractor and housing builder for bankers and for high priests. He knew Zacharias and Eleazar, acting Pontiff in those days. His assignment was to present the six virgins Mary, Sephora, Susana, Abigea, Zabel and Rebecca and motivate Caesarion to marry Mary for her knowledge of religion.

The creation of the dogmatic concept of the Trinity suggests that they did not crucify Christ Father in Golgotha. This is a grave insult to Christ, which you most pay for. The deification of Eve, as the Holy Spirit, or to equate Christ and the Holy Spirit as the same entity is an error you have to pay for too. Christ talks in third person about the Holy Spirit. In Matthews 12:32 Jesus talks about the Holy Spirit in third person: “but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit it will not be forgiven.” The creation of the Trinity is a deliberate misreading of the scriptures that were already altered to relieve the Jew of their guilt for killing Elokim the creator and make them acceptable to the point of selling a Hebrew-Christian tradition. . It was done by anti Pope Novatian 251-258 considered the creator of Catholic Theology. This heresy was popularized by Tertullian and Athanasius lackey-s of the Jew bankers of Alexandria. It was to clean the Jews of their guilt for killing Elokim [God the creator]. They needed money because the huge German invasion of 250-259. That is why they created trinity.

The Jews wanted Christ to be chosen and anointed by the Jew financiers, like an emperor, to conquer and give them territories. In Mathew’s 3:17 and 17:5, a voice saying, “this is my son”. You shall interpret it as the voice of Mary not the voice of a “God Father.” Remember, she is testing you. It is only a suggestion of Mary. This is the test of pantheism wither you belief that Christ is in some cloud or behind a tree. Many went to hell and the Old Glory for being pantheists. Needles to say the Jew financier influence over the Christian exegesis of the Cannon has added a discrimination against females very popular with Semites despite Paul letter to Romans evidences there were female apostles and deacons in early times.

When there is something very important to manifest Christ talks over the soul of the Son of Man. When it is something, everybody should know Jesus could talk referring to Christ in third person as his father. Sometimes when there is security, problems he talks in parables. There were two souls in Jesus the soul of Son of Man Jesus the firstborn and the soul of Christ the creator.

Mary begot Jesus in the birth altar of the Temple of HRH Amenhotep III of what is today Luxor. “Was” or Luxor was the city of Amon in the Bible. It was the political capital of Egypt from the tenth dynasty until HRH Tutankhamen. The name of Luxor city in 6 BC was Auuruth or “the feeding bin.” Auuruth is the hieroglyphic used to signal this name, a quarter of a circle, an animal manger. The Egyptians also called this city the southern harem or the southern sacred place of Amen-Ra. Some people cannot understand why Mary gave birth in a stable and placed his son in an animal feeding bin or manger. They had abandoned the birth room of the temple and they were using its ruins as a stable. In order to fulfill the prophecies of the Egyptians and satisfy Caesarion Mary had to give birth in the place where the wives of the King gave birth to their children in the birth-altar of the temple of Luxor. The wives of the King in Egypt used the title “wives of God [Christ]” instead of “queens.” The Syrian invaders of Assurbanipal [l663 BC] left in ruins the temples of Luxor and Karnack. One is near the other.

The international Jew bankers in the days of HRH Jesus Christ controlled Egypt from the financial capital, Alexandria. Three quarters of the 560,000 inhabitants of Alexandria were Jews. It was like Manhattan in New York City today. The ruins of the Temples in Luxor and Karnack belonged to the financier David, a relative of the most powerful family of bankers in Alexandria the Jew Demetrius. Luxor was the city of David. The city of “Was” had a large colony of Jew shopkeepers because it was a transfer point to exchange African gold for honey, papyrus, linen, cattle and other products of Egypt. The Jews fell it was the city of Judah.

Mary and Joseph were associated with the merchants of northeast Egypt in the business of escorting caravans to Egypt. The Jews nicknamed the Temple of HRH Amenhotep III in Luxor Beth Rehem the house of the crocodiles. The people of northeast Egypt did not roll the R. They pronounced the "R” as an “L” so they would pronounce Beth-Rehem in Luxor as Beth-Lehem, the House of Bread (in their argot this meant the house of money.)

Beth Rehem in Luxor

Francs believed HRH Christ was born on July 14 of the year 6 BC, or 6 1/2 years before the age of Jesus Christ when the imperial census of Augustus. He was born before the death of Herodes in 4 BC. Herodes governed Galilee where Nazareth was located. Poncio governed Judea including Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

The Messiah was born at the heliacal rising of the sparkling star Sirius as measured in the Temple of HRH Thutmoses III in modern Karnack. The three Kings or Magi of the east give you the date of birth of Jesus as July 14 and that is why they signed the US Declaration of Independence in July 4 according to an anti Pope Gregorian German custom.

The Roman Empire did not have tourism or computer reservations via Orbitz and less they will allow three foreign kings or magicians traveling with gold in a terrain full of thieves and revolutionary bandits. Where HRH Jesus Christ was born, He was the only King. The fabulous story of the three kings or magi always pointing to the heliacal rising of the great star Sirius in the Gospel had to refer to the three fulgurous stars of the belt of the constellation of Orion. The Egyptians called these three stars the 3 Kings or Magi of the East.

The builders aligned the temple of Karnack with the heliacal rising of the fulgurous star Sirius on the day of the inauguration of the temple and used the temple to mark time. From the Temple’s main altar through the aisle a person can also see the place of the sundown in the day they inaugurated the temple. These three stars, the three kings of the east, always point in a line towards the place where Sirius would do its heliacal rising on the horizon, on July 14 at that parallel of Karnack. That gives us a date of July 14 for the birth of Jesus Christ because he was born in the temple of Amenhotep III in Luxor, nearby Karnack. The baby was dressed in strips of linen, as it was the custom with the kings of Egypt. It would be rare if the gospels did not tell us the date of birth of HRH Jesus Christ.

Mary and Joseph stole HRH Jesus from his father when HRH Jesus was a baby and went to live in Alexandria. The Jews assassinated HRH Caesarion later on when the child was six and a half years old something to which Mary was not aware. That is why the age of Christ begins when the material soul of Christ passed from HRH Caesarion to HRH Jesus Christ on January 1, 1. They believed there were two souls to each person the Ka and the Ba, which do not communicate verbally with each other. One material soul was in test the other soul in “Heaven”. Heavens reincarnates a soul in another person when it deserves glory. That is the soul’s heaven. The Ka of Caesarion was the soul of Christ. Christ always reincarnated in the first born of humankind who was the King of Egypt. This way Christ gave everyone the chance to know where He is and what He is doing. At least to those logical enough that knows the history and the genealogy of humankind. That is why Egyptians and French monarchists treated their monarchy with solemnity.

HRH Jesus lived in Egypt, until he was 12 years of age because Arquelaos who governed after Herod until 6 AD was no different from the first. Remember in Egypt he was not with his father Caesarion. After Mary’s delivery in the birth room of the Temple of Luxor, they returned to the Oasis and months later, they stole the baby from Caesarion and took him to Alexandria.

Later when Christ was 12 years of age, he moved from Egypt to Galilee. Bethlehem in Judah-Israel was an abandoned city with less than 40 old misers and squatters as inhabitants. There was none under two years of age.

Luke [2-7] suggests Joseph traveled from Galilee to Beth-Lehem. It is impossible that Mary about to give birth would travel 60 miles so that the baby will be register in the town where the family of his stepfather had his roots. HRH Jesus lived in Egypt, until he was 12 years of age because Arquelaos who governed after Herod until 6 AD was no different from the first. Then they moved to Galilee. Remember in Egypt he was not with his father Caesarion. After Mary’s delivery in the birth room of the Temple of Luxor, they returned to the Oasis and months later, they stole the baby from Caesarion and took him to Alexandria.

They took HRH Jesus from Egypt to Galilee. They created a series of pseudo-events around HRH Jesus hoping that he would marry and have a family with a Jew girl in Galilee without recognizing he was the Son of Man. Instead, Christ recognized he was the Son of Man successor to the King of Egypt and the religious concepts that went with it especially after this was confirm to him by John the Baptist. John Baptist is the Great Hero and martyr of Christianity. John risked and lost his life to confirm for the first time to Jesus what he knew that Mary had gone to Egypt to seduce son of man Caesarion, meaning Christ. The master of logia Joseph bet that HRH Jesus Christ would never learned he was the successor to the crown of Rome and Egypt if taken from his father as a baby. Mary never imagined he would learn who he was, nor his cruel execution. She thought they would treat him as Moses who they allowed for a while to be an exile in the dessert. Mary did not know the assassination of Moses II.

Some say Christ ministry lasted 3 years, meaning in that time he said everything written in the Gospel. Christians read too many visits to Jerusalem suggested in the Gospel of John. Christians believe his ministry was short, the 40 days of lent. Authorities did not know who he was that is why Judas had to identify him. As soon as he manifested himself as Christ, the bankers and the master theologians that interpreted the Law or Halakha in Jerusalem were looking for him and they ordered Pilate and Caifa to torment and execute him.

Christ preached in those now famous 40 days just for one reason to destroy the state of Israel. John in his Gospel has too many visits to Jerusalem what suggests he was embarrassed they killed Christ so fast. He knew that if the Jews killed Him in Israel, the Romans would destroy Israel, which they did 30 years later. After the assassination of Jesus Christ, nationalist emperors Galba, Vespasian and Titus destroyed Judea. They exterminated 2.5 million Jews and exiled 4 million, the rest. Mary died exiled in Ephesus. Jesus knew the Jews might kill Him if he disqualified the Mosaic religion by having Christ preach a new religion. Chrestus saw it was a win-win outcome for Him. If they killed Him, the Romans would destroy Israel and his religion will substitute the corrupt Mosaic one. Christ manifested himself in that place through the Son of Man Jesus just to invalidate and disqualify the Mosaic dogmatic books or cannon and their religion which after many years had been badly distorted first by the conservative Sadducees and then by liberal Pharisees. Jesus Christ was not predestined to be sacrifice in Jerusalem. Christians do not belief in predestination. By just preaching, He would have invalidated Judaism and his followers would have done a church as vast as it is today. Jesus was brave and death was nothing to Him, but He was not a suicide.

The last supper of Christ was on Wednesday night after 18:00 hours, which made it Day of Preparation of the sacrifice lamb John 18:39. The dinner to begin Passover celebrations was Thursday of our calendar after 18:00 hours meaning Friday for the Jews. For Egyptians and Judah the day began at sun down at 18:00 of our hours. Christ went to Gethsemane where the Jews arrested him. This was fourteen days after vernal equinox 15 of Nissan. Caiaphas arrested him that night on Thursday after 18:00 hours, Friday for Jews John 11: 49. Jesus was 35 years old born on July 14, 6-1/2 before CE and they crucified him April 7 year 30 one of the two dates during governorship of Pilate [29-36] when Passover began on Friday the other is April 3, year 33 AD John 19:42 and John 20:1. Christ began preaching 40 days before arrest. Of the three visits to Jerusalem, that John sites [John 2:13, 6:4, 11:55] the last two are the same as the first. John Baptist began preaching late on year 29, in the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius [Luke 3:1] [Tacitus Annals XV 44] [Tiberius 14-37 AD]. John baptized Jesus and acknowledged that Christ was in him, on 24 of November, a day when the Aeneas celebrated their arrival to Sicily and that God had given them the Arian continent. John Baptist knew that Mary had gone to Egypt to meet Caesarion the God of Egyptians passing through his house the house of Elizabeth.

They brought HRH Jesus Christ to Pilate governor of Judea, the Roman authority, the next morning, still Friday. Pilates judge him according to what the Jew bankers of Alexandria ordered from the finance capital of the world from where they controlled the Roman Empire.

They took HRH Christ to execution that Friday at 12 Noon. His trial and crucifixion were before Paschal dinner that night [John 19:14, 18:28, 13:1-17]. Jews took him down from the cross at 3:00 AM on Friday, the ninth hour. This was still April 7, of the year 30 AD in our corrected calendar. He was in the cross 15 hours. Obviously, he had expired but not dead and they did resuscitate Him just as we resuscitate people with electric shocks and other methods today. Jesus finally died on Ascension Day April 19 as consequence of the wounds received in the cross and the spirit of Jesus and that of Christ went to heavens.

Julius Cesar in 45 BC corrected the Calendar adding 90 days. When he was killed this was ignore until after Christ when they were added again. Pope Gregory has corrected the Calendar adding 10 days, which are now 13. If we subtract 103 days from April 7, we get that Christ they crucified on 25 of December in the uncorrected Roman calendar and Jesus died on January 6, 12 days later on Ascension Day. That is why some commemorate Christmas or the sacrifice of Christ on December 25.

His assassination was cruel as depicted in the movie: “The Passion.” Movies tell you the cruelty of his execution as taught in Christian schools. When Christians say, the Jews killed Jesus they do not mean those few idiots present in the court of Pilate when judged. Christians mean the Jew bankers, and Masters of Logia running the Roman Empire and Persia from Alexandria.

The sign over the cross read “King of The Jews”. This is sarcasm on the part of the Jews but it was a statement from Pontius Pilates. Jews after David hate Kings, they only believe in bankers and emperors chosen by bankers.

He did not specifically die to do something for us, leave-along to clean the guilt of our sins. Christians do not belief in predestination so Jesus could not know that they were going to sin in the future. It is easy that after 2000 years, the Christian dogma they have corrupted little by little. He did not die for our sins. Some say he died to heel and bring people together. He did not bring the Abraham people or the Jews and Israel together. Concerning miracles there are no supernatural powers in these. These people knowing that Jesus was the son of Caesarion knew that Christ walked with him so they did these magicians tricks to suggest superpowers to impress those that need these tricks to believe in the presence of Christ. In Mathews Chapter 9:24 Christ gives up the trick by declaring that the daughter of the ruler is just sleeping and not dead and they all laugh.

To love is to know. Those who want to love Christ have to do a mastership on His history. French monarchs believed religion is eclectic. Religion is what they deduce through logic. They cite that obscure verse Mathews 16-18: “you are Peter and upon this rock I am going to build my congregation”. They were standing in a monticule called Caesar Philip a name that means master of logia. Does this mean Peter was going to be the leader by appointment, or does it mean that the leader is he who discovers the largest number of information about Christ? Peter was both. He also knew the most about Christ. Most Christian preachers as the priest and Popes are lovers of the Bible so they are all masters of theology. Nevertheless, according to what is manifest by Christ, they will judge preachers only by the faith of their congregation.

HRH Jesus is a common name, which means, “Christ saves”. Mary named Him as such because she expected he would marry an Israelian woman who will give the Israelis the right to redeem the Declarations of War of his grandfather Julius Caesar. Jesus Christ instead used his life to disqualify the old religion of Moses known as Abraham religion and begin a new one that will give a chance to people all over the world to save their soul from hell. His stepfather nicknamed him Corban, which means the sacrifice victim. Christ did not do what He did to save sinners in the future. He did not give His life for us. Christ did not have to die to start a new religion. Why he did not write a testament or Cannon? He knew to read and write [Mathews 22:20.] He did not learn that he was in great danger until the last supper when they arrested him. He was not Christ because he was a superman but because he had divine super ideas. Christ does not sustain the material world and does not influence the weather. When you have an abnormal child or a lightning cuts electricity is not the fault of Christ. Christian religion, where Christ is a man, erases the barriers between humanity and divinity as was done in the religion of Narmer and Louis XIV.


Everyone who reads the Cannon the first time should read the versicle preachers never talk about it in their sermons, John 8:44. It is Jesus talking in first person as quoted with subtlety by John. This action cost John his freedom. “The father from whom you are, [He is talking to a Jew] is a devil and the desire of your father [meaning Abraham] it is your will to do.” “He was a murdered from the beginning. He has not stood in the truth because there is no truth in him. When he tells a lie he speaks from his very nature for he is a liar and the father of all lies.”

Egyptian invented writing in 3400 BC. There is no evidence of lies from 3400 to 1950 BC when Abraham becomes active. Before Abraham, nobody thought of lying in this world. During his 40 days ministry Christ emitted innumerable affronts to the Jews omitted in the Gospels because the Gospel is a test to make getting to heavens more difficult not a book to help you.

The religion of Moses is not the religion of Abraham. The religion of Abraham, the Israelites and Jews is murder, stealing, lying, kidnapping, human trade; illicit drugs trade, slavery, prostitution and financing and organizing wars, terrorism and revolutions. Genesis Chapter 19 the burning of Sodom In Genesis 12: 27 Sarah does prostitution with the Pharaoh, in Gen 20:20 Sarah does prostitution with Abimelech, King of Gera and in Gen 38: 14-30 they learn that Gen 38: 15-30 the mother of all Jews was a whore. There is no evidence of prostitution from 3400 to 2001 in any other culture so they know Abraham invented prostitution.

The ancestors of the Israelites, the Sethites, also invented war, revolution, murder, kidnapping of children and human trade Exodus 2:2-8. The first captured children sold to Jew pedophiles in markets such as Crete were from Bahrain in 2500 BC. They ran human trade by kidnapping Hellenes and then Slavic children and they organized the large black human trade that began in Port Judah later on [now it is Port Ouidah in Dahomey.] In Gen 37: 12-28, Gen 37:25-28 they did human trade with their brother.

Great Lodges in France believed the Francs were descendant of Firstborn HRH Julius Aquila who lived in the Chersoneses or Crimea in the days of Christ according to the legend of his epitaph. Aquila became the first born of the Julian after HRH Jesus Christ died in the year 30. HRH Aquila moved with the Goth in what is now Romania and had issue with a Goth princess after the Roman internationalists threatened the lives of all Julian-s with the persecutions ordered in the year 1. HRH Clodomir was the first born of HRH Julius Aquila.

Augustus kept Egypt as an imperial province managed directly by the emperor to give all embracing privileges to the bankers and protect the Jews left there. The revenues of the bankers of Egypt were larger than the revenues of the rest of the Roman Empire in 44 BC. Jews were the most powerful bankers of Egypt and the world and ruled Rome while Augustus was emperor. Egypt’s trade with Bharat, of 400 ships a year carried 500 million sesterces of goods with profits of 200 %.

A struggle between international bankers and nationalists grew stronger after HRH Julius Caesar. Tiberius unsuccessfully tried to expel the Jews from Italy. Emperors Tiberius, Caligula and Nero began the nationalist persecutions of Jews. In response, the Jews, not the Christians, burned the city of Rome in 64 AD. Italy had half a million Jews 1/10 of them in the Trastevere neighborhood in Rome. In response Galba, Vespasian and Tito conducted massacres of Jews in Palestine from 66 to 80 AC, killing 2.5 million. Another 3.5 million went exile in a Diaspora to Kabul, Samarkand, Salonika, Cambay, Smyrna, Sardis, Thyatira, Philadelphia, Ephesus, Laodicea, Pergamum, Numidia, Persia, Miletus, Seville and other places. Titus destroyed the second temple of Jerusalem Herod had built, August 3, year 70.

The massacres of Jews fulfilled all the terrible prophecies of the book of Daniel of the Old Testament. Persecutions went on as late as when Caracalla persecuted them in Alexandria in 215. The killing of emperors in Rome was part of this struggle between nationalists and the adepts of the absolute bankers of Alexandria and Ctesiphon. Finally, the neurotic emperor Aurelian again sold the Empire of Rome to the Jew bankers in 270.

In the days of HRH Louis XIV, French knew Aria or Eve succeeded in the Queens of England. When one of the Orleans married a Stuart princess, the visionary demonologists poisoned her. Christ justifies the killing of non-Christians and anti Christians Acts 3:23 and 2 Peter 3:7, and the confiscation of non-Christians’ property in Luke 19:22-27. When future HRH Louis XVIII married Louise Savoy, in 1771, a princess of the House of Savoy they thought it was a presage of bad things to come because Britain had zionized the Royal family.

The vivacious historian Suetonius Calpurnio Piso, a relative of Herod and Mary, in his short stay in Britain passed the succession of the Holy Spirit from Mary to the house of Cerdox of Wessex by having sex with females of Cerdox’ family. The Norman restoration brought the succession back to London through marriages. The Hanover usurpation moved the succession to Savoy and later to Germany.

The center of banking was at Mahoza a suburb of Ctesiphon in Parthia since 145 BC. Jews in Persia were 65% of the population of that country and controlled 90% of the internal and external trade. The exilarch and the bankers changed the Parthian Arsacide dynasty for the Sassanid Persian one in 226. At first, they had some trouble with the fire-priests during the first emperor. Soon they took a tight control with the second emperor Shapur in 240. There were more Jews in Persia than in any other place of the world in the year 320 AD. They were three and a half million Jews. They were 33% of the Jews of the world.

The world had a population of 74 million in 750 BC. The Far and South East including China had 22 million. Bharat’s continent had 18 million, 5 million Aryans and 13 million Dravidians. Sethites, Hebrews, Israelis and Jews were 12 million. Aryans and Caucasians were 12 million excluding those in Persia and Bharat. Blacks were 3 million and the Caribbean 3 million. The Arabs and Egyptians were 4 million.

In year 1, the world population was 172 million people. The Chinese continent including South East Asia had 50 million. The continent of Bharat and their colonies in South East Asia had 40 million including 8 million Aryans. The Semites other than Jews were 7 million and the Israelis and Jews had 12 million. Egypt had 1 million Jews. Alexandria had 420,000 Jews. They did not speak Dorian in Alexandria but Semitic Greek. The Aryans were 50 million including those in India. Italians were 8 million. The Caucasian and Altaics were 11 million. The Kushite had 8 million and the Caribbean 3 million.