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More of the Hard Truth

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The Truth About Birth Control, RU-486 and Other Abortifacients

RU-486, Norplant, Depo-Provera, The Pill
Physicians for Life (general information)
Link Between Abortion, The Pill, and Breast Cancer
Birth Control Over the Counter?
Side Effects and Consequences of RU-486
RU-486: The Pill, The Process, The Problems
One More Soul
Letter to the Editor
Abortifacients (Life Issues Institute-Dr. J.C. Willke)
Natural Family Planning

Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide

Life Issues Institute (Dr. J.C. Willke)
American Life League
End of Life Care
National Right to Life
Priests for Life
The Ultimate Pro-life Resource List
Ohio Right to Life
U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops
**News & Articles on Euthanasia/Assisted Suicide**

Stem Cells and Cloning

Life Issues Institute
Michigan Right to Life
Embryonic Stem Cell Research (Priests for Life)
Human Cloning (American Life League)
Fetal Tissue Research (American Life League)
National Right to Life
The Ultimate Pro-life Resource List
Linda Chavez Column (The Cloning Has Begun)
Fetal Experimentation (Ohio Right to Life)
U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops
Do No Harm (The Coalition of Americans for Research Ethics)
**News & Articles on Stem Cells and Cloning**
The Truth About Stem Cells
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