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Right to Life Prayer Gathering

On Thursday, May 23, 2002, a peaceful prayer gathering was held at the Planned
Parenthood abortion clinic on 421 S. College Avenue in Bloomington. Pro-lifers
from Daviess and Martin counties traveled there to be witnesses for life. For one
hour we prayed the Rosary and recited prayers for the unborn, the women who
would be coming to the clinic, and for the abortion providers. Those with signs
walked up and down the sidewalk in front of the clinic. The two security guards
told us that the “doctor” who performs the abortions was on a two-week vacation.
I prayed that he would take a “permanent” vacation from the evil of abortion. We
are not allowed to approach the women at any time. But as the employees would
leave for lunch, we would pray that much louder and harder, hoping to touch
their hearts!

Many people would look at us as they drove by. Some would give us obscene
gestures while others would honk and give us the “thumbs up”. We must also pray
for those who have negative reactions to us. There must be something in their
lives that happened to affect their attitudes regarding abortion. As we were packing
up to leave, a young woman named Ashley pulled up in the parking lot next to us.
She wanted to join us in our walk for life! What a wonderful way to end the day!

The clinic is only open on Thursdays. Prayer gatherings will be held the third
Thursday of each month. Plans are to meet at St. John’s Catholic Church
parking lot in Loogootee at 8:00 a.m. and to follow each other to Bloomington. A
group will also be leaving from Washington. Please check your church bulletins and
newspapers for announcements. The youth group at St. John’s Catholic Church may
join us in the future. Young people can have a tremendous influence.
Children can be a true witness to the value of life simply by their presence. Please
consider joining us and being a witness for life! For more information, contact
Tracy at 295-2772 or email her at

Another Witness for Life

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