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Make Fine Whiskey


Make Real Whiskey from Barley !  Follow my directions in my booklet
and in about three weeks you'll have very high proof whiskey ready.

          My Mission:           

To provide you with my booklet that will give all the directions and information
 necessary for you to create approximately 180 proof whiskey from virtually scratch.

Download my booklet in .doc format hereIf you prefer .txt format, email me.

After downloading, I ask that you send me a check for $12.50 to help me write more about how anyone can get started in other very interesting hobbies.

My next booklet will be about pole building construction, which in many cases is way cheaper, simpler, and stronger than our conventional stud buildings.

After I have received your check and email address, I will email you with directions on how to unpack my booklet.  Thank you.

My Email address
Make check out to: James Neil
  Please Note:
Please allow five business days for your check to arrive.  I check my mail at least once a week, so please be patient.  I check my email about once a day, so please feel free to email any questions anytime.




Last modified: October 25, 2001