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Hendrik Steenhuysen's BONDTRADE

My Favorite Things About HS's BONDTRADE

Thank you for visiting Hendrik Steenhuysen's BONDTRADE. This advisory service is intended for the disciplined trader. All recommendations are for the T Bond futures traded at the CBOT.They are intended for that day only. Trades are generated during regular floor hours, 8:20 am to 3:00 pm ET. There is no attempt to mastermind this market nor to make long term price predictions. Instead, this is a disciplined approach to take advantage of "set ups" that market action provides. These "set ups" occur around support and resistance figures that are calculated from prior sessions. These recommendations are for short term moves and are posted as the trading day unfolds. All trades are posted with stops to minimize risk. All trades are continuously monitored wtith active, managed support until the trade is closed out. Subscriptions available for $39.95 per week or $139.95 per month. Subscribe here or contact Hendrik Steenhuysen by e-mail --------------------------------- This Service was dicontinued in May 2002.

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