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Hawaii Statehood Day 2005 -- No Celebration on Any Island, But An Anti-Statehood Attempted Rally on Maui

Statehood day in Hawai'i (formerly known as "Admission Day") was "celebrated" as a state holiday on Friday, August 19, 2005.

Malia Zimmerman published an editorial in Hawaii Reporter of August 18, 2005 entitled: "Happy Birthday, Hawaii - Some of Us Still Remember." She laments the fact that there are no real celebrations; that anti-Americanism by some Hawaiian sovereignty activists whom the Governor coddles makes it "politically incorrect" to celebrate Statehood Day. Zimmerman's editorial is copied in full below, along with some replies it provoked; and can also be seen as originally published at:

In 1959, when President Eisenhower proclaimed that all conditions had been met and Hawai'i was now the 50th state, there was dancing in the streets. 94% of Hawai'i's voters (and therefore a clear majority of every ethnic group) had said "yes" to statehood.

But lately the only people actually celebrating are state and county workers who get the day off with pay. Where are the parades, floats, and marching bands? Where are the politicians proclaiming pride in statehood? They dare not speak for fear of offending Hawaiian sovereignty activists.

Ben Cayetano issued a formal Governor's Message on August 16, 2002 -- his final Statehood Day in office. It was a stirring, uplifing message, much needed after the terrorist attack of September 11. Among other inspirational sentences Governor Cayetano wrote: "The people of Hawaii enjoy a diversity unlike any state in the nation. We are committed to ensuring unity and equality for all of our residents. While we celebrate the differences that define and enrich our island culture, we also treasure our identity as Americans and affirm our shared commitment to a happier and more prosperous future for all." Full text on official stationery with the state seal can be seen at:

By contrast, Linda Lingle on her first Statehood Day in office quietly published a low-key message as a letter-to-editor in only one newspaper, consisting mostly of quotes from British Prime Minister Tony Blair's speech to Congress. Lingle's message of 2003 can be seen at

In 2004 and 2005, Governor Lingle totally ignored the Statehood holiday. Instead, barely a week before the 2005 holiday, she wore the red shirt, marched, and gave a speech at a rally in support of an illegal school admissions policy which federal judges have called "racially exclusionary" -- a rally where many blatantly anti-American signs were prominently displayed. For photos see:

It is commonly said that "the bad drives out the good." On Maui the bad is getting even worse.

The "Maui News" of August 19, 2005 ran an editorial including these disparaging comments: "On this Admission Day, there may be more Hawaiians wondering just what it means to them, with a U.S. court ruling that they are not entitled to any privileges as would-be citizens of a formerly sovereign nation that was overthrown ... cultural genocide, disdaining, if not banning, the language, religion and cultural practices of the Hawaiians ... they are reviving a sense of nationhood, not just nationality. ... There are no Hawaiian-Americans. There are those for whom the definition of Hawaiian is race based. But a definition of the Hawaiian must address historical and political events and precedents. ..." For full text see:

That editorial was timed to coincide with a pathetic little anti-statehood rally by Maui's perennial buffoon, the unordained "reverend" who has never had a congregation, the Al Sharpton of Hawai'i -- Charlie Maxwell. On Wednesday the newspaper had announced "The Hawaii Statehood Celebration on Friday will honor Maui County servicemen and women and feature Native Hawaiian cultural specialist Charles Kauluwehi Maxwell Sr. as keynote speaker."

Maxwell as keynote speaker at a Statehood Day patriotic celebration? How about Osama bin Laden as keynote speaker on the 4th of July? This is the same Charlie Maxwell who repeatedly threatens the people of Hawai'i that we had better give ethnic Hawaiians whatever they demand, because "Hawaiians are a warrior people." See:

The time has long since come for Maxwell to hang his spear on the wall of a museum and wear the lei hala (along with the goat-dung lei he once hung around the neck of a member of Congress).

Here are some of the things Maxwell wrote in an 1800-word anti-statehood essay in the Honolulu Advertiser of August 11, 2002. Surely the organizers of the Maui event knew about his views before annointing him as keynote speaker?

"I can remember vividly when Hawai'i became the 50th state in 1959. My father, who was a veteran of the Navy and a devout American, wept and said, 'This is the last straw. Hawai'i as we know it is pau (finished).' ... lifestyle is westernized and influenced by foreign 'invaders' ... One only must look at what was done to Hawai'i from statehood to now and see what we lost as Native Hawaiians of this land. ... Hawaiians cannot go to the mountains to gather their medicinal herbs and ferns from the forest because it is now private property. Access to the ocean and ancient trails is blocked by luxury homes with high fences. Our culture is being used by everyone in the world, and words that are sacred to us such as kahuna and aloha are so badly misused by everyone. ... And now we have those who threaten Hawaiians with lawsuits ... This is a time for us as native people of this land to stand up and ku'e (resist) the shameful onslaught of using the laws of America to make it harder for us to live in the land that was given to our ancestors thousands of years ago." Full text at:

On Saturday the "Maui News" reported on the Statehood Day "celebration" of Friday. The news report said there was a "sparse crowd" and "Oddly enough, no elected officials, either from the county or state, were on hand." Considering Maxwell's known record as an anti-statehood independence activist, is it any wonder elected officials didn't want to get caught attending? Even the anti-statehood state Senator Kalani English didn't show up, apparently preferring to fly below the public's radar on this issue. "With the Hawaiian flag flying upside down in a show of distress as the rains fell, the so-called 'celebration' of 46 years of statehood for the islands on Friday was more of a somber gray than red, white and blue. ... There almost seemed to be more voices singing 'Hawaii Pono'i,' the national anthem for the Hawaiian kingdom before its overthrow in 1893, than for 'The Star Spangled Banner.' [gosh, really?] ... Maxwell said the United States needs to not only acknowledge the overthrow of the Hawaiian kingdom, but to make restitution and recognize a sovereign Hawaiian nation. ... Outside the complex, as heavy rains fell, both flags – the American flag attached right-side up to the pole just above the upside-down Hawaiian flag – hung in wet folds as another year of statehood began." Full text at:

What sort of "celebration" will we have for the 50th anniversary of the 50th state? It's less that four years away. A resolution passed the Hawai'i State Senate in 2001 calling for Congress and the United Nations to revisit the Statehood vote of 1959. The clear implication of that resolution is that Hawai'i might not legitimately be a state. The United Nations is asked to intervene, to hold a plebiscite offering the option of independence. There was an unsuccessful effort in 2002 and 2003 to get the Legislature to pass a resolution expressing pride in statehood.

For information about the anti-statehood resolution that passed, the pro-statehood resolution that failed, and the continuing refusal to fly the U.S. flag on the former capitol of the Territory and State of Hawai'i, see:

Let's hope the U.S. Senate knows about this anti-statehood and anti-American sentiment in time for the vote on the Akaka bill. Charlie Maxwell himself is one of the bill's main supporters. He wants taxpayers from throughout America to keep sending hundreds of millions of dollars to Hawai'i to support race-based programs, thereby boosting the political power of people like himself as they pursue a quest for total independence.

note: TV viewers on O'ahu will be treated to five days of anti-statehood programs on 'Olelo Channel 53 ("Native Television"), featuring propaganda classics about the overthrow and annexation such as "Act of War" and "A Nation Within." Programs are Monday through Friday, generally starting around 9:30 or 10:00 PM and run for an hour or two. Check newspaper TV listings or look under "program schedule" at the 'Olelo webpage at

Hawaii Reporter, August 18, 2005

Happy Birthday, Hawaii - Some of Us Still Remember

By Malia Zimmerman

It’s Hawaii’s birthday today, but no residents or visitors would know that. There is no parade, no fireworks, no birthday cake, no candles, no political speeches, no additional red, white and blue flags flying high, and definitely no acknowledgement by Hawaii’s political leaders that 46 years ago, Hawaii became America’s 50th state. There is just a sad, embarrassing silence.

The complete void of recognition and celebration of Hawaii’s union with America wasn’t always so in the islands -- there was once tremendous pride in Statehood Day, now referred to as "Admissions Day."

Nearly five decades ago, residents in the Territory of Hawaii opted overwhelmingly with more than 95 percent of the vote to become part of the United States, and in fact many of those same people were involved in the federal lobbying effort for statehood.

There was a magic and excitement in the air that could not be blown away by the tropical breeze or a minority opposition when Hawaii finally in 1959 shed its title of "territory" and officially became a state.

Spirits were high, the economy rocked and people from all over the world came to live in paradise, considered so in part because as a piece of America, the state offered political stability and freedoms unavailable as a territory or a commonwealth.

But little by little over the next few decades, the anti-Americans and those who wanted to rid the state of all nationalities not ethnically Hawaiian, brought a dark cloud over the state. They did their best to damper the well-known racial harmony often referred to as a "melting pot." They preach hatred of the United States.

That darkness showed itself most evidently in the erosion of the celebration of American holidays -- including the Fourth of July, but most especially Admissions Day.

What once was a day of pride and parade has caved into the political correctness of a small percentage of native Hawaiians and other radicals who dislike the United States so much that they want Hawaii to become a sovereign nation unaffiliated with the rest of America.

They want the people who live here to give up their citizenship to the United States and join a yet-to-be-formed independent nation of Hawaii, with different laws, no democracy and no connection to the U.S. Constitution or justice system.

This radical minority group that often has just a drop of Hawaiian blood among them has been so effective in its lobbying through guilt of what they call "past wrongs to the Hawaiian people" that they have successfully doused any glimmer of American pride in Hawaii’s primary political leaders.

They have Hawaii’s congressional delegation, including Hawaii’s Senior Senator Daniel Inouye -- who is called a war hero -- and the governor and lieutenant governor so brainwashed, or so neutered, that there isn’t even any official celebration planned for Admissions Day today. The only reason anyone might know the day is a holiday is because the unionize state and county workers get the day off.

Amazingly, there hasn’t been any celebration for the last 5 years when then Gov. Benjamin Cayetano celebrated "Statehood Day" at a San Francisco baseball field saying it was better to observe the holiday there because of the controversial nature of embracing statehood recognition in Hawaii.

This radical group of America haters is pushing for a Native Hawaiian Recognition Bill, or Akaka Bill, that even the bill’s sponsor U.S. Sen. Dan Akaka admits could lead to independent nation of native Hawaiians. The bill comes up for a vote in the Senate this September, and has the enthusiastic support of this current governor, lieutenant governor and entire Hawaii congressional delegation.

Most striking is not just Republican Gov. Linda Lingle’s push for this bill that could lead to an independent nation within the state, but also her recent high-profile participation in a rally for Hawaiian rights at Iolani Palace.

The rally was supposed to be in support of Kamehameha Schools' Hawaiians-only admission policy -- which she has every right to attend and speak at. But the governor did not seperate herself from several dozen people holding signs that ordered Americans out of Hawaii.

Lingle stood side by side with this vocal minority in front of the local, national and international media -- and before all of the people of Hawaii -- in alliance with those who have the most extreme hatred for America and the most divisive of views.

I was born in Hawaii and have lived here all my life and loved all the beauty of the islands and the Hawaiian language and culture.

I have been one of 1.2 million people who have had the opportunity of a lifetime to enjoy all America and the Hawaiian culture have to offer.

These are not and should not be mutually exclusive rather both the American traditions and Hawaiian traditions should be celebrated with all the enthusiasm the people of the state once had. No more darkness or division -- only appreciation for the radiant beauty of the islands and its people have to offer to all who are here.

The actions -- or lack their of in support of America -- by Hawaii’s political leaders, is a great slap in the face to America’s founding fathers, to the visitors from the mainland U.S. and most of all to the vast majority of residents who are proud to be part of the United States.

They also do a disservice to the many people who have sacrificed so much in the name of freedom and all that is America, including our military, who are fighting to preserve the American way of life.

Happy birthday, Hawaii -- some of us still remember.

Reach Malia Zimmerman, editor and president of Hawaii Reporter, via email at

Hawaii Reporter, August 22, 2005

Akaka Raises the 'I' Word

By Leon Siu

When U.S. Sen. Daniel Akaka, D-Hawaii, addressed the issue of independence during his recent National Public Radio interview, he inadvertently exposed the true implication of creating congressional actions to address injuries stemming from the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom. When it comes down to it, all federal programs, entitlements and allowances to “native Hawaiians,” are but ploys to avoid the real issue: The restoration of Hawaii as an independent nation.

This is the subject matter that Sens. Daniel Akaka and Daniel Inouye and Reps. Ed Case and Neil Abercrombie as well as Gov. Linda Lingle and all the hirelings of the powers-that-be, have worked so desperately hard to avoid. The reason there has been no public hearings in Hawaii and the reason Hawaiian nationals were not allowed to speak in the D.C. hearings, is because the powers-that-be did not want the explosive “I” word to mess things up.

Well it’s happened. Akaka said it. His on-air comment regarding independence set off a howl of outrage. To Akaka’s opponents, the “I” word is a far greater weapon for their arsenal than the old liberal “race-based discrimination” mantra. By his candid response to the “I” word question, Akaka has given his opponents the salvo they need to blast his bill right out of the water.

It’s a shame for this to happen to a kind, wonderful, generous, sincere servant of his people.

Leon Siu, a resident of Hawaii and professional Hawaiian entertainer, can be reached via email at

Hawaii Reporter, August 22, 2005

Admissions Day a Tragedy, Not Something to Be Celebrated
Save Your Blind Patriotism for Someone Else Who Wants to Hear It

By David M. K. Inciong, II aka Tane

Your venom in your piece on the importance of celebrating statehood -- "Happy Birthday, Hawaii - Some of Us Still Remember" sounds typical U.S. WASP American.

Obviously you are suffering from the Stocholm Syndrome or you may be truly an ultracrepidarian critic and too young to remember some facts. What you probably learned in school is the U.S. revised history of which you are a victim of assimilation. It would help if you researched thoroughly the documented truths rather than rely on the sales and marketing political agenda.

It appears you have the U.S. Akaka-Stevens/Danner Bill confused with the struggle for Hawaii's independence which is under the continuous U.S. belligerent occupation. Your youth may belie the reason for not knowing Hawaii's real history. You never had to live through some of those times as we have in the past.

What you neglect to mention was the massive political campaign to push statehood in all medias and in schools. Many Hawaiians were barred from voting; military and their families were allowed to vote; and only about 37 percent of the registered voters participated in the vote.

There were many objections except U.S. Americans were all for it. The campaign was taxation without representation and the fact that we were second-class citizens. We questioned the irregularity of the choices, but were suppressed. Only two choices were given: to remain a territory with no say as to what happens in Hawaii, or to become a state and be first-class citizens with representation in Congress.

Each year, the U.S. would have had to report the status within the islands. The UN was creating the NGO the following year and the U.S. knew about it. Hawaii would have been placed under it and with the guidelines would be able to choose independence, free association, or integration. The U.S. could not leave those choices up to the Hawaii Nationals since we were strategically situated for U.S. dominance in the Pacific. According to the U.S., Hawaii was an expendable outpost for the contiguous 48 states. For no other reason, that's why the US wanted Hawaii.

Only U.S. Americans, mostly whites, were the ones pushing for it. The Asians wanted to be part of it especially since there had been a ban on Chinese from immigrating to the U.S. Most of the Japanese wanted to be equal to the whites and competed to control the politics and economy of the islands to raise themselves out of the plantation. They all knew this was their last chance to improve their station in life and gain admittance into the USA.

There is much that you don't realize about the Hawaii Kingdom or you wouldn't be making such slurs. Let me clear up a misunderstanding for you. Hawaiians, even back then when the occupation took place, did not hate U.S. Americans. They disliked the U.S. government for its part in the occupation and those that were evil-minded.

Racism is a U.S. WASP society mentality; not Hawaiian. I guess you don't know what really went on during the Massie case. The U.S. military is not the cream of the crop of U.S. Americans neither are they the ideal U.S. Ambassadors. They usually came from the poor district, not too bright, lived in a racist community, disrespectful, and thought they were better than civilians and people from other countries.

It is evident you are not Hawaiian, for you wouldn't think the way you do. Other nationalities that have come here brought their own hang ups about U.S. Americans and fought with them or anyone that looked white. Granted a few Hawaiians joined in since those were their friends and had also come up against the U.S. American racist ways. I've witnessed many times racism here in Hawaii and usually when the tourist leaves the bus, they speak in their own language then I know they were not Hawaiians. I've experienced racism by some of the whites here, even till today. Some just haven't rid themselves of it since the attitude stems from the US Manifest Destiny mentality.

How dare you equate what we are fighting for as racist. You must be suffering from synesthesia and oneirataxia by they way you spout your venom.

Your ignorance of the Hawaiian Kingdom is evident. The laws are in concert with most democratic countries in the world, including the U.S. What makes us different is that our constitution outlawed slavery and slaves automatically were free once they arrived within our territory; unlike the U.S. who had slaves as property. I guess they didn't teach you that a constitutional monarchy is a form of democracy; in fact, we elected to kings to the throne just as U.S. elects their president. We are patented after the UK and other monarchies in the world who have a constitutional government. Everyone has the freedom to choose what government they wish to live under; thus the choice is yours to make.

We abhor the Akaka Bill as it is a U.S. American box which promotes the hoax and the myth. You have us mixed up with the wrong people. Those political snollygosters are just trying to help the U.S. obfuscate the facts and truth of our status by forcing this U.S. box on us. Remember, we were barred from giving testimony in Washington. Like the Kue Petitions, we are being ignored.

You errantly claim we hate U.S. America; but the USA is doing it on its own without our help. We are upset that the U.S. ignores us and fails to do the right thing. Even with the invasion, the Hawaiians never hated U.S. Americans, many are wonderful people; it's just that we love our country just as much as you U.S. Americans love yours.

The founding fathers of your country were WASP racists and is reflected in their constitution. They believed in Manifest Destiny, expansionism, and imperialism. Go look it up, it's there. If you love the U.S. so much, then that's where you should be. It's across the ocean over 2,000 miles away, or didn't they teach you that in school? None of my ancestors came through Ellis Island as yours have; and neither did they beg to be allowed into the U.S. like yours did. So, save your blind patriotism for someone else that wants to hear it. The pep rally is so high-schoolish. I hope I have made myself perfectly clear.

David M. K. Inciong, II, a resident of Pearl City, Hawaii, also goes by the name of Tane. He can be reached via email at:

Hawaii Reporter, August 23, 2005

Hawaiians Are Victims, Let's Face It
We Don't Appreciate Your Attitude, But You Are Right on One Thing, The Akaka Bill is a Train Wreck

By V. Pratt

Your lament for days past and your shining patriotism for your country are something I can identify with.

I am sure it is also something that total disregard of by other people would really upset you. I feel the same way, the difference being that my country is the Nation of Hawaii.

It seems ironic, that your opinion piece almost puts forth an air of victimization brought upon you and others like you by those nasty, crazy, commie natives.

All of which I am not. What injustices have you suffered at the hands of the Hawaiian people? What did you have that they took? Oh ... nothing, yet you choose to lament about how it use to be, at really no real cost to you.

Yet, you and yours are on the forefront in telling Hawaiians to get over it and stop whining. Your fear-inducing statements about Hawaiians reflect the fear that you must have, that the "natives" are not behaving and they are not living up to the stereotype of what you think of them.

Let's face it, Hawaiians were victims, and no one holds you responsible for what happened 112 years ago. What I do hold you responsible for is your arrogant attitude, which perpetuates the injustice towards the host culture of these islands. Just because you and those of your ilk have selective amnesia, and promote revisionist history for your own selfish agenda does not mean we all have it.

Just remember, what you write about, we -- Hawaiians lived, and funny, your glorified version of it does not match mine or many others.

Like I stated before Hawaiians were victims, but this time many have been educated in this western world and we are learning how to fight back in a western way. Why is it so hard for you and yours to acknowledge that there were many terrible things that happened here to Hawaiians, instead of always wrapping yourself in the American flag and crowing about all the "wonderful" things that westernization bought to the Hawaiian people.

See, change may not happen in my lifetime, but it will come. Our keiki are being raised to understand their history, the injustices that happened here, they are finally reaping benefits from the terrible toll that our kupuna underwent. There are some things in life that you will have control of and there are some that you will not, and restoring pride to our people is one that you and yours will have no control of, no matter how well funded you are by Corporate America.

My people are beginning to understand that yes, they were victimized for land, money and power, but we are beginning not to act like victims, we need not apologize for our history and we need not be ashamed the we were shamelessly taken advantage of for profit.

We are beginning to stand up to all that try to keep us down, it is still a trickle now, but one day the flood will come. Oh ... and FYI, I agree with you on one thing, the Akaka bill is a train wreck. Thank you for helping us shut it down.

U.S. Sen. Daniel Akaka may have good intentions regarding the bill, however all it does is make Hawaiians accountable to a Department of the United States, that have no interest in justice.

Hawaiians are not Indians, and would you even think to ask a thief for permission to get back what was yours? I don't think so. The silver lining in this "attack" cloud is that, all these attacks against Hawaiians are beginning to help us come together, no matter what are differences are. So I do need to give you all credit for helping us accomplish this.

Thank God that you do not promote your Web site and "news" paper as fair and balanced ... or do you?

V. Pratt can be reached via email at

Hawaii Reporter, August 24, 2005

If You Don't Like the Truth, You are Free to Leave

By Isaac Harp

Response to "Happy Birthday, Hawaii - Some of Us Still Remember"

Either you have no idea, or you do but you refuse to acknowledge the truth.

Hawaii is not a state. It never was, and it never will be, at least willfully. Regardless of what the truth is, your kind, wishful America-loving thinkers, will always take the position that Hawaii is a state. It is sad for the profession when a so-called journalist goes to the far reaches of the imagination to twist and revise the truth to fit your wishful America-loving position.

I highly recommend that you work towards increasing your journalistic skills by writing the truth. The truth is documented and readily available -- for those who care to know what the truth holds. If you do not like the fact that Hawaii is not a state, there are many states from which you could choose to relocate.

I am not "Anti-American" Malia, most Hawaii Independence supporters are not. The American people I believe are primarily good people, my late father was an American who came from the people that were Americans before the Europeans claimed that they were the Americans. You know, those idiots who thought they landed in India and called the true Americans "those Indian savages."

These Indian savages were the people that the new Americans from Europe slaughtered, men, women, and children to steal what did not belong to them. This as it turns out has been typical of the United States interaction with so many other peoples from around. The United States wants what someone else has, the natural resources, human resources, and political control of countries, so they simply kill to get what they want. Now this is what I would call savage behavior.

Although I believe that many Americans are good people, those that control the United States government are the evil of the earth. I'm sure that you know this, but you probably refuse to acknowledge this truth as well. Because of journalists like you, most Americans will never know the truth because the truth cannot find the light of day when the pen is in the hand of wishful America-loving thinkers.

For your information, the large majority of Hawaii Independence supporters do not stand with Linda Lingle in her support of the "Akaka Bill." We stand staunchly opposed, just as our ancestors opposed the evil United States empire's unsuccessful attempt to lawfully annex Hawaii.

Isaac Harp can be reached via email at:

** Note from website editor Ken Conklin: Isaac Harp was a certified Delegate representing the Democrat Party of Hawai'i at the Democrat National Convention in 2004. He was on a slate pledged to the candidacy of Dennis Kucinich to be the party's nominee for President. The Democrat party not only tolerates but actively coddles and supports anti-Americans like Harp. His views were well known to the Democrat leadership, since Harp has been pushing his yankee-go-home campaign for many years. What is the logic of allowing someone who says he is not an American to vote? What is the logic of allowing someone who says Hawai'i is not a State of the United States to represent the State of Hawai'i as a dlegate to a national convention and to vote to choose the candidate for President of the United States?

Following is a letter from Isaac Harp to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service explaining his reasons for tax evasion; a letter he himself circulated on the internet.


Isaac D. Harp

PMB 791, 843 Wainee St., F-5 Lahaina, Hawaiian Islands 96761 (808) 661-4527

Department of the Treasury August 14, 2004

Internal Revenue Service

ATTN: ASFR Collection Br. STOP 81401

P.O. Box 24015

Fresno, CA 93779-0048

RE: Letter Number 2566(SC/CG)


Regarding your letter dated 07/12/2004, I apologize for this late response. I was in Boston attending the Democratic National Convention as a Hawaii Delegate, followed by presentations to the Environmental Protection Agency, New England, the National Marine Fisheries Service, Gloucester, and two trips to Oahu. Now that I have returned to Maui, Hawaii and am able to respond to your letter, I submit the following in response to your proposed individual tax assessment that implies that I owe the IRS $4,217.94.

As I understand it, the IRS Mission is to “Provide America's taxpayers top quality service by helping them understand and meet their tax responsibilities and by applying the tax law with integrity and fairness to all.”

I request that your office please provide responses to the following questions and statements.

1. Does your office understand that under international law Hawaii is not lawfully a party to the United States of America? The 1893 overthrow of the Hawaii government was unlawful (see US Public Law 103-150). The purported annexation of Hawaii by the United States was unlawful by process. The subsequent alleged Hawaii Statehood process was unlawful due to illegitimate procedure. Therefore, Department of the Treasury has no lawful basis for collecting taxes on personal income from individuals in Hawaii.

2. Does your office understand that there is no legal requirement for paying federal taxes on personal income even for Americans living on lands called the United States (taken from Native Americans), and that paying such taxes is voluntary for Americans under the language of United States law?

3. Does your office understand that if I voluntarily decided to file a tax claim for 2001 that I had three dependents other than myself in 2001 and that your office would likely owe me money under your law? Please recalculate your figures with three additional dependents to confirm this for yourself. If you would like to refund me what your office believes is due me, then I would happily accept your kind donation.

4. Could your office please provide me with the specific citation of law that requires a Native Hawaiian living under duress of the belligerent United States occupation of Hawaii to pay a US federal tax on my personal income generated as an individual residing in Hawaii?

Until such time that such citation of law is delivered to me and proves beyond any doubt that I lawfully owe the United States Department of the Treasury payment of federal taxes on my personal income, I reserve the right to refuse payment to serve two purposes:

a. To protect my family’s meager assets that are used to keep my family alive, and
b. To avoid wasting my time and IRS legal counsel’s time litigating charges of extortion. (Until money changes hands, no extortion has been committed.)

The Hobbs Act defines "extortion" as "the obtaining of property from another, with his consent, induced by wrongful use of actual or threatened force, violence, or fear, or under color of official right." 18 U.S.C. S 1951(b)(2).

I would be happy to engage the Department of the Treasury in a US court of law if this is your office’s preference. This would provide interesting material for the media and help to disseminate information on the belligerent occupation of Hawaii. Thank you very much for your consideration, and for any responses.

Sincerely, Isaac D. Harp

Attachment: Page 1 of Letter Number: 2566(SC/CG), Dated 07/12/2004, SS# 575-74-3085, 2001


Send comments or questions to:

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