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Native Hawaiian Population To Double by 2050 -- Lilikala Says Use Population Bomb to Blow Up Current Non-Native Majority

The population of "Native Hawaiians" will more than double by year 2050.

So says a new "study" produced by PASE, the research/propaganda agency of the $6-$15 Billion Kamehameha Schools which specializes in victimhood studies bolstering the Hawaiian grievance industry (note #1). The new population projection can be downloaded in pdf format at:

According to the new report, by year 2050 there will be 536,947 "Native Hawaiians" in Hawai'i, and 987,602 nationwide.

Of course such projections depend on many variables, and many assumptions which may or may not be correct. But let's assume for the sake of argument that these predictions are correct.

One obvious conclusion is that Congress had better defeat the Akaka bill. Does America really want a million-member Indian tribe on the dole, demanding housing, healthcare, education, and a plethora of other programs that will cost taxpayers Billions of dollars every year forever?

Another obvious conclusion is that "Native Hawaiians" are not a dying race, contrary to what we have repeatedly been told. One of the best little tear-jerker "poor me" books ever published is "Then There Were None" (note #2). Each little chapter of this small-scale book (a perfect size for a Christmas stocking-stuffer) is focused on a short period of Hawaiian history describing loss and decimation, summarized by a single tombstone sentence like: "By 1878 there were only 48,000 pure Hawaiians left alive." But contrary to claims that "Native Hawaiians" are a dying race, what we see is that their population has multiplied tenfold in the first century of American sovereignty in Hawai'i -- going from fewer than 40,000 in the U.S. Census of year 1900 to more than 400,000 in Census 2000. And now, according to this new report, there will be nearly a million by year 2050. Hawaiians are doing well as Americans!

A third conclusion has been drawn by Lilikala Kame'eleihiwa, currently Professor and formerly Chair of the University of Hawai'i Center for Hawaiian Studies (if you have trouble pronouncing her made-up name, just call her by her birth name that appeared as the only name on her doctoral dissertation -- Lily Dorton).

On September 27, 2005 the new population projections from PASE were summarized in the Honolulu Advertiser at:

"Lilikala" was quoted by Advertiser reporter Gordon Pang as follows:

"I'm seeing that we need to be a majority of the population if we're going to get political change," she said. "We, as Hawaiians, would like to have more control over our land base so that we can raise our children in a Hawaiian manner so we can practice our culture, so that we have land on which we can make our schools that we can use to produce healthy, happy Hawaiians." Kame'eleihiwa said she's disappointed the Kamehameha study does not show Native Hawaiians growing at a faster clip. At a recent rally attended by approximately 10,0000 supporters of Kamehameha's admissions policy, she urged Native Hawaiians to make as many babies as they could. She continues to make that call. "I don't want to have to wait for 2050 for us to double our population," she said. "Instead of the next 50 years, I'd like to do it in the next 20 years."

So "Lilikala" seriously tells ethnic Hawaiians to make lots of babies -- as fast as possible -- in order to maximize the political bang of this population bomb. The population bomb is to be used as a political weapon against other races, in an all-out effort to become the absolute majority in a Hawai'i where now everyone is a minority. Just think. To please "Lilikala" a 14-year-old girl with 1/32 Hawaiian blood could get pregnant today, give birth to a baby girl with 1/64 Hawaiian blood, who at age 14 gets pregnant and gives birth to a baby girl with 1/128 Hawaiian blood, who at age 14 gets pregnant and gives birth to a baby with 1/256 Hawaiian blood. Thus in 50 years there would be three new generations of "Native Hawaiians," all descended from a proud 60-year-old great-grandmother.

Making babies is not only fun, it's a power trip. Do it for the "movement" -- a great excuse for unbridled sex, forget pills and condoms, let government pay to raise the babies. After all, "Lilikala" also supports the Akaka bill, so she expects all of America to send Billions of dollars per year forever to raise those babies to adulthood and provide housing, healthcare, and education (in a "Native Hawaiian" controlled school system of course! -- see note #3).

Since Advertiser reporter Gordon Pang spent nearly 1/5 of his article touting "Lilikala"'s outrageously racist exhortation to "her people" to multiply like rabbits to take over political power, he is, in effect, giving a megaphone to someone shouting "fire" in a crowded theater.

Of course "Lilikala" assumes that anyone with a drop of the magic blood will choose to identify "Native Hawaiian" as their sole ethnic allegiance (as she does, trashing her Dorton heritage). After all, "Native Hawaiian" is the only part of one's ancestry that counts, right? And all ethnic Hawaiians make race the most important thing in their lives, just like "Lilikala." Right?

Unfortunately for "Lilikala," her population bomb would send lethal shrapnel throughout her beloved ethnic community. Families with too many children cannot accumulate enough wealth to maintain a modern lifestyle or properly care for the children. The victimhood statistics PASE loves to celebrate will become even worse. The tax base will shrink too small to support such a huge number of needy people and to incarcerate all the criminals and drug abusers the PASE data tell us would surely be produced. But hey, they could outvote everybody else and get the political power they have always craved. A real banana republic at last! Ignorant, disease-ridden, drug-abuser huddled masses living communally and utterly dependent on arrogant leaders like "Lilikala."

Lilikala's proposal that people of her race (the one race of her genealogy that really counts, "Native Hawaiian") should make babies as often and as rapidly as possibly , reminds us of a similar program that operated from 1936-1945. "Nazi Germany's Lebensborn (fountain of life) plan was a human breeding plan intended to expand the "Aryan race", who were to be the new master race of Europe. Under the plan by Heinrich Himmler, German men were encouraged to produce children with "racially pure" Aryan-looking women. The plan was adopted in 1936, and stated that every "SS Mann" should father 4 children. Unmarried mothers had the opportunity to live in special homes and receive financial support, while the children would be adopted." See extensive description of this program in note #4.


** Notes:

#1: The PASE division of Kamehameha (Policy Analysis and System Evaluation) has become famous for producing a multitude of well-financed victimhood "studies" portraying "Native Hawaiians" as having the worst statistics for disease, low income, poor education, drug abuse, incarceration, etc. Those "studies" are then used by numerous powerful institutions as documentation to support applications for huge government and philanthropic grants to do more "studies" and to provide a network of racially exclusionary service agencies. See: "Native Hawaiian Victimhood Claims -- What Are They? Why Are They Being Asserted? How Can the Bad Statistics Be Explained?" at

#2: "Haole Collective Guilt for Hawaiian Grievances and Pain -- A book review of 'Then There Were None' by Martha H. Noyes (based on Elizabeth Lindsey Buyers TV docudrama)"

#3: "PUBLIC EDUCATION FOR ETHNIC NATION-BUILDING IN HAWAI’I -- a legislative bill to create a separate statewide school system for Native Hawaiians"

#4: LEBENSBORN ** excerpts **

Nazi Germany's Lebensborn (fountain of life) plan was a human breeding plan intended to expand the "Aryan race", who were to be the new master race of Europe. Under the plan by Heinrich Himmler, German men were encouraged to produce children with "racially pure" Aryan-looking women. The plan was adopted in 1936, and stated that every "SS Mann" should father 4 children. Unmarried mothers had the opportunity to live in special homes and receive financial support, while the children would be adopted. The Lebensborn programme operated mainly in Germany. ** excerpts**

Lebensborn means "spring of life". The "Lebensborn" project was one of most secret and terrifying Nazi projects. Heinrich Himmler created The "Lebensborn" on December 12th, 1935. The goal of this society ("Registered Society Lebensborn - Lebensborn Eingetragener Verein") was to offer to young girls "racially pure" the possibility to give birth to a child in secret. The child was then given to the SS organization which took in charge his "education" and adoption. In the beginning, the "Lebensborn" were SS nurseries. But in order to create a "super-race", the SS transformed these nurseries in "meeting places" for "racially pure" German women who wanted to meet and make children with SS officers. The children born in the Lebensborn were taken in charge by the SS and it is important to know that most of them were also victims of this race policy. ** excerpts **

Hitler's Children

They were the offspring of a Nazi program to create a racially pure 'Master Race.' Behind the painful search to discover their roots.

Newsweek International, March 20, 2000
By Joshua Hammer

From the time she was a small child, Helga Kahrau always sensed that she was different. Born in Nazi Germany at the start of World War II, Kahrau has hazy memories of elegant surroundings, important-looking men in crisp uniforms, a life of privilege and comfort. Helga's mother, she knew, had been a secretary in the offices of both Hitler's top aide, Martin Bormann, and Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels, but other than admitting that fact, Mathilde Kahrau refused to say anything about the war. It was only after Mathilde's death in 1993 that Helga began to examine her family's past,and was horrified by what she discovered.

Her parents barely knew one another. An ardent Nazi, her mother met Helga's father, a German Army officer, in Berlin at a party celebrating Hitler's conquest of France in June 1940. They had a one-night stand, and nine months later Mathilde gave birth in a "Lebensborn",or "Source of Life",home outside Munich. The home was one of several set up by Heinrich Himmler's dreaded SS to care for unmarried pregnant women whose racial characteristics,blond hair, blue eyes, no Jewish ancestry,fit the Nazis' Aryan ideal. At birth, Helga was anointed as one of the Fuhrer's elect, part of a generation of "racially pure" children who would populate the German Empire as it ruled a conquered Europe for the life of the 1,000-year Reich.

Helga's early years unfolded in an atmosphere of palpable evil. When she was 6 months old, her mother returned from Munich to work in Goebbels's ministry in Berlin, and dispatched Helga to the foster care of a high-ranking Nazi secret policeman. She grew up in a Nazi enclave outside the city of Lodz in occupied Poland while her foster father helped to oversee the gassing of thousands of Jews at the nearby Chelmno concentration camp. At the end of the war she returned to Munich, then a bomb-shattered ruin, where she was raised for the first time by her natural mother. Now, as she fits together the pieces of the first years of her life, Helga admits to being tormented by feelings of self-loathing. "I spent the first four years raised and tutored by the Nazi elite," she says. "I was involved, in a fundamental way, with murderers."

Kahrau and thousands of other middle-aged Europeans are struggling with the consequences of one of Nazism's most troubling social experiments: the creation of a "Master Race." During the 12-year history of the Third Reich, roughly 10,000 infants were born in Lebensborn homes in Germany. An equal number were born in homes in Nazi-occupied Norway after the German invasion of 1940, because Himmler admired the Norwegians' "Viking blood," and encouraged procreation between German soldiers and Norwegian women. There were also Lebensborn homes in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. After the war, many of the Lebensborn children grew up scorned as Nazi progeny and tormented by dark uncertainties about their origins. Those who tried to get answers were often stymied by Germans long reluctant to confront their Nazi past. Their natural or foster parents often kept mum about the Lebensborn program; the German media didn't report on Himmler's racial experiments for decades. The destruction of thousands of German Lebensborn files by SS troops during the last days of World War II deepened the mystery of the children's real identities.

But recently some of the 20,000 Lebensborn children have been getting answers. Last December, German TV reporters uncovered 1,000 long-unnoticed Lebensborn files at the German government archive in Berlin, and two Norwegian Lebensborn organizations are now helping many local war children trace their parents. For many Lebensborn children, the revulsion they feel as they learn more about their backgrounds often goes together with a sense of relief at assembling the missing fragments of their lives. "They have reached the end of their careers, their children are grown and they have time to think about who they really are," says Georg Lilienthal, a German scholar who in 1985 wrote the first authoritative book about Himmler's racial-engineering program. "For many it has been nothing but a black hole."

Himmler planned it that way. The Lebensborn homes sprang from a central tenet of Nazi ideology: the idea that no Germanic baby should go unborn. In 1933 the newly installed Nazi dictatorship outlawed all abortions and later executed doctors who violated the law. In August 1936 Himmler opened the first Lebensborn home at Steinhöring outside Munich, offering Aryan women a place where they could deliver their illegitimate babies and keep the births secret from the outside world. Himmler's SS built nine such homes in Germany,refurbished hotels, villas, ski chalets and schools,and 10 in Norway. The identities of the mothers were recorded in tightly guarded Lebensborn files, which the SS kept separate from municipal and church ultimately decided to keep their babies, but hundreds,out of shame or financial necessity,turned the children over for adoption by high-ranking SS officials, or abandoned them.


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