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Welcome to my request site.There are many gifs to choose from and I will be adding more soon.All gifs are temps so PLEASE transload them to your own site.I will store them for 3 days ONLY.(YOU MUST HAVE A SCRAPBOOK OR SERVER)I can't store gifs.Just look through the gifs and find the one you like and send me-You can also get a sparkle name.

1) The name of the gif
2) The name you want on it,and
3) The color of the text., :)

(((((NOW OPEN)))

Pink Princess,,NEW
Purple Fea,,NEW
Lady Fan
Gold Mirror
Pretty USA Heart
Rose Scroll
Gold Glitter Glasses
Humming Bird
Dream Catcher
Floral Glass
Purple Rose & Heart
Classy Woman
Doves in Flight
Red Dress Boop
Moon Lite Framed Doll
Heart w/Roses
Star Bear Heart
Framed Butterfly Doll
Rose Doves
2 Colored Duvs
Butterfly Fae
Sleeping Baby
Rose Tear Ban
Southern Bell
Swan with Flowers.
Gazebo Doll-NEW
Heels N Lips-NEW
Tan Fan-NEW
Red Mirror-NEW
Pink Mirror N Fan-NEW
Heels N Hearts-NEW


All gifs were found while surfing the web.If anyone is copyrighted PLEASE send me proof and I will remove right away. Please e-mail me if you find any dead links.

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