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Henry Rollins

This is off of Henry Rollins's comedy CD Think Tank the total skit is like 15 minutes long so I shortened it al little just the key points. Every time there is new quotes I skipped a bit.

“A little about me If I was gay there would be no closet you would never see the closet I came out of. Why? I would have burned it for kindling by the time I was twelve. Cuz I know with all certainty in my mind there's nothing wrong with being gay, and you know it. And there's nothing wrong with being into chicks if you’re a girl, and theres nothing wrong with being into all of it. How awesome would it be to be bisexual, to walk into a room, and just go mmm all right.”

“It made me start thinking about homophobia, which is... I don’t understand it like I don’t understand racism. Yes I know that some people don’t like you because the color of your skin. I can’t understand how you can get to that mentality.”

“Why do some people get tripped up on what I think is the most entry-level obstacle it’s a curb this high. Homosexuals have a problem? No, they don’t have a problem; they have a problem with dumb mother******* who can’t climb a curb that high. People who discriminate aginst someone's race I... You could talk to me for an hour and a half about why white guys are cooler than black guys, and I would just go “god I just don’t reach you.” You know you could get the white power guy to talk to me and he could talk to me until he’s blue in the face and I would be all ears. I really hate when they put the white power guys on TV and they get up to talk and the crowd just boo’s him. It’s like shut the **** up let hear what he has to say. Learn about your enemies”

“but you never get a chance to you know because they go **** you and the guy just zhighails and storms off.”

“I can’t understand how you could go there. So the idea of homophobia blows my mind.”

It made me start to think about all the different classification of sexual orientation. Like there's guys and girls who like the opposite sex exclusively. Straight. I’m straight hey; hey shut up I’m straight.

“Sounds like the kind of sex the guys in dragnet would have.”

Then we go on the next classification, guys who dig guys. Gay. Well let’s think about that for a second look up the word. Happy.”

“I’ve noticed that women who dig women are given the weird strange lesbian name. Lesbian. That's weird cuz like all the other classifications are adjectives. Gay adjective. Straight adjective. Lesbian kind of stick mucus membrane noun. Kind of could be a rare and obscure South African arboreal tree frog that only comes down form the triple canopy jungle foliage to mate and hatch the eggs and then die.”

It just sounds icky. And it must be a man coming up with the name for women who dig women. A man who is mad at a woman who has no need for his ****.

“Don’t need it don’t want it gotta girlfriend. Ah ha ha.

“I’ve heard some of the most hilarious conversations about that.”

“What a waste”

“I could change her. I could turn her around.”

”Hey honey you just haven’t been with real man yet. Maybe they were and that's why they became lesbians.”

“So I think it was given to these poor babes by a man who was really infuriated that there are women out there who don’t care about his ****.

“ I think it’s mean and I think people who are homophobic should just cool the **** out.”

“ Just f***in get over it.”