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The Kinsy O Maru #8 washed up on the east reef of Taongi Atoll around 1983. It was a fishing boat with what appeared to be processing and freezing capabilities. The last third of the stern separated from the main portion of the wreck.

A good number of artifacts were present such as videos, reading material, and fishing hardware. We also found the builder's plaque, the ship's charter, and the fishing permit.
We found another wreck of similar design on the northwest corner of the Atoll.
Both ships where only 1 or 2 years old when they wrecked in the early 1980s.

Black Tip Sharks of various sizes cruise the shallows, searching for crabs and schools of small fish. While walking across the reef in knee deep water to investigate a wrecked fishing boat, something told me to turn and look behind me. Just as I did, there was a 5-foot Black Tip making a run towards my ankles. Of course, I backed away as fast as I could. Yet, the beast continued to pursue. I kicked it in the snout and swung my backpack as the shark came close. At this, the animal decided the ankles were too much work as they where attached to something much larger above water. Black Tips are typically quite timid. I did come back with this wound to prove my real life shark attack!

Sadly, these unihabited islands still fall victim to human irresponsibility.
Waste thrown overboard from ocean-going vessels washes ashore, littering what should be pristine beaches.