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Team History

Team Ronin was officially formed on 18 April 91. The founding members were: Glenn Poller, Lindy Terao, Stuart Fishel, Ted Hines, Eric Kobashigawa, Dean Sarajina, Glenn Fujinaka, Garrett Noguchi, and Matt Luber. The first Captain of the Team was Glenn "Iceman" Poller. "Iceman" came from the L. A. based team, "Kamikaze Shooters", a very well respected team known throughout the southern California area. Coming from the type of team we had all wanted to emulate, it was an obvious choice for who the first captain was going to be.

The rest of the original members had come from two groups. The "younger" of the group (Eric Kobashigawa, Dean Sarajina, Glenn Fujinaka, Garrett Noguchi, and Matt Luber) endured the game through many abuse and demoralizing defeats. With the help and guidance from the "older" group (Glenn Poller, Lindy Terao, Stuart Fishel, and Ted Hines), they were able to stick together and learn the game. Being the "Best Paintball Team" in Hawaii was the dream.

Having experienced a lot of ups and downs made the young team hold together. Respect, faith and honor were developed for each other. These principles were what gave the team the ability to work well as a group. With what they learned through the years, they added to their skill and knowledge. This team possessed the closeness off the field, as well as on the field and trust was established. This was to be the basis to build the team on.

With the introduction of new members to the team, it  is the hope to maintain those same qualities and attitudes that the team had in it's beginning. Team captians Romie Agustin, Jeremy Caneso-Bantolina, and Geno Manibog.

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