Title: Kampground Kamotion
Authors: Adrienne and Jolene
Rating: NC-17
Keywords: MSR
Summary: Mulder and Scully end up spending the night
at the KOA
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Dedication: To Latimer and his Bathysphere. And to
Erika cause she
rocked Vancouver with us?
We Love you Babe!


	Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, was one of Scully’s favorite
places to visit.
Her family had traveled
there on their way to visit some friends in Seattle
over twenty years
ago but Scully could still
remember the beautiful tree-covered mountains
reflected upon the sheer
glassy waters of the
lake below.  Now she was here again, except not with
her family but
with Mulder on official FBI
business.  It was a stopover before they reached Salt
Lake City, Utah.

	Unfortunately, all of the hotels on Coeur D’Alene
were full, and
Mulder had again
forgotten to make reservations for them at a place to
stay the night.
The only place left was the
KOA Campgrounds off of Highway 90 outside of the city.
 There was one
cabin left in the
campground and Mulder quickly reserved it, citing to a
somber Scully
that the lake was so
beautiful, and the cabin was up on the hill where they
could overlook
the mountains and play
	“Horseshoes, great,” Scully replied, rolling her
eyes.  Mulder grinned
and paid for the
cabin, and they drove up the hill to campsite number
6.  It was up on a
little hill, surrounded by
trees, very secluded as compared to the rest of the
campground.  Scully
began to think it was not
half bad when they entered the cabin, the fresh smell
of white pine
emerging from the bright
room.  There were two bunk beds and a double, and two
small shelves.
Mulder threw his
sleeping bag up on the top bunk, and Scully claimed
the double.
	“It’s the least I can do since I messed everything
up,” Mulder said,
looking mock woefully
at Scully.  She smiled.
	“It’s all right.  I could get used to this,” she
replied, plopping
down on the bed and
stretching out. She kicked off her 3-inch pumps and
crossed her feet.
“I think I’m ready to settle in
for the evening, I’m dead tired from all that
driving.” Unfortunately
Mulder had also miscalculated
the travel time between Seattle and Coeur D’Alene, so
they had driven
350 miles across the state
of Washington. Had he consulted Scully on the travel
plans before
booking plane tickets to the
Seattle airport, she would have informed him of his
little mistake, but
as usually Mulder jumped
the gun and off they went, hundreds of miles from
their destination.
	“I’m really sorry about that too Scully. I didn’t
really grasp the
concept that Washington
State was a whole lot larger then DC in my, sometimes
not so brilliant,
	“Yeah well you did do all the driving. Your legs must
be killing you.”
She said her eyes
closed and her left arm now over her forehead.
	“I’m Okay Scully, thanks for asking though.” He
answered gazing
unnoticed at her slim
body stretch out along the big bed. It was large
enough for both of
them to sleep in comfortably,
Mulder thought. Ah, wouldn’t that be nice waking up
beside Scully in a
place like this. Her
distinctive Scully scent mixed with the fresh air of
the mountains
cooled by the morning dew. The
feel of her warm flesh pressed next to his, his hands
circling her
waist maybe one on her breast.
‘Whoa better stop there these thoughts are getting
	“This bed is big,” Scully said, her arm still over
her forehead.
	“Yeah, it is.  Lucky you, huh?”  Mulder put a leg on
the end of the
bed and stretched his
hamstring, reaching his toes with his long arms and
fingers.  “You
wanna go out for a hike or
	Scully thought for few seconds.  “Mmmmm…yeah, sure.
Stretch out our
	“Exactly,” Mulder added, reaching the toes of his
other leg.  “There
are some nice trails
around here, supposedly.  At least that’s what the map
	Scully got up from the bed and opened her bag,
digging for her tennis
shoes.  She didn’t
have a hard time finding them; she always packed very
neatly.  She also
pulled out her gray
shorts and a white T-shirt to change into, along with
a pair of white
ankle socks.
	Mulder, on the other hand, was digging through his
big duffel bag,
throwing clothes
around the floor in a desperate attempt to find
something to hike in.
Scully laughed softly at his
disorganization, and he looked over at her.  “Shut up,
Scully.  You
know how I am.”
	“That’s why I’m laughing,” she replied, looking over
at him with a
smile.  He finally found
some black shorts and a white ribbed tank top, tossing
them on the
bunk.  He looked over at her
and faltered, looking down at her pile of clothes and
back at her.
	“You wanna change first, or should I?” he asked,
looking at the door.
Scully looked at
him and shrugged.
	“We’re both adults.  I don’t care if you stay here,”
she answered
softly, “as long as you
turn around, or something.”
	Jesus, he thought as he turned around, Scully getting
undressed not
five feet behind him.
He had to strain to keep hold of his composure as he
removed his dress
shirt and pants, slipping
quickly into the shorts and tank top that he found to
be tight but
flattering. He pulled his sports
socks on and slid his feet into his sneakers just as
Scully said, “I’m
	Mulder turned around and she was completely dressed,
smiling slightly
at the fact that
she had just watched him undress.  She had to, just
this once, and he
would never know.  And
she loved looking at his ass, clothed or not. “Well
lets head out.”
	“Lead the way, I’ll follow, like usual.” She uttered
in a kind of hurt
	“Scully, hey” he said with concern, he didn’t want
her to think that
she was always
behind. “I don’t mean to make you feel as if you have
to wander around
the country to save my
	“I know Mulder, but sometimes I feel like you don’t
care enough to let
me know where the
hell you are going and when you’ll be back. I worry
about you Mulder,
and I know that you do the
same for me, but I just don’t understand your thinking
at times.”
	Mulder looked at her and blinked once, shuffling his
feet.  “Let’s
	Scully stared daggers at the back of his head as he
headed out the
door.  She followed
him outside and up to the trail.  He waited for her
there, as her legs
were a lot shorter than his
were.  He had to remember to take smaller strides.
But he wouldn’t
tell her that.
	He wasn’t sure what to say in response to her
comments.  That was why
he brushed
them off the way he did.  He hadn’t had that kind of
dependency in a
long time, and though he
liked having it with Scully, he was taken a bit aback
with it.  He
would think of something to say
later, when the time was right, like he always did.
	They walked down the wooded trail, Scully refusing to
meet his eyes or
talk as he tried to
start a conversation about what always seemed to
happen when they went
through the woods
together.  She was being very antisocial, and Mulder
started to believe
that the only way he would
get himself out of this hole was to apologize.
	The trail split two ways up ahead of them, and Mulder
made a very
obvious motion as to
what way he wished to go.  Scully, who glared at him
angrily, ran the
opposite direction before he
had a chance to grab her. “Scully! Wait Scully.” She
turned around to
look at him and keep going.
“Jesus Scully, wait up. I wanna talk about this.”
	Scully halted on the trail about 100 yards ahead of
him. “Mulder I
wanted to talk about
this 10 minutes ago but you weren’t willing. Why
should I open up to
you on your schedule, we do
everything on your time, they way you say, and how you
say. Frankly
Mulder I’m fed up with it.
I’ve had it with your selfish ways.” Spinning on her
heel she started
off at a run again down the
	“Damnit Scully, I’m…” He was about to finish the
sentence when Scully
just disappeared.
“SCULLY!” he shouted. “SCULLY!”
	“MULDER! .... I just tripped. I’m right up hear. I
think I sprained my
	“Oh Jesus,” Mulder muttered, running up to her.
Scully was sprawled
out just past a
nicely hidden but dangerous log on the trail, her
ankle twisted rather
strangely against the ground.
She sat up, gritting her teeth, but biting her tongue
like the strong
woman that she was.  But
Mulder could see that she was in a bit of pain.
	“It does look sprained,” he said, crouching down next
to her and
looking at her foot
closer.  He didn’t know what to do.
	“Well, why don’t you try and help me up,” she said,
“I just can’t put
any pressure on it.”
	Mulder tentatively put an arm under both of hers, and
she wrapped one
arm around his
neck tightly.  He pulled her up and she whimpered
softly in pain as her
foot touched the ground.
He put his other arm around her waist and held her up,
her body braced
against his.
	He looked down at her, and saw the small tear in her
eye.  “Are you
	“Yeah.  It just hurts, a little.  I’m okay,” she
said, biting her lip.
	“Do you want me to carry you back?” he asked knowing
that she would
say no.
	“I think that if you just help me a little I will be
able to walk
back.” Scully replied with
confidence. ‘Please let me be able to make it, I don’t
want to be
touching him right now. Having
him hold me against him will only make me less angry,
I’m supposed to
be pissed right now.’
	“You ready to try to get back to the cabin Scully?”
He gave her a
questioning look as if to
say, Are you sure you wanna walk. Scully nodded her
head and he took a
step forward, as Scully
hopped jarring her ankle. She let out a hiss of pain.
“No way, come
on.” Mulder muttered as he
scooped her up into his strong arms.
	“Mulder!” Scully warned
	“You can’t walk all the way back Scully, you’ll just
hurt your ankle
more. Since this is all
my fault anyway I’ll carry you back.” Mulder replied
in a tone that
said don’t argue with me, you
won’t win this one.   Scully let out an exasperated
sigh, wrapped her
arms around his neck
and laid her head on his chest. She was pretty tired
when they left,
now she felt as if she could
fall asleep right here. She decided to close her eyes
for a minute.
With her eyes closed she could
concentrate on other things; Mulder’s smell, he
smelled like sweat and
spice, it made her want to
taste his skin. She loved the feeling of being in his
arms, the smooth
cadence of his walk rocking
her into a deeper state of unconsciousness. The feel
of his hair
slipping through her fingers.
‘What? His hair slipping through my fingers?’ she
halted her thinking
’Oh god, I have not been
stroking his head the whole time have I?’
	Maybe he didn’t notice, she thought with a small
sigh.  “You okay,
Scully?” he asked, his
fingers gripping her thigh tightly as he carried her.

	“Oh yeah, I’m…” Turned on, horny, randy baby… “I’m
all right.”
	She knew that she couldn’t help the way she was
feeling as she pulled
herself tighter
against him.  It was completely natural to be turned
on when she was
close to him like this.
Natural.  Very normal.  So why did she feel so bad
about it, like it
was wrong for her to be doing?
She had not always seen him this sexually, but things
inevitably had
changed.  Touches that
were once platonic had evolved to be more than just
friendly; she felt
it and she knew that he did
too.  And the way he was holding her, though heroic in
its intentions,
was incredibly romantic.
Scully ran her fingers through the hair at the nape of
his neck again,
trying to be casual about it.
	“Almost there,” he breathed, panting slightly from
carrying her up the
little hills, but
treading on like the big, strong man that he was.  She
could feel his
arm muscles tense against
the small of her back as he hoisted her up a little
	“Mmmm hmm,” she murmured, opening her eyes just a
little to see that
they were very
close to the cabin.  “Mulder, I really appreciate
	“No problem.  It’s not like you’re hard to carry,” he
added, squeezing
her thigh slightly and
sending shivers down her spine.
	“I’ll take that as a compliment.”
	“Good, because that’s how I meant it,” he replied.
She could hear him
smiling in his
voice.  “How’s your foot feeling?”
	“Swollen.  I’ll have to get this shoe off, and
elevate it.  Maybe we
can get some ice from
the front office for it,” she said.  Her foot
throbbed, but she didn’t
feel the pain as much anymore.
She had other distractions to pay attention to.
	“I can do that,” he answered, stepping up onto the
front porch of the
cabin.  “Scully,
you’re going to have to open the door.”
	Scully slowly removed one arm from around his neck
and pulled on the
door handle,
pushing it open.  Mulder murmured something under his
breath as he
tried to find a good way to
get them in, finally going through the door sideways.
Then he laid her
on the double bed gently,
pulling up a pillow and putting it behind her back and
stroking her
hair a couple times.  She smiled
softly, looking into his eyes.  His hand moved to her
shoulder and
squeezed as he bent down.
	“I’m going to go get the ice, Scully, and then we’ll
take care of the
rest,” he said, his face
inches from hers.
	“Okay,” she whispered, her eyes averting from his.
Mulder stood up
straight, turned
around and walked out the door.  Fortunately it wasn’t
a very long walk
to the front desk. Seeing
the man at the check-in desk was a relief he didn’t
have to go
searching for some one.
	“Hello. What can I do for you sir?” The campground
employee asked.
	“Well, Mr. “ Reading the nametag, “Lattimer. My
friend sprained her
ankle on one of the
hiking trails and I was wondering if you had any ice.”
	“Why, as a matter of fact we do just a second.” Mr.
Lattimer turned
and left the room for
the deli that was located next door. Returning quickly
with an
oversized chunk of ice and a towel.
“I’m sorry sir, I know this is a little larger then
you probably need
but they were all connected.”
	“Yes, they are,” Mulder commented, “Do you have a
plastic bag I can
put it in?”
	“The truth is, I think it’s too big.  I doubt I have
anything that
will fit it,” Lattimer exclaimed,
gazing off into the distance.  “I can see that now.”
	Mulder arched his eyebrows and took the ice and the
towel.  “Thanks
	“No, thank you.”
	Mulder walked out of the front building and hiked up
the hill to the
cabin, the ice dripping
down his arm.  It felt nice, though, because he was
hot after carrying
Scully that distance.  Hot in
a few different ways.
	He opened the door and found Scully where he left
her, lying on the
bed looking slightly
uncomfortable as her foot rested against the mattress.
 “Did they
have…yeah, I guess they did
have ice, huh?”
	“Yeah, the guy was kinda strange.  He didn’t have a
bag to put it in,
so it’s going to get
wet all over, but I guess that’s why they give us this
plastic coated
mattresses,” Mulder laughed,
sitting down at the end of the bed and listening to it
	Scully smiled.  “Either that or bad experiences with
little campers.”
	“Something like that,” he answered, turning and
looking at her foot.
“I’m going to take
your shoe off…it’s going to hurt a little,” he
commented, with a small
	“I can handle it, I’m a big girl,” she said, with a
small sly smile.
Stop it, Dana, she thought
to herself.  I’m a big girl? What kind of comment was
	“I know,” he answered, looking up at her and untying
her shoelace.  He
loosened it
gently, pulling on the tongue of the shoe and slowly
slipping it off.
She winced and let out a little
hiss of breath, gritting her teeth and smiling
	“I’m sorry,” he apologized.
	“You didn’t do anything wrong.”
	He slipped his fingers underneath her sock and pulled
it off, and
Scully bit her lip, closing
her eyes as the sharp stab of pain ricocheted up her
leg.  “Oh yeah.
	He glanced up at her again, concerned.  She could
feel it, and looked
down at him.  “It’s
okay.  It feels better already,” she lied.
	“It looks swollen,” he answered, lifting her leg
gently up to his
shoulder.  She slipped a
little against the bed.  “We have to elevate it…this
will do for now,”
he said, running a finger down
her calf. Scully shivered at his gentle caress. “Are
you cold Scully?”
	“I guess, kinda. These clothes don’t do much for
warmth.” She answered
trying to cover
up how effected she was by his touch.
	“Want me to get you a blanket?”
	“No I’ll be ok.” She really was starting to get cold
but didn’t want
him to move her ankle
from its comfortable position on his broad shoulder.
	“Are you sure? I don’t want you going into shock or
anything.” Mulder
said with
uneasiness. He didn’t want her to be caused anymore
distress because of
his stupidity.
	“Mulder it’s a sprained ankle, not a life threatening
injury, or some
traumatic situation.”
Using a tone of slight annoyance at his constant
worrying and need to
protect her. “That’s why
you do it isn’t it?”
	“That’s why I do what, Scully?” He replied really
	“That’s why you are always leaving me behind and
ditching me isn’t it?
You think that I
need protection and that I can’t take care of myself,
I’ll just end up
spraining my ankle, therefore
slowing you down.”
	“Scully it’s not like that.”
	“Really Mulder? Why don’t you tell me what it’s like
then. I’d really
like to know. No, I
need to know.  So 'fess up, tell me your reasoning.
This is your second
chance now Mulder. Don’t
screw it up.”
	Mulder sighed, bending his head and looking at her
through the wisps
of hair that fell over
his forehead.  “Scully, I didn’t know that it bothered
you this much.
Dependency is hard for me.”
	“I’m not dependent on you,” she retorted sharply,
though there was no
question in her
mind that she was.
	“I didn’t say that,” he answered, looking up with a
frustrated look.  “Don’t jump my
bones unless you know what I’m going to say, and since
established that we have no
psychic abilities between us whatsoever, would you
please let me
	Scully stared at him, arched an eyebrow, and
	“Scully, I am dependent on you.  Dependent on you so
much that I don’t
ever want
anything to happen to you.  So sometimes I go into
these dangerous
situations, places and things
that I wouldn’t ever want you to experience, and I
don’t wanna put you
there with me, Scully, I
can’t jeopardize you like that,” he explained softly,
rubbing his
knuckles lightly under her calf.  “I
would never forgive myself if my actions led to
something terrible
happening to you.  Things that
have happened before have left me with enough baggage
that I don’t need
to lose the one thing
that I still have.  The one thing that I live for.”
	Scully, still staring, now had a few small tears in
her eyes that she
tried to blink away.
She sighed softly, tilting her head and finally
breaking their locked
gaze.  “I’m sorry.”
	Mulder closed his eyes.  “I live for you.”
	“I know.”
	As if on cue, their eyes met again.  Scully smiled
gently, gulping
down the frog in her
throat as she gazed fondly into his hazel eyes.  He
smiled back,
picking up the ice in the towel
and lightly pressing it against her foot.  She inhaled
sharply, feeling
the cold wetness shock her
warm, swollen ankle.
	They didn’t speak.  Words were useless at this point.
 It was a time
to share the silence of
understanding where they were with this relationship.
dependency, and love.
	Scully felt a trickle of water start to run down her
calf, and it slid
down her inner thigh,
running down under a gap between her shorts and her
leg.  She gasped
and Mulder raised his
eyebrows.  “What’s wrong?”
	“Oh, oh, nothing.”  Another droplet made its way down
her leg.  Oh
Jesus, oh cold, she
thought as she shifted her hips slightly.  It was
cold, but slightly
erotic.  She wondered if he
noticed. The freezing water was starting to flow
faster down her smooth
leg. It was becoming
unbearable. “Mulder.”
	“Hmmm Scully?”
	Slightly embarrassed “That water is really cold and
it’s running down
my leg.”
	“Oh jeez. Sorry about that Scully.” Reaching down
with his free hand
he wiped the water
away. Stroking over the place where it had created a
stream. From the
beginning of her calf all
the way into her shorts, stopping at about 3 inches
from her hip.
Scully stifled a moan. Mulder
running his hand up her thigh was almost more then she
could bear.
	After repeating his motions a few times Mulder’s
fingers began to
dance along her leg
with the continuous up and down motion. This time
Scully couldn’t
contain her response and she
moaned aloud.  He looked to her with questioning eyes,
and she silently
cursed herself for
making a noise.  “Um, sorry.”
	“Sorry for what?”  He ran his fingers back down her
leg as another
drip of ice water ran
freely down her skin behind them.  She held back a
sigh and folded her
hands in her lap.
	“Nothing,” she answered softly, feeling him pause
with his fingers
below her shorts.  He
massaged in a circle there, lightly and steadily,
catching the water
droplets as they streamed one
by one down her leg.  She couldn’t moan again, she
	“Mulder,” she breathed, closing her eyes.
	“Scully?”  He replied his voice low and hoarse as he
moved the lightly
stroking pads of
his fingertips an inch higher.
	“Yeah?”  she managed to breathe, barely audible.
Being quiet was the
only way she
could stop herself from really getting into his
gestures.  But she felt
herself slipping into them,
mesmerized by his feathery touch against the sensitive
skin on her leg.
	“Can I…” He gulped, and she could hear him take a
deep shaky breath.
“Can I touch
	His simple question begging for an answer made her
dizzy as the
thought of it sent a
warm chill over her body.  She opened her eyes and saw
his jaw working
nervously.  “Jesus,
	“I’m sorr—“
	“I want you to so badly…please…”  She interrupted him
with her soft
request, the words
slipping through her lips without so much as a
hesitation as to where
this would bring them.  She
didn’t want apologies again from him.  He did that too
much.  Sometimes
he just needed to let the
moment carry him away.
	Mulder bent his head down and placed a soft kiss on
her ankle. Then
slowly setting her
leg down on the bed he moved both hands from her calf
up, this time
when he reached her shorts
instead of venturing inside he took the outer route up
her leg. When he
reached her hips he
placed one hand on each side of her, slipping his
pointer fingers
inside the waistband.  He moved
his hands along her waist, going forward a little then
back tracking
gradually increasing the
distance. Until he reached her navel and
coincidentally the button of
her shorts. Scooting up the
bed for better access he slowly, yet precisely
unbuttoned her shorts.
Then he quickly slid the
zipper down, revealing her dark green silk panties.
Lowering his head
he placed a kiss right about
the panties and right bellow her belly button.
	She sighed quietly, her hand wandering down to rest
on top of his head
gently.  He
flicked his tongue against the skin and she let out a
little moan, just
enough for him to know that
she appreciated it.  Mulder slowly lay down on his
side facing her, his
head up by her face, his
hand resting on the area that he had just kissed.  His
fingers traced
pictures there; a smiley face,
a balloon, squiggly lines of nothing.  He watched her
face as she
closed her eyes and smiled
softly, her lips parted for baited breaths.  He was
close enough that
he could feel his own breath
off of her neck.
	Mulder slowly and smoothly slipped his hand down,
over her silky
panties, resting his
fingers gently on the fabric and tensing them against
it.  She moaned
again, turning her head to
face him, their lips inches apart.  Her eyes met his
again, a soul
searching gaze that penetrated
her mind.  His breath against her lips made her shiver
as she leaned
closer.  Mulder turned his
head and brushed his lips lightly against hers,
nothing more than a
feathery touch.
	They were swept away by their next kiss, initiated by
Scully as she
pressed her lips
harder against his.  His fingers slipped over the
fabric and found the
cold wetness where the ice
water droplets had been landing, but also a warm
wetness that pleased
him.  He moved his head
so that she didn’t have to strain her neck as he
kissed her, her lips
and her jaw and her cheek.
He was now slightly on top of her and enjoying the
feeling of her leg
pressed against him. Lightly
he pressed down on the warm wetness between her legs.
“Mmmmm Mulder.”
Scully murmured.
He started to rub his whole hand along the crotch of
her panties. This
caused her to thrust up into
his hand. “Ouch!”
	Mulder stopped all motion “Oh shit. What did I do?”
	Smiling up at his puppy dog face, “Mulder when I
pushed up into your
hand I agitated my
	“Maybe we shouldn’t do this, Scully. I mean I don’t
think that your
ankle can handle it.”
	“Mulder,” Scully responded in an upset tone “If you
don’t want to,
then we can stop. If my
ankle bothers you too much then lets not make love. I
know that I want
to make love to you, but if
you aren’t sure…’
	“Scully, you know that I want to..”
	“No” She interrupted, “I don’t. You keep doing things
to stop this.
The inevitable. US.”
	“Scully…” he felt wounded and rejected.
	“Mulder, I don’t wanna talk about it. I do want to
take a shower
though. I’m all gross
feeling after all that driving and sweaty from our
hike. Do you think
you could set aside your
unstable emotions and help me?”
	“I don’t know…”
	“If helping me shower is to hard for you or it just
disgusts you too
	“Scully I think your beautiful, helping you shower
doesn’t disgust me.
I’m just afraid of my
reaction to helping you shower…” Mulder admitted
rather embarrassed.
	“I’m not.”  She looked him in the eyes and kissed him
softly.  He
kissed back harder, his
hand pressing against her abdomen, their tongues
dancing together as
she pressed his head
closer to hers.  She kissed his bottom lip, biting it
gently and
pulling it as she pulled away.  “We
have to stop, or we’re not going to make it to the
	“Mmmm Scully I can’t believe I’m going to see you
naked,” he moaned as
he kissed her
again.  She laughed softly, and he did too.  “I can’t
believe I just
said that outloud.”
	“Help me up.”
	Mulder stood up and put his arms around her legs and
her waist again,
picking her up
slowly from the bed and standing up straight.  She
wrapped one arm
around his neck, her other
hand holding the ice within the soaked wet towel.  She
pressed her face
into his neck, kissing it
softly and licking it.  He hummed softly, pulling two
towels from the
rack, carrying her to the door
and pulling it open, letting it slam behind them.  He
was glad that it
wasn’t far to the showers; he
walked up the small gravely hill and entered the
shower room, setting
Scully on the wooden
bench in the room before locking the door.
	The shower was just big enough for two people.
Mulder stripped off
his tank top and
Scully watched, biting her lip.  “I could leave my
shorts on,” he said,
looking into her eyes.
	“No,” she answered, smiling.  “If I’m naked, you’re
naked.”  She
pulled her shirt off,
revealing her dark green bra.  Mulder grinned, moving
closer to her and
putting his hands behind
her back, unsnapping it.  She pressed her mouth
against his chest,
sucking with an open mouth
as he pushed her bra down her arms.  He pulled her up
and she leaned on
him as he pulled her
shorts and underwear down quickly, pulling it very
slowly off of her
hurt foot and quickly off of the
other.  Scully leaned against him, her breasts against
his chest as he
unzipped his shorts and
tugged them down with his jockeys.
	Mulder ran his hands over her body, feeling her soft
skin underneath
his palms.  He
reached over and turned the shower on until it was
warm, occupying his
time by biting gently at
her neck as she massaged his hips.  Then he pulled her
along, lifting
her as she limped slightly
over to the shower.
	She leaned her back against the tile wall.  “Ohh,
Mulder, go grab the
	He smiled and obliged, retrieving the ice from the
towel and stepping
in the shower,
closing the curtain.  Scully pressed her palm against
it, taking it
from him, watching the steam rise
from the hot water splashing against his back.  She
pressed her lips
against her neck, kissing
slowly as she pressed the ice against his chest.  He
moaned softly,
pushing her more up against
the wall.  He could feel the icy water trickling down
his warm skin.
Scully grated her teeth against his skin as she ran it
lower on his
stomach.  He grabbed
her wrist and lifted the ice to his mouth, biting off
a little bit and
dropping his head to suck on her
shoulder.  His tongue was cold as it worked the ice
cube against her
there, and her neck, the ice
water dripping down her collarbone. Scully dropped the
ice onto the
shower floor, reaching up
with her now free hands she grabbed his head and
brought it up to her
mouth. She kissed his
face all over starting with his forehead and working
her way down over
his nose, placing light
kisses over his eyelids and cheeks, finally stopping
on his bottom lip
and sucking it in to her
mouth. Gently nibbling it with her teeth, dragging her
tongue across
Mulder’s hand moved to her leg with the hurt foot, his
hand slipping
under her thigh and
pulling it up against his hip.  He held it there as he
pushed lightly
against her, kissing her mouth
passionately, savoring every corner of it.  Moving his
hand up to her
ass he ran his fingers over it,
making slow circles, eliciting low moans from Scully.
Not wanting to
lower her foot back onto the
slippery shower floor Scully held it up and rubbed her
thigh against
his. The feeling of Scully’s soft
skin rubbing against his was making Mulder harder. He
began to gently
thrust into her belly.
Moving his hand up from her ass, he settled it with
his other hand
circling her waist.
Slowly he massaged his way up her ribcage, tickling
with the pads of
his fingers. Finally he
reached his goal, her breasts. When he started
caressing the sides
Scully let out a sigh, moving
her hands up to his nipples and raking her fingernails
lightly over
them.  She pressed her palms
up against his pecs and over his shoulders, sliding
her fingers down
his arms and putting her
hands on top of his as he molded her breasts, one in
each hand.
Scully bucked her hips up against his body gently,
feeling his hardness
rub against her,
and tilted her head back against the shower wall.
Mulder lowered his
lips to the front of her neck,
tasting the water and salt of her skin, bending
slightly until his
mouth was able to reach her
breasts.  Her hands flew to the back of his head as he
began to suck
lightly on one of her nipples,
and then the other, never neglecting either of them
for long.  She
moaned and he felt her chest
heave under his mouth.  She tugged gently on the back
of his wet hair
as he traced his tongue in
circles around her nipples, swirling outward,
occasional nibbles making
her gasp and press her
body into him even more.
She moved a hand down between them as he stood up
straighter to catch
her open
mouth in a kiss once again.  She grasped his cock
firmly, squeezing and
feeling his sharp breath
wispy against her cheek as he exhaled through his
nose, his tongue
pressing against hers.  She
began to slide her hand up and down slowly, the hot
water aiding her
movement.  His moan was
low and centered deep in his chest as he pinned her
harder against the
wall, his hands traveling
over her body slowly, pinching here, tickling there.
reaching her hot folds, sluggishly
he traced his finger over the top of her lips, not
entering her yet,
just testing the emanating heat.
Scully tried to maneuver herself so she could get his
finger to enter
her, but Mulder was avoiding
her attempts. “Be patient, baby.”
“Mmmmm, haven’t…oh.. god…. Haven’t I been… patient
long enough. Six
years is a hell
of….. oh yeah, hell of a long time.”
“You’re right.” Mulder replied, slipping his finger
into her and
capturing her mouth in his
and plunging his tongue in. Moving his finger in and
out of her with a
leisurely pace, he released
her mouth and started making his way down her body,
pausing at her
breasts to lavish them with
attention. He had always loved her breasts, they
weren’t too big and he
could almost suck half of
it into his mouth, letting his tongue play with the
nipple while he
sucked and worked it with his
tongue.  This action caused Scully’s hands to speed up
motion on his
cock. Bringing one hand
down to cup his balls, rolling them in her small
hands, slightly
squeezing.  Mulder groaned,
sending vibrations through her starting in her breast
and working their
way down to her clit, which
was now swollen and begging to be touched. Soon she
wouldn’t be able to
stand it anymore, she
had to do something, Mulder wasn’t. Leaving his balls
Scully’s hand
moved over to her slickened
folds, parting herself she placed her finger onto her
clit and applied
slight pressure.
“Oh God!” she moaned. Realizing that it wasn’t him
that made her scream
like that
Mulder smiled up at her face. She didn’t see him
though her head was
thrown back against the
wall and her eyes were closed, yet she returned his
smile. Freeing her
breast from his mouth
Mulder continued his journey down, stopping only to
dip his tongue into
her belly button. His
motion caused Scully to disengage her hold on him, she
whimpered at the
Mulder kissed her wrist slowly as she worked her
finger against her
clit, and he looked up
at her face to watch her sigh softly.  Getting on his
knees, he pulled
her hand away, pressing her
finger against his lips and sucking it into his mouth.
 He licked it
slowly, his tongue twisting around
it and tasting just a bit of her.  Scully pulled her
finger out of his
mouth and gently drug it across
his jawline.  Balancing on her good foot, she lifted
her other gently
over his shoulder.  Mulder
grabbed her calf and slid her foot over onto his back,
so that her knee
was bent over his shoulder
and his face was resting against her inner thigh.
“You want it?” he whispered, the placement of his
breath making her
“Mulder,” she moaned, putting her hand on top of his
head.  Scully
pulled on his hair
again, pulling his face closer to her.  Her other hand
slid down to
part her flesh for him, exposing
the more sensitive skin inside.  He wanted to tease
her more but
couldn’t stop himself from
pressing his mouth against her clit, grazing it with
his teeth before
his tongue slid down over it.
He pushed the tip of his tongue into the skin that
surrounded her clit
and flicked it back and forth
quickly.  Scully whimpered as she pushed her body up
against the wall,
her grasp on his hair
tightening as he pushed three fingers up into her
“Too much…” she whimpered, pulling her hips up.
“Not too much,” he breathed, grabbing a hip with his
hand and pushing
her back down to
his level.  He lightly pushed his fingers in and out,
twisting them
around to loosen her up gently.
He let his tongue travel through her inner folds
slowly, down to his
fingers and back up in a circle
around her clit, twirling faster and faster around it.
 He heard her
moan more frequently as she
surrendered to his mouth and his fingers, sagging
against the wall and
tensing her fingertips
against the back of his head.  Mulder slipped her clit
between his
lips, sucking hard as he thrust
his fingers into her.  She cried out softly with each
thrust, trying to
say his name and failing as she
panted, sweat dripping down her body.
“Mulder…. Oh…ummmm…I’m…. ahhhhhhh… close…. OH GOD!”
Mulder gave her
one last hard suck and rammed his fingers into her,
and she was coming.
Her muscles were
contracting around his fingers, he was losing
circulation in them. He
started to lightly lick her clit
bringing her down from her incredible climax.
Scully’s body started to
shake slightly. “Mmm…
Mulder, I’m feeling a little….light…headed…” Mulder
quickly got up and
wrapped her in his strong
arms, bracing her in case of a blackout.
Concern threading his curious voice “God, Scully, how
long has it been
since you’ve
“It’s been awhile….a year maybe..”
“Jesus Scully, why so long?”
“Masturbation stopped working, I’m not sure why,
really, probably some
thing. I started to think that I’d never have an
orgasm again. God that
was so good Mulder, I don’t
think I’ve ever come that hard in my life.” She leaned
into his chest,
resting her head under his
chin. Letting out a sigh of contentment and release.
“Mulder, I love
“Sure, you love me now.”
She looked into his eyes and answered with a simple
kiss, drawing it
out as she tasted
herself on his lips.  “I’ve always loved you,” she
whispered against
his lips.  He pulled her against
him, her cheek pressing against his bare chest,
sliding against the
slick water droplets.
“We should go back to the cabin,” he said, his fingers
stroking her wet
She looked up at him, her eyes gleaming.  “But we’d
have to get
He smiled, kissing her forehead.  “Scully, sometimes
the best part
about getting dressed,
is getting undressed later.”
“How much later?” she asked, her mouth drawn into a
small sly smile.
“Scully, as soon as I get that door shut I’m going to
get you naked,”
he murmured, kissing
her neck, “and I’m going to worship your body like I
should have a long
time ago,” he continued,
kissing down her shoulder.  She sighed softly, running
her fingers down
his back.  “And you’ll
have very fond memories of this damned place for the
rest of your
“Mmmm…sounds like it’s worth getting dressed for.”
Scully ran her
fingers over the lines
of muscles at his sides.
“You going to be able to walk?”  He grinned, turning
to shut the water
“Barely, for a couple obvious reasons…but if you help
me I should be
able to manage.”
“Of course,” he answered, opening the shower curtain
and stepping out.
He pulled her
with him as she hopped over raised shower floor,
holding the wall as he
wrapped his arm around
her waist.  Mulder grabbed for her shorts and held
them out for her;
she put her hands on his
shoulders and stepped into one leg, and he pulled them
over the other
carefully.  He slid them up
her hips and zipping and buttoning them for her.  Then
he quickly put
her shirt over her head,
pulling it down.  She tossed her head, her wet hair
sending a
spattering of water over his naked
chest.  She eyed him, looking up and then down, her
eyes locking below
his waist.
“Uh, Scully, you scare me when you stare at me like
that.”  He looked
at her chest, her
thin white T-shirt not doing much to veil her lack of
bra underneath.
It clung to her soaked skin on
all of her curves.
She laughed.  “Get dressed then.”
He needed no other prompting.  Mulder quickly pulled
on his shorts and
his tank top, the
water on his chest soaking through the white fabric
and making his
nipples and muscles very
visible.  “Ready to go?” he asked, stuffing his
underwear in a pocket.
Scully laughed as he
grabbed her bra and underwear and put them in his
other pocket.
“I’m definitely ready to go, Mulder,” she answered,
smiling and hopping
over to the door.
Mulder opened the shower room door, releasing some of
the steam, and
picked her up
into his arms again.
“Hey, I said I could walk,” she laughed, squirming
“You need to save your energy…” Mulder answered,
waggling his eyebrows.
 He walked
quickly to the cabin, kicking up gravel on the way.
“You’re in quite a hurry,” she said, her voice
slightly wobbly from
being bounced around
in his arms.
“And for a good reason,” he replied, looking into her
eyes again.  Her
icy blue eyes shone
back at him with a hidden passion that he hoped to
release back in the
Ah, the cabin. The cabin with the nice double bed with
the nice wooden
slats on the
headboard that would be perfect for…
Scully pushed open the door and Mulder quickly walked
them through,
reaching around
and pulling the door closed behind him.  He stood in
front of the bed,
Scully in his arms, and
kissed her hard.  She responded as he laid her down,
pulling his head
down with her palms at the
back of his neck.
“I gotta get something,” he whispered in between
kisses.  Scully let go
of his head,
running her fingers down his cheeks and neck.  Mulder
walked over to
his suitcase and opened
the top compartment, pulling out a necktie and turning
around, hiding
it behind his back.
Scully raised her eyebrows, wondering what he had in
his hand.
“Mulder, what is it?”
“Nothing much,” he answered, walking over to the bed
and sitting beside
her hips.  He
pulled the necktie around in front of him, watching
Scully’s eyes widen
“Hmmm, what are you doing with that?”
“It’s a tie, Scully.”
“I didn’t ask what it is, I asked what you’re doing
with it.”
Mulder laughed softly, stretching the tie out between
his hands and
gently placing it over
her eyes.  Scully bit her lip as she felt him tie it
loosely around the
back of her head.
“You’re ‘hmmmm’-ing a lot.”  Mulder kissed her cheek
and she flinched
“I just didn’t know you were into…into this.”  Scully
smiled softly,
and he felt relief wash
over him.  She was okay with it.  Thank god.
“I wanted to try this with you,” he replied, kissing
her jawline.  He
slid his hands under her
shirt slowly, feeling her slightly damp skin, and
pulled it up over her
head.  She put her hands
over her head to help him get the shirt off, and he
lightly grabbed
them with a hand and held them
there.  Scully heard a click and recognized it almost
instantly; the
sound of handcuffs being
She felt the cold metal against one wrist, encircling
it loosely and
then a bit tighter, and
then the other in the same manner.  She moaned softly,
feeling herself
become very turned on at
the situation, shifting her legs slightly and pulling
her hands down as
much as she could.  She
was cuffed to something…the pole of the headboard,
most likely.  It
didn’t allow for much
movement.  And Mulder was nowhere to be felt.  She
knew he was there,
he was just being very
silent about it.  She would play along; she would play
the innocent
victim, all chained up and
blindfolded and under the complete and utter control
of Mulder.
And she would like it.
“Mulder,” she breathed, listening for a breath, a
shift on the
bed…anything.  She heard
and felt nothing.
Until she felt his hot breath against her stomach. Not
touching skin to
skin, but just the air
that was being pumped from his lungs.  He was just
breathing on her and
it was having amazing
effects on her body, she never thought she would ever
arousal of this degree after
having orgasmed like she just had in the shower. She
felt her self
flooding with new moisture as
Mulder moved up her body. When he reached her breasts,
the feeling of
him exhaling on her was
electric, making her arch her back trying to connect
her nipples with
his mouth. The mixing of
pleasure and patience wasn’t something Scully was very
good at, she
wanted it now. “Mulder,
touch me….. please..”
“Scully if I touched you now I would miss all the fun
of driving you up
the wall with
arousal, I’m gonna make you so nuts, you are gonna
come again like you
did in the shower.”
Scully let out a groan, loving the idea and still
disliking it all the
same. “I knew that you would see
it my way” he said with a huge grin on his face; she
knew, she could
hear it in his voice.  “I’m
such a convincing guy.” Rewarding her for agreeing he
placed a kiss on
her nipple. Surprised by
the actual impact of flesh with flesh, Scully’s
reflexes arched closer
to him, trying to get him to
suckle her.  Mulder was quicker than that though and
moved his head
away. He let out a chuckle
and continued his way up her heated body. When Scully
felt his hot
breath over her mouth she
automatically opened it to allow him to fully ravish
her. He lowered
his head and placed a kiss on
the side of her mouth, she moved her head trying to
get the full
contact. Mulder was again too
fast for her and removed his mouth before she could
execute her own
plan.  “Scully, let me tease
“Mulder, I want you inside of me. Please…”
“Not until I’ve had my fun, baby,” he said in a low
sexy voice, making
Scully squirm
towards him again begging for his touch.  He kissed
her jawline slowly,
his lips moving against it
as he ran a hand up her stomach and underneath her
breast.  She tilted
her head the other way,
exposing more of her neck to him, breathing out slowly
as his fingers
lightly traced over her erect
nipple several times.  He was lying next to her; she
could feel the
soft fabric of his tank top
against her side, and the heat of his damp skin
radiating through it.
He kneaded her breast as his
tongue lightly traced the lines of her neck, stopping
to suck on her
collarbone.  He moved his
mouth up to the crook of her arm, nipping at the skin
with his teeth.
She laughed softly, adjusting
her body slightly against him.  “Scully, are you
“No,” she moaned softly, turning her head towards his
voice.  She bit
her lip.  That would
be too much.  Too much…
Mulder breathed against her open-mouthed, removing his
hand from her
breast and
tracing his fingers lightly down her arm.  She
whimpered, smiling, her
hand straining against the
cuff as she tried to move away.  “No, don’t,” she
whispered, “Mulder
that’s not fair.”
He ran his fingers back up and then down, kissing the
inside of her
elbow.  She laughed
more now, arching her back a little.  He put a hand on
the side of her
waist as he kissed up her
arm, running his lips lightly over it.  Scully sighed
through her
giggles, trying to relax.
Mulder smiled; he loved to hear Scully laugh and every
time she writhed
against him was
turning him on even more.  He massaged her side and
slowly slipped his
hand underneath her
shorts, his fingers squeezing against her hip.  She
gasped, the breath
catching in her throat, her
laughter subsiding as he slid his fingers further down
on her hip.  He
reached the top of her thigh
and ran his fingers over it.  Her smile turned into a
open-mouthed sigh, and he caught her
off guard by kissing her hard and full on the mouth.
She backed off
and then pursued it, pressing
her tongue against his and exerting the only control
she could manage
at this point.  He let her
direct the kiss as she arched her back and pressed her
body against
It was getting dark outside, and the room was gray and
black now, her
skin white against
the shadows of the room.  Mulder slid his hand up to
unbutton and unzip
her shorts, the sound of
it making him excited.  He moved his hand down her
shorts and used his
fingers to massage in
circles, down further, and further, listening to her
soft breaths
become more frequent.  She
pressed her lips together tightly as his fingers again
shifted between
her legs; she was more
swollen now and he worked them into her folds gently.
Scully’s good
foot ran up the mattress as
she bent her knee, drawing it up and rubbing her foot
gently against
the side of the bed; it was the
only movement that she could manage and she couldn’t
lay still like
this for very much longer.
She sighed, pushing her hips up against his hand as he
began to rub his
fingers against her clit
slowly, still moving in circles.
She felt a spark of arousal centered deep inside of
her start again.
oh…hmmm…yeah…” He abruptly removed his hand from her
He had her begging him now, exactly where he wanted
her. Moving himself
up into a sitting
position, he took off his tank top. Scully was unsure
of what Mulder
was doing, all she could feel
was movement on the bed. Mulder suddenly gripped her
hips, hastily
grabbing her shorts and
removing them, being careful to lift up her foot and
moving them over
her ankle gently. She heard
Mulder sigh and could feel his gaze on her naked
figure. She loved that
he was looking at her,
studying her, she wanted her image burned into that
brain of his.
“Like what you see sir?”
“How could I not, Scully? You have a gorgeous body.”
He replied
sincerely “Soon I’ll be
buried inside of you.” That made Scully moan loudly.
Mulder stood up
and took off his shorts,
tossing them haphazardly on the floor. Lying back on
the bed next to
Scully so she could feel his
erection on her hip. Putting his hand back on her
abdomen, he resumed
the circle rubbing, slowly
making his way closer to her clit.  Scully was so
turned on she was
murmuring incoherent words,
mostly things that sounded, to Mulder, like his name.
He hadn’t even
reached her little bundle of
nerves yet and she was already so close to coming.
Reaching his goal
Mulder slipped his finger
into her folds and applied minimal pressure on her
clit, while at the
same time he took a nipple
into his mouth, sucking on it hard.
	Her whole body arched up as she felt herself coming.
please…” she
whimpered, her hips moving back and forth against him.
	“You want it Scully?”
	“You sure?”
	“Dammit Mulder,” she moaned, feeling his fingers
working faster.  She
tried to
hold her orgasm off as she basked in the heightening
sensations she was
	Mulder shifted so that he was over her, his cock
stroking between her
legs just
through the folds of skin, lightly rubbing against her
clit.  He kissed
her cheek, sighing against it
as she turned her head away and moaned.  He pushed
harder against her,
placing his hand
between them to aim himself just right.  He found her
opening with his
fingers, moving them in
and out slowly to feel how wet she was for him.  Then
he pushed himself
inside of her just a bit
and bit her ear gently, groaning as she pushed her
hips up against him,
forcing him deeper.
“Oh my god, Mulder…” she breathed, her head tossing
back and her hands
against the handcuffs.  He watched her fight to move,
biting her lip
and releasing it as her face
showed the pleasure she was feeling.  Mulder pushed
his fingers against
her clit as he began to
gently push into her, pulling out more slowly,
listening to her moan.
His other hand went up to her
face, stroking her cheek and finally pulling the
blindfold off of her
Scully blinked, realizing that the blindfold was gone,
but it was still
dark.  Her eyes
needed time to adjust.  She began to see the shadowy
grays of the room,
and then Mulder’s face
before hers, looking down at her tenderly as he
touched her face.  She
lifted her head and kissed
him, moving her hips a little more against his to try
and find a
rhythm.  She left her eyes open,
watching his face as he kissed her.  He had closed his
eyes, an
expression of blissful pleasure
noticeable even in the darkness.
“Mulder…uncuff me…” she whispered against his lips.
“I want to touch
Mulder grabbed the keys off of the mattress beside
them and unlocked
the cuffs.  She
rotated her wrists, stretching her fingers and her
hands as he threw
the cuffs aside.  They
clanged to the floor and Scully grabbed his face and
kissed him hard,
running her hands down
over the back of his hair and over his bare shoulder
blades.  She dug
her fingernails in and thrust
her hips up against him hard, burying him deep at the
same time that he
thrust into her.  He
moaned, pressing his body hard against hers, putting
his hands on her
hips and moving her body
with him.
“Mmmm, Scully, fuck me,” Mulder moaned, pressing his
lips against her
neck and grating
his teeth against it lightly.  She ran her palm down
the side of his
muscular back, grabbing his ass
and pushing him against her.
“You want it?” she whispered, feeling a surge of
arousal at her power
over him.
“Scully, please…”
“Do you want it, Mulder?” she repeated, grabbing the
back of his head
and pulling him
away from her neck, moving her face an inch away from
his.  She
tightened her muscles around
his cock and he hissed through his teeth.
“Give it to me,” he groaned.  Scully smiled and arched
an eyebrow,
moving her hips
against him.
“Turn over,” she demanded, licking his ear slowly.  He
obliged, rolling
them over as Scully
slid over their skin dampened by sweat and water.  Now
on top, she
pressed her body against
his, feeling her nipples taut against his chest.  She
put her lips
close to his ear and started to roll
her hips on him, moaning softly and moving faster.
“Jesus…” Mulder whispered, running his hands down her
back and over her
“Mmmm, Scully…. Make me come..” Scully moved her lips
back up to his
mouth, sticking her
tongue out and licking his lips.  Sucking his bottom
lip into her
mouth, delicately nibbling on it,
running her tongue over it.
“Oh I will Mulder. I’m gonna make you come so hard,
I’m gonna be able
to taste you.”
Hearing her say that he let out a low moan and thrust
up into her.
Running his hands up her body
to her head, Mulder pulled her head back down on his
and kissed her
hard, bruising her mouth
with the pressure.  Scully returned the kiss with full
force. Moving
his hands from her head to her
breasts Mulder began massaging her. Taking her nipples
between his
thumb and forefinger and
applying slight pressure. Scully brought her hands
down off his head
and started to knead his
gorgeous pecs. Leaning down she took a nipple in her
mouth, making sure
to continue the rhythm
of her hips.  Mulder was thrusting into her in an
irregular motion now,
she could tell he was close,
however if she didn’t have a little help she wouldn’t
be coming with
him. She reached down
between their bodies with one of her hands. Reaching
the place where
they met, she pushed one
finger up between her folds touching her clit. “Ooohhh
God!” the
feeling of Mulder in her and her
own finger controlling the main source of her pleasure
was amazing.
Lifting his head slightly,
Mulder saw what she was doing, he hadn’t thought that
he could get any
harder, but when he
saw her touching herself again, his erection grew to
being close to the
point of pain, not quite yet
though.  “I felt that Mulder. You like watching me
touch myself?’
“Yes… and… oh…god..” speech was becoming increasingly
difficult for him
as Scully
sped up her tempo. “The … mmmmm… picture of me….
Inside… you…. AHHH! I…
Love that…”
She leaned down close to his ear and whispered, “So do
I, baby.”  She
rubbed her
fingers more quickly against her clit and bit his ear,
hanging on and
breathing through her nose
into his ear.  “Whenever I touch myself I think of you
doing this to
“Oh fuck, Scully…” Mulder moaned, twisting her nipples
a little more as
she snapped her
upper body upright, her head tilted back as she
sighed, licking her
lips.  He thrust into her hard
and fast, watching and feeling her breasts jiggling
gently with his
movement.  “I’m gonna…oh,
“Come Mulder,” she whispered, moving her hand from
between them and
raking her
fingernails up his sides and over his shoulders,
riding his thrusts
with her own matching rhythm.
“Scully,” he panted, his hands gripping her sides
tightly as he felt
the explosion of sexual
tension running hot through his blood.  He pushed his
hand against her
between them, his palm
and fingers working hard against her clit as he moaned
at the end of
his orgasm.
Scully didn’t take long to come.  She put her hand on
pressing harder and
moving his hand faster against her, her other hand
gripping his
shoulder tightly.  He kept the pace
up, despite his sensitivity, and she gave up her
rhythm, letting
herself be taken over by his
“Uhhhmmm…Mulder,” she moaned breathily, gritting her
teeth as she came
hard once
again, her muscles squeezing against him in hard
spasms that hindered
her breathing for a few
seconds.  He relaxed himself, slowly reducing their
speed to bring her
down from it.
She gently laid herself on him, afraid of falling over
on top of him if
she didn’t.  She
pressed her cheek against his shoulder, her breath
moist against his
neck.  He ran his fingers
lightly up and down her back, tracing her spine and
her shoulder
blades.  Rolling them over
Mulder pulled out of her and reached down on the floor
and unrolled the
sleeping bag, unzipping
it completely. Picking Scully up off the bed and
placing her on the top
bunk right over the place
where the ladder connected. Hastily he placed the
sleeping bag on the
double bed, tossing both
of their pillows on the bed. Circling her waist with
his arms he
brought her back down from the
bed and laid her back down on the double bed, grabbing
the other
sleeping bag he unrolled and
unzipped it all the way. Mulder then covered Scully
with it, pulled
back the corner and jumped in
with her. Reaching for her body immediately he
re-entwined  their
limbs, he head tucked under
his chin resting on his chest, his arms encircling
her, rubbing slow,
soothing circles on her back.
She rested her leg over his so her ankle wouldn’t be
touching anything.
Scully let out a content,
sated sigh. “I could get very used to this Mulder.”
“That’s good Scully, because I’m already used to it
and I won’t be
giving it up.”
“Neither will I.”
Snuggling closer together and settling into their warm
they both fell asleep.
Thinking of nothing but how much they loved each other
and how Skinner
was going to take the

A loud bang is good, a louder bang is better.


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