Title: Mulder and Scully Have Wild Passionate
Author: Joke an alien reindeer
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Mulder and Scully Have Wild Passionate
Keywords: Badfic, pierce

Disclaimer: all characters and authors are fictional.
Just try and sue us.

“Hey, Fox,” Dana Scully said while walking into the
Mulder was sitting in the office at his chair, in his
“How are you today?” Dana asks as she walked into the
“I’m fine,” said Mulder, “you look really hot. Is that
a new suit?”
“Why yes it is Mulder,” Scully said “Doesn’t it just
accent my curves?” she asked, whirling around the
room like a ballerina.
It was a gorgeous sight to behold.
Her hair sparkled like glitter in the wild sun that
was yellow in his office. It was a gorgeous auburn color.
He wondered if her “other” hair was that color, and
was hoping to find out very soon.
“Did you just get your hair dyed? “ Fox questioned,
looking at her lovely locks of streaming red rivers of
“Oh yeah, and by the way, your suit is nice. Is it
new? I forgot.”
“Why yes, it is, Mulder.”
“Can I take it off you?” Fox asked.
“Oh, Mulder!” Dana exclaimed, batting her eyelashes
rapidly and hard against her lush cheeks.
“Do you like my new color?” Dana asked
“Yes, it’s a nice red. Redder than before, even. But
back to my question. Can I take that suit off you?”
“OK Fox. Rip it off me like the wild animal that you
are, you well oiiled lovemaking machine.”
Fox stood up. You could already see that he was hard.
He was poking through his clothes, almost bursting
through the zipper.
Scully was like “Mulder, is that your gun, or are you
just happy to see me?”
Mulder went over to Scully and took her clothes off.
Soon she was naked. Her hair was red all over, just as he
had hoped. He had a thing for redheads.
Then Mulder took Scully in his arms and laid her on
the desk where they had wild passionate intercourse.
But he forgot to swipe the pencils off his desk, so he
took her off the desk and restarted again on the floor.
“Ooops,” Mulder said, “sorry.”
“Mulder, when are you going to take your clothes off
so you can pierce me with your red hot poker?”
“Call me Latimer, baby!” Mulder said passionately.
“why?” asked Dana.
“Because I always wanted to be called Latimer. Now
make love to me. I want to make love to you like a
wild moose.”
“Like the kind in Banff National park?”
“The kind that make loud noises like they’re making
sweet beastiality love?”
Mulder entered her and they had intercourse on the
floor and orgasmed together in blessed union. Then
they went to sleep.
It was not very comfortable.
Especially when Skinner found them the next morning.
“Oh Skinner,” Scully said “I’m sorry we’re naked on
the floor.”
“I KNOW you’re naked on the floor!” Skinner exclaimed.
“I’m going back upstairs now. Bye. Come see
me when you get dressed. Take your time. Why don’t you
have sex again.”
Mulder turned to Scully and they had sex again. Then
they fell asleep again.
Scully woke up and decided the floor was cold, so she
moved on to Mulder.

The End

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