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"Two words: 'More Tail.' I want to either kick it, get it or both. Said James Marsters about what he wishes for Spike next season.

Hi, this is Felicia's Page put together just to entertain you, especially if your a Buffy fan like me. If you were wondering what "Fortune Favors The Brave" is, it's from the BTVS episode Hush. It was at the begining of the episode during and after Buffy's dream. Oh, and another thing if you've been here before you might see a few changes. I'm in the midst of redesigning my site to be more visually appealing. I hope you enjoy and come back. Oh and I just found out someone has copied or accidently used the same title as my title "Fortune Favors The Brave" but that's fine just support my site and you can tell them if you see their site how great mine is and that they should check this site out.

Disclaimer - I am not affiliated with BTVS in anyway these sights and sounds are all somebody elses babies, mostly Joss' & the WB's & Fox. They own all the rights.

If You Have Any Questions Or Suggestions E-mail Me At

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Thank you for visiting my page. It's always being updated. Please come back and visit again!