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What Fans Think About Eden.

Eden is a great actress. I hope she moves on to bigger and better roles. I am glad that she was chosen to play Bianca because she does it so well. And judging from interviews, she seems like a well educated person too!~Jenny~

Anyways, my thoughts are...Eden is a wonderful actress, each scene she is in is filled with genuine emotion. Her honest portrayal of what Bianca is going through shows how much she seems to care about the story she helping to tell. She may not know it, but she is helping out so many people who are going through the same thing Bianca is going through. Seeing a story we can relate to helps us know that we aren't alone, that there are others going through the same thing. She's also helping show a postive, and realisic image, of what gay people are really like. Hopefully, this will help educate more people to accept gay people for who they are, instead of judging them by their sexuality. Thank you Eden! Good luck to you on this show and all your future endeavors. ~Colleen~

Hi, I think Eden is a wonderful actress. She seems very intelligent and articulate.~Rolissa~

Eden is a very beautiful actress. She is the epitomy of what a woman should be. ~Nathan~

Eden Riegel is a GREAT actress!! I just want to say that she is doing a wonderful job on AMC, and i definitely see an emmy for her and Susan Lucci! Keep up the good work Eden!!!:-) Your Fan, Tiffany

I have been a GH fan for many years, and when Robin (Kimberly McCollough) made her appearance on AMC at the beginning of June, I just had to check it out. I had never seen AMC before, and I was only planning on watching AMC for the few episodes that Kimberly was on, but once I saw Eden I had to keep watching! She's a great actress and gorgeous as well :-) ~Mike~

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