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Fan Interview with Eden Riegel

Q: Do you agree with how the writers are/ plan to have this story line? AND Would you be comfortable if the writers gave Bianca a REAL love interest? ~Deanna~

A:I think the writers have been doing a brilliant job -- I am very proud to be a part of such an important and intelligent storyline. As far as what they have planned, I don't know where they will go from here, but I am confident that they will continue doing the great job they have done so far.

Q: Are you close to your own mother in real life as your character Bianca is to Erica. The scenes between the two ring true & and are very warm. You must be drawing on something in your personal life to be creating such a powerful convincing effect of mother/duaghter love. ~Joe~

A:Absolutely. I have always been very close to my mother -- I don't know what I would have done without her their to support and guide me. And I definitely draw on that relationship in my scenes with Susan.

Q: Also, how do you get along with La Lucci? Thanks.

A: We get along very well! I feel so lucky to be working with Susan. She is so warm and caring, and makes each day on set a joy. I watch her work everyday and try to learn from her. I am so grateful for the opportunity.

Q: How would you feel about doing a love scene with another girl? ~Sheila~

A: I would support it, as long as it were tastefully done and remained true to the story that we have put so much work into crafting with sensitivity and respect.

Q: Are you planning to do any appearances in NJ? ~Tiffany~

A:I don't have any planned right now -- but I hope to in the future! :) Thanks Tiffany!

Q: -First, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your work on the show. You're a great actress. Will you be doing any more theater?

A:Thank you so much. And yes, I would love to do more theater. It is my dream to tape the show during the day and perform on stage in a play or musical at night and on weekends. I think that would be so exciting and fulfilling -- and I miss the stage.

Q:I understand you're currently under a short-term contract. Would you accept a long-term contract offer or do you just plan on returning to Harvard?

A:I am planning to return to school eventually, but I have as much time as I want, and I am in no big hurry. In fact, I do have a long-term contract for All My Children.

Q: What was your experience like working as a White House intern? Thanks for the opportunity to ask these questions! ~Chris~

A: I had an amazing time at the White House! I learned so much firsthand about our government, and worked with very generous, intelligent people. It was a wonderful experience.

Q: I'd really like to know if today (2/13/01) is the last we will see of Sarah. Where is the storyline going?

A:Honestly, I don't know what the plans are. Everything is kept very much under wraps until finalized. So, like you, I will just have to wait and see!

Q: I understand that your major is political science (that was my minor). What got you interested in the particular subject? ~Lea~

A:That's right, I studied Political and Social theory in school. But I was primarily interested in American Government. I became interested in Politics when I took a class freshman year called "Debating American Politics" taught by Professors Michael Sandel and Harvey Mansfield and Guest Professor George Will (who you probably know from his column in Newsweek). It was a fascinating course, and I have been studying the subject matter ever since. The White House internship was a way for me to learn about practical American politics, firsthand.

Q: "What has been your most challanging role so far in your carrer?" ~Cynthia~

A:Bianca is definitely my most challenging role so far. The rigorous schedule, the volume of material and the subject matter makes the job the most challenging and the most fulfilling.

Q: I would like to know if you will be at the GLAAD Awards in NYC in April? ~Deb~

A:I am sorry that I don't know yet. But I certainly would like to be involved with the award show.

Q:What nationality are you?

A:I am a mutt! I am part German, part English, and part Hungarian, with a touch of Spanish and Moroccan. do you plan to continue your work on AMC or go back to Harvard ? ~Will~

A:I will go back to Harvard, but I have no set plans to in the near future. I will continue to work on AMC, and finish school up later, when the time is right for me. Right now I am working hard, learning a lot, having fun and enjoying life exactly where I am!

Q: Have you gotten any job offers because of your work on AMC? After you graduate from Harvard do you plan to keep acting or pursue something else? ~Jenique~

A:Right now I am concentrating on my work on the show, which is quite rigorous and time-consuming. So, there's not a lot of time for other jobs. After I graduate, I would love to continue acting. I have realized through my work on the show how much I love acting. I would miss it terribly if I decided to pursue something else, but at this point I am keeping my options open.

Q: The cast members of "Queer as Folk" admitted they're heterosexual when they play homosexual characters. Do you feel the need to set the record straight (no pun intended)? Are guys more or less interested in dating you because of your character's sexual orientation? Some guys have too much ego or too much religious pride to accept it, whereas some guys might think they can incorporate that into real life intimacy. What are your thoughts on that subject? ~Jack~

A:I am straight, and I don't mind admitting that, at all. I play the role of a gay person on the show, and it is my job to play my character convincingly, and with sensitivity and respect -- and I do my best. I love playing Bianca. So far, I have encountered very few people who assume because my character is gay, that I am, too. Most people do not jump to that conclusion, and I have not met any guys who were put off by the fact that I play a gay character. My role on AMC does not play a part in my private life.

Q:The writer's left it open for Bianca to visit Sarah in Boston. Does this mean we haven't seen the end of the Bianca/Sarah storyline?

A:This is anybody's guess! I am not privy to that information, I am sorry to say. So, we shall see!

Q: As an actress, whom do you consider to be your mentors? ~Sandra~

A:My greatest mentor was Miss Helen Hayes, who I had the opportunity to meet when I was only nine. She made me love and appreciate acting, and inspires me still.

Q: If you were to end up kissing a girl on AMC how would you feel about it? ~katie~

A:I think I already answered this question above...

Q:How does it feel to play Erica's gay daughter?

A:I am having the time of my life on the show. It is a joy to be involved in such a wonderful show, a member of an excellent cast of actors, and a part of a worthy and exciting storyline.

Thank You Very Much Eden for taking the time to do another interview!!