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Eden Riegel was born on January 1, 1981 in Washington D.C. At a very young age, she saw her brother, Sam, act in a school play and decided that that is what she wanted to do also. Then is 1988 she was casted as the Young Cosette for the Broadway musical “Les Miserables”. She then joined the Broadway Kids and began to tour with them for a couple of years.

After that, she moved to New York and for 10 years worked on Broadway. She then began to appear in films and television. She played Meghan Cooper on “New York Undercover”, she was also seen in a guest-staring role on “Law and Order”, and as Heather, on “As the World Turns”. She also played Sarah on “American Pie” and was the voice of the Young Miriam in “The Prince of Egypt”. In addition to acting, she also sings on the soundtrack of “The Crossing Guard”, “Home Alone”, and four of the Broadway Kids CDs and did backup vocals for Michael Jackson and Jewel.

She recently left Harvard University, studying political and social theory, for the part of Bianca Montgomery on the ABC soap “All My Children”.

She currently resides in New York.