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They live as outcasts, hated and feared by the very humanity they protect. They are mutants, born with strange and wonderful powers that set them apart from the rest of the human race. But under the tutelage of Professor Charles Xavier, they are more than mutants. They are--

~ X-Men Fan Fiction ~

  • Last Man Standing by Misty (me!) ~What would you do if you were the last man alive?
  • Weapons by Misty (me!) ~ The birth of Weapon X...
  • Waking Nightmares by Misty (me!) ~ One X-Man has a long night...
  • Nightmares and Monsters: Parts 1-5 by Misty (me!) ~ Sequel to Waking Nightmares
  • Nightmares and Monsters: parts 6-10
  • Nightmares and Monsters parts 11-15
  • Nightmares and Monsters part 16

  • Here There Be Dragons by V. Hayrabedian ~ An old mutant explains how the death of the X-Men brought about the world he lives in.

  • Duty Calls: Lifelines by Ascian ~ "It frightens me sometimes, how easy it has become to kill."

  • In Sickness by John Duffin ~ "Immortality fades when the evidence of our lives is gone." Highly Recommended!

  • When You get What You Wished For by the Bud ~ "I'm thinkin about whether I need ta leave her, but I just don't wanna."
  • When You Get What You've... by Sage ~ "It happened last night."

  • To the Gallows Foot and After by Melissa Nolen ~ A little exploration into the unique friendship between Jubilee and Logan.

  • Back-Ops by Abyss ~ "A poet would look on the moon and see only a sphere of ice, reflecting light, but no warmth. It was that cold..."
  • Skulls & X-Bones by Abyss ~ "...know, oh Prince, that in the years following the sinking of Atlantis, there appeared a great comet in the heavens... and the travelling star did circle the world nine times, and men cowered in fear, for surely this was the final judgement of the Almighty..." Highly Recommended!

  • Trap by Wolvester ~ "Don' a man have a right t' know where he stand wit' a woman?"

  • Sleepin' Beauty by WolvieGal ~ Secrets can't stay secrets forever.
  • Everything Will Be Fine Now by WolvieGal ~ "I was reminded of just how dangerous he is..."
  • Everything Is Not All Right by WolvieGal ~ Sequel to EWBFN
  • I Don't Wanna Be Alone by WolvieGal ~ "What do you think of your precious X-Men now, Miss Lee? There's not much left of them, is there?"

  • Half Lit World by Alexander Greenfield ~ Cracks appear in the world, and the fractures are perilously close to crumbling. Highly Recommended!