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Destruction has enveloped the universe. A being called the 'dark light'-her true name is Sailor Nemesis (Nemesis: unbeatable)- is destroying whole galaxies of life simply because the dark one believes they are imperfect. Few see her and survive, only two have. Those two fled to a desolated planet, one which was unlucky enough to have met Nemesis' wrath and had all it's inhabitants killed. They identified the planet as Earth, home of some of the most powerful senshi around. The elder of the two survivors sacrificed her life and her crystal of true sight to bring the inhabitants of earth back to life- but without the memories of their past defeat. Before she sacrificed herself she told her apprentice to gather all the sailor senshi she could to save the universe from destruction, then she handed her the sacred book and gave her the dagger of the bright light. With that earth was restored to it's earlier glory and the apprentice began her mission, calling all scouts she could find to earth and reviving the memories of scouts who have forgotton their past duties. Once enough scouts are found and join The Order of Light, they will summon the 'Bright Light', the senshi of pure, clean energy. The bright light is the only one capable of destroying Nemesis and curing the universe of the dark lights destruction. The apprentice uses the magic of the book to summon scouts and amazing ones- extremely powerfull beings- from near and far, and reviving the memories of all senshi on the planet earth. Unfortunetly, with the good scouts comes the bad...

Now that you know of the dangers, can you refuse to assist us in the battle for the universe? Join us, and help save all imperfect life from extinction!

Things you can do: 1. Just RPG in a chat, OR join the official RPG

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