Welcome to my webpage!!! It is quite a struggle to keep this page updated. I apologize but I am very busy and rarely have the time to get on here and mess with stuff. That said, I hope you enjoy what IS here! I will try to get better about updating things so check back often. I AM GOING TO SEE WEEZER NEXT FRIDAY! =w=

so I lied...I just updated this stuff:

1. Foo Fighters- new things on every page! pictures, tracks, etc. Please vote for my page for the Top 50 Foo Fighters site, there is a link on the first page.
2Over and Over...(new CDs) I have about 50 new CDs to add to this, oy!
I have mostly expanded and updated the stuff about the Smashing Pumpkins but the Foo Fighters section(s) will be GREATLY expanding as soon as I have some time. Be sure to look at it, and everything else. But, before you leave, please sign my Guestbook!THANKS! and also try to go to My Quotes Page Its pretty weak but if you click on My Favorite Sayings you can submit a quote to be added.


I Love Tennis!!!! My favorite players include (and there are a lot!): Mark Philippoussis (in the picture, mmmm. I loooooove him!), Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, Marat Safin, Monica Seles (I have her autograph!!), Lindsay Davenport (I have her autograph too! and a picture with her, maybe I will put it here sometime...), Mary Pierce, Goran Ivanisevic, Gosh, I like a lot of players. It's quite stressful for me to watch sometimes because I have trouble picking who I want to win! I also play tennis, not as good as these guys though, heavens no! I wish! My goal is to go to all 4 of the Grand Slams!!! So far I have been to the DC tourney and I saw Fed Cup when US beat Croatia (that's when I got the autographs!). go here for more tennis stuff