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Dear Davey,

          All of us fans from yesterday, today and tomorrow will always miss you but we will never forget what a great driver you were.  Perhaps you're still racing right along side of your former competitors and friends each week.  You had a talent that no one else can match.  You were a true champion, with or without a  trophy.  Anyone can win a trophy but it takes a real champion to hold your head up, take a race in stride and never blame another driver for a mishap even when it was clearly another driver's  fault.  We all know you would have won the championship in 1993 if not for your untimely death.  And so it is with great honor that I dedicate this page to you.  Keep on racing up there in the sky for that's the way we'll always remember you. Godspeed, Davey and thanks  for all the wonderful racing memories.


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