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A Few of the Many Labyrinths Around the World
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Chartres Cathedral, France c. 1200 - Stone Amiens Cathedral, France (Photo © Mid-Atlantic Geomancy) Kentwood, Louisiana
Corpus Christi, Texas Inlaid in American Walnut and Maple, Dave Darcé, Labyrinth Maker Polished granite (detail), New Harmony Labyrinth, Newham, Indiana - © Paxworks compressed concrete pavers (detail), Napierville, Illinois - © Paxworks
Greencastle, Indiana - © Paxworks (lost the origin - if you know it, please email me) Mowed prarie grass
110' in diameter
Harvard, Illinois
Sand - waiting for the tide to wash it away (Location unknown) Sacred Oak Grove, Sorgio, Kentucky Benton Castle, Pembrookshire, Wales (Photo: © Mid-Atlantic Geomancy)

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© 1999 Dr. Neal Pinckney (except photos: source or © shown in captions)