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Registration, Activities

Registration:Thursday, February 8, 2001.You must be registered to attend, no refunds after 1/31/2001, Your canceled check is your receipt, no checks accepted on site-CASH only (us$)

registration form;

First & Last Name___________________________________

Sobriety Date___________


Name on badge_____________________

Would you like to do service work?_______________
Do you have any special needs?___________________

Registration and meals will be sold separately, meals are optional at an additional cost.
No meals will be sold at the conference.
Registration Fee:
Postmarked by Dec.31, 2000 - $25.00_________
Postmarked on/after Jan.1, 2001 - $35.00_________
Already Registered - $00.00_________

Meals: payment for meals must be postmarked by Jan. 19, 2001

Indicate if you prefer Vegetarian_______

Friday Night Buffet____________________$30.00_________
Saturday Night Dinner__________________$36.00_________
Sunday Breakfast Buffet________________$19.00_________

Coffee Cups................................$ 8.00_________
Tee Shirts..........M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL....$15.00_________
Sweatshirts ........M,L,XL,XXL....$20.00_________
Tote Bag .........................$ 8.00_________

Iolani Palace (the only Royal Palace in USA)- $23.00_________

Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor + Aloha Swap Meet - $20.00_________

Aloha Swap Meet Only - $10.00_________

Total Enclosed_________________________

Optional Activities:

Paid Activities:
Sailboat tour___ Fun Run & Walk___ Golf___ Scuba Diving___ Surfing/Boogie Board Lesson___

Free Activities:
Country Line Dancing___ Diamond Head Hike & Meeting ($1.00 fee + busride)___ Hula Lesson___ Karoke___ Lei Making___ Volleyball (fee for tournament)___

Make your check payable and mail to:

37th IWC
P.O. Box 1357
Pearl City, HI 96782

Why do I have to pay?
Most associations like to hold conferences/conventions, But in AA, it is an important opportunity to share the AA experience in a broad way. There are many AA conferences/conventions held around the world. One of the most common misconceptions of these gatherings is that they are AA meetings, and since "There are no dues or fees for AA membership..." there should be no fees to attend. Conventions and conferences are special events, not regular meetings. They require months of planning, preparation, and money to present. Since most events are held in hotel/convention centers, there is a charge for the use of the facilities. Along with the facility charge, the hotel/convention center will require that the group purchase coffee and food. Other expenses include travel and lodging for conference speakers, printing of flyers and schedules, postage and supplies. A large event requires a substantial amount of money. This conference is self-supporting, no group monies are used to pay for the event. The cost of the event is paid through the registration fees. No baskets are passed, the ideal goal for any committee of such an event is to break even; therefore, the registration fee is nominal compared to a weekend's worth of entertainment anywhere else. Attendance is voluntary and as responsible AA members, we"pay our own way".