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Kenshin and Kaoru Twogether Forever

" I didnt say that I want Battousai to stay, I want you, the wanderer to stay here...but if you insist on leaving, please just at least tell me your name, not Battousai or any other nickname, but your real name"
"It's Kenshin...Kenshin Himura"
"I'm kind of tired from travelling. I feel like staying put for a little while. You said you like my cooking, and I wont peak in your bath again..."

So that's how Kenshin and Kaoru first met. I wont introduce them to you anymore coz I'm pretty sure you know them already, ne? (If you still dont, you can check out my old Kenshin and Kaoru pages down below) So what I want to ask is: What makes this couple such a hit? Their looks? Hmmmnnn... there are many anie couples out there that are much better looking like Miaka and Tamahome of "Fushigi Yuugi", Belldandy and Keiichi of "Ah! My Goddess!", Emeraude and Zagato of "Rayearth", to name a few. But still, I know you'll agree with me that Kenshin and Kaoru are comparable to them, maybe even more popular! So why do I like them? Umm...I just like them, that's all. Period. Okay, okay...I really think they look cool together, and I like the way their personalities contrast. Kaoru loves to throw wooden pails and kick butts, Kenshin is serene, although scary at times. (Beware of his killer eyes!)

Many fans of these two super cute couple are complaining that they dont have much romantic scenes. Oh cmon, guys! Rurouni Kenshin is a shonen (boy) anime, targeted for boys, not for girls, so don't expect anything like that, ok? (Honestly, I'm complaining too. ~_~;;) And now, you might ask, "How about Kenshin and Tomoe?" Now that's something that I have no concern about. Fer chrissake, Tomoe is already dead, let her rest in peace and stay in heaven. So what if Kaoru isn't his first love?!! It really doesnt matter who the first is, what's important is who will stay with him forever. And I'm sure you know who SHE is. right, amigos? :)

Feel free to check out my previous Kenshin and Kaoru pages. I kept them just for old time s sake. ^_^

Twogether Forever - Kaoru's intoduction to her and her darling Kenshin!

Valentine Special - a little romantic story about Kenshin and Kaoru.

"When a friend needs your love, show him you care
If he needs attention, let him know you're there
Be ready to help when his load becomes hard to bear
Coz you can't be a friend till you learn to share


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