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Ya’teeh’ he (Hello) My Name is Geronimo Clark. I am Navaho Nation and Klamath. I am a free lance artist and reside in the beautiful Willamette Valley of Oregon. I work out of a studio in my home. Along with my art, my other love is landscaping, molding a yard is as much of an artistic expression as placing works onto a canvas.
I do want to apologize for not having updated this site in a very long time. Over the past 2 years, my life has taken some very unexpected turns that seemed to have both caused me personal hardship and happiness as well. But I am finally back to doing what I love most. Creating visual magic with some pastels and paper. I have quite a few new pieces finished and more in progress, so look to these pages for some new work. Oh, just one more thing, All art works on this site have copy writes. Please enjoy them, but if you want to print or download them for any use, please e-mail me for permission.

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