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hi, how are you doing today? i got bored with the old lame, slow loading intro background. so i made something more attractive and shinny to decorate this page. how do you like it so far? in case you'd miss the old background. it's now in the webring page :)

it's been a while since i finally also decided to make a page for him....  of course this site well perserves its own uniqueness and tranquility.... however, i wanna give a lot of credits to the sites that provided me orgins for my graphics.... the index contains a number of my sites you may also check out.... and if you love popstar wallpapers, then don't miss my wallpapers page with all self-designed wallpapers... if you are a hongkong popstar fan, then don't miss my vivian chow's postcard shop.... music box can serve you as a collection of some of his best midis along with links to his realplayer songs... and before you depart, don't forget to drop a line in my guestbook....  your comments and suggestions are always welcome, if you wanna send them to me personally, click here....   otherwise, please Vote For Me! ~_^

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