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Jeff Trachta's Biography

Jeff started playing Thorne Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful in 1989. Being the younger brother of a well-known designer and playboy, Thorne had always been forced to stay in his brother's shadow. When both men fell in love with the same woman, the situation escalated. While Thorne was married to Caroline, Ridge slept with her. Thorne found out about it and one night, when he was drunk, he shot Ridge in the back of the head. So far, the part head been played by Clayton Norcross. The day after the shooting incident, we saw Thorne wake up, and Jeff was now playing the part. According to Jeff Trachta, that must have been quite a hangover for Thorne! A few years ago, Jeff left the show and was replaced by Winsor Harmon. Since then, he has been in several very successul musicals and plays, for which he has won awards as well.

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