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Hi, and weclome to my Music page, which I finnally got around to starting! You would think that teachers would give you some a chance to have some free time, but no!, instead they load with homework!Though then their are times like this, called vacation. Anyways, you probably don't want to be hearing about this. I'm nto quite sure on some of the names...though i have them some where. But as I said its vacation and I'm just to darn lazy to get up and off my butt! Well just click on it and enjoy listening have fun! I beleive the rest is self explanitory!Oh yeah, and you are probably going to have to close my main page in order to listen to some of this - though you may not, so just go and try your luck!
Ranma musicSailor moonEvangelion
Don't be a shrew...or something like that(midi)When, Sailor moon defeats queen Beril.. I beleive
Don't You know It's love(realplayer)