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The following are links to sites created by me and/or ones that I think are not to be missed.

Earth2 Sites: My first internet journey was that of an Earth2 fan. Below you will find some of my earliest and most beloved sites:

the Earth2RPG site

Earth2 Wallpaper

Clancy Brown: One of my all time favorite actors along with Robert Carlyle. This site was a mixture of love for Earth2 and Highlander which is why you will find it listed between the two:

The Clancy Brown Art Page


A world where Stephen King's The Stand meets Highlander

The Highlander Wallpaper Site

the Kurgan Discussion List

RAVENOUS: Feast or famine. Live or die.

Ravenous: A Fan Page

Ravenous: The RPG

The Ravenous Discussion List

Role Playing Games: Why do I play you ask? I'm a writer and I am a creator. I started RPGing to keep my writing skills keen between college classes, now I do it for the love of the game, the characters and those I play with. I have met some amazingly talented people and some great friends.

Immortal Blood: A Vampire RPG

Broadway: Yet another love of mine

Broadway Wallpaper

The Parade Discussion List

Other Fantastic Sites that everyone should check out: These are not mine, but these would be the sites I frequent.

Yahoo! Groups

Stop the Hate

Eric Tristen King
Art Work By Eric Tristen King

Highlander: The Official Site

Highlander - An Ode to Connor MacLeod