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This is a link to The Libertarian Party, it is the 3rd largest party in the U.S. I am a member, take their short test to find out if you are one too.

Kent State 1970. If you don't know what happened there or were to young as I was to "remember". Here are the details.

This is a "quiz", but mainly just shows the atrocities of war and no one involved is without fault. Including us and our "peace keeping missions". Warning graphic pictures.

Unsure about your State Representatives? Or a bill now in Congress? This site will give you everything you need to know to take action. You can look up Representatives, Congress people, find there address, email address, even the presidents. You can search for bills currently under review and write and call the person backing it.

This is a page that has bills that I am currently passionite about. Whether positive or negative. These are my personal opinions, and often the bill in question in its entirety.

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