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More on The Rainbow People

All of the things I am about to say about the Rainbow Family are gathered from other Rainbow's. The people who gather at Rainbow Gatherings are a diverse group. You will find all religions, Pagans, Christians, Muslims, cults. They also come from all races, colors creeds. The purpose as I understand it is to gather and pray for peace, socialize loveingly, share your views on everything from politics to poetry. You will find hippies who travel around following the gathering, others who only come to the annuals. There are poets, social reformers and doctors, lawyers and I am sure even accountants(*LOL*).

If you are a Christian like myself I would start at this page. It is kind of The Rainbow's from the Christian prospective. Also the link above to The Unofficial Rainbow People Website is really large. You may want to start at this smaller scale :-)

Day's Until Montana Rainbow Gathering


Howdy, I am relaying, word for word,an address for the
Montana/Idaho Gathering 2000
it is my understanding an anonymous person has volunteered this mailbox... ANYONE SEEKING INFORMATION:: BEST OPTION IS A SELF-ADDRESSED, STAMPED ENVELOPE ETC... FOR RECEIVING REPLY...
Gathering 2000 PMB 512 1001 East Broadway #2 Missoula, Mt. 59802

(Standard disclaimer applies:this mailbox does not purport to be any more than it is ... a channel for information sharing... thank you).

Please Send this out to ALL POINTS OF LIGHT... and can be placed on all web pages etc... communicated worldwide... praying for a beautiful gathering...

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