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Nemanjich dinasty - coat of arms

Chilandar Monastery

The Holy Mountain of Athos




The second side of a diptych, showing twelve miniatures of the 13th century


Golden seal on Prince Lazar's charter to Chilandar hospital from 1379/80. The front side bears Lazar's head.


Lectionary from the third quarter of the 13th century, an example of Rascia orthography and Chilandar calligraphy, ornamented with characteristic initials in teratological style.


Gospels Book of Serbian Patriarch Sava IV (1354-1375), who had previously been abbot of Chilandar. Miniature of the Evangelist Methew.


In 1360, abbot Dorotheus of Chilandar had the Gospels of Romanus illustrated with miniatures of the Evangelists: St. Mark.


St. John Chrysostom , part of a miniature by the zograf Teodor, painted at Smederevo (Serbia) at the court of Despot Djuradj.


Chilandar's scriptorium revived medieval traditions in the 17th century: Lectionary of the Epistles from 1660, a copy of a 15th century manuscript from Resava monastery (Serbia).