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Nemanjich dinasty - coat of arms

Chilandar Monastery

The Holy Mountain of Athos





Processioanal icon of the Virgin with Three Hands, (Tricheroussa), the most highly venerated icon at Chilandar


Christ the Saviour, icon from the mid- 13th century


The Virgin Eleoussa, formerly one of the main icons on the iconostasis of King Milutin's church.


Presentation of the Virgin, the icon of Chilandar's feast-day.


Detail of the icon of the Presentation of the Virgin, one of the finest works of the Palaelogue Revival.


The Virgin Hodeghetria, mosaic icon from the late 12th century of the patroness of Chilandar monastery.


The Virgin Hodeghetria, a mid 13th century icon


St. Panteleimon, icon from the last decade of the 13th century.


Evangelist Luke (c.1360)


Icons from Chilandar's developed Deisis composition from c. 1360: the Evangelist Mark, the Archangel Michael, the Apostle Paul, and St. John the Baptist.


The Virgin with Christ painted above a tomb in the naos of the main church. It probably dates from the seventh decade of the 14th century.


St. Nicholas (c.1667)


St. Paraskeve work of zograf John (Jovan) from 1632.


Iconostasis of the main church.


The Imperial doors of the Chapel of St. Triphon, painted by the Chilandar artist George (Georgije) Mitrofanovich, from 1620.