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Nemanjich dinasty - coat of arms

Chilandar Monastery

The Holy Mountain of Athos




View of Chilandar from the south-west


The main church


The main church, founded by King Milutin, from the northern side. The western part was raised by Prince Lazar. To the right, part of Chilandar's refectory from the early 14th century. In the background, a pyrgos from the 18th century and the pyrgos of St. George.


Console on the west facade of the main church, carved in the 13th century


Church of St. Basil in the courtyard of Hrusija pyrgos, built in the third decade of the 14th century, during the reign of King Stefan Dechanski of Serbia


Pyrgos of King Milutin in Sava's Field from the early 14th century. It was built to protect the path to the monastery from the sea.


Burial church dedicated to the Annunciation, built in the early decades of the 14th century and restored in the 18th.


Console on the south facade of the main church, from the 13th century.


Part of the eastern side of the Chilandar monastery complex. In the foreground, the chapel of the Holy Archangels (from the first half of the 14th century, restored in the 18th), the pyrgos of St. Sava (lower part from c. 1200, the upper from Milutin's time with additions in the second half of the 17th century), the old residential building (from the 16th and 18th/19th centuries), and the new monastery library (right).


The chapel of St. Triphon and outbuildings in front of Chilandar monastery.


Part of the southern side of the monastery courtyard; in the foreground, the cistern from 1682, in the background, the belltowerrestored in the 18th century.


Part of the eastern side of Chilandar courtyard with the church of the Holy Archangels, St. Sava's pyrgos, residential building and new library.


The main church, part of the southern facade.


Chilandar's main church seen from the south-western side (late 13th century). In the background St.Sava's pyrgos.


Chilandar's Hrusija pyrgos from the early 14th century, also known as St Basil's by the sea or Old Monastery.