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Welcome to my memory location. At the moment, you can find information on my published writing and some of my film work. The site will, in due course, contain more stuff that may or may not be of interest to the general public.
In the meantime, you can email me here. Feel free to play with the burning feathers, by the way.


So far, I have made a grand total of one (1) actual short film:
raison d'etre a metaphysical detective story. Written by John Tynes and shot on digital video for as little money as possible. Hit the link to find out more.
Unknown Armies a couple of little promos for the Unknown Armies RPG.


I've had a couple of things published in the role-playing game arena.
In Your Face Again, a scenario book for Feng Shui. I wrote two of the adventures. These appear in French in the compilation Mange Ça. Spaceship Compendium One: Ships of Terra Nova, a sourcebook for Heavy Gear. I did various bits scattered throughout the book, in collaboration with the other members of APAGear.
I also have a couple of very minor credits in Unknown Armies Second Edition, from Atlas Games. Spaceship Compendium Two: Ships of the C.E.F.. You get the idea.
Heroes and Villains, a suplement for the Gear Krieg roleplaying game. Impossible Missions, a Mission: Impossible roleplaying game. I designed it a few years ago, and it was recently made available in PDF by Dave McAlister. Got a nice review on RPGnet, too.


Hey, I also own a camera.
China some pictures taken in the Middle Kingdom.
Home a few photos from around the house.
Ferrari Maserati Festival 2002 cars that end in vowels at Brands Hatch.
London metropolitan life in all its glory.
New Year's Eve 2002 on the cusp of '03.
Hitchin photos from the old home town.
London II parties, concerts, etc.
Paris it's in France.


Traditionally the least interesting part of any website.
Mind On The Run a weblog, updated with neither regularity nor skill.


I have been known to put pen to paper.


For some time I've been involved with the amateur press association APAGear, which specialises in stories and articles relating to the Heavy Gear setting. If I had to pick three favourites off the top of my head, they'd be:
The Tell-Tale Hunter, a blatant Edgar Allen Poe take-off.
Esperance, a story about sailing. Sort of.
And That, Kids, Is How..., my debut APAGear submission.
Bad Day at White Rock, possibly featuring the same character as ATKIH.


Publications for which I have written include:
Times Higher Education Supplement
Times Education Supplement
London Student
ACU Bulletin (silly spoof cover here)

Well, that's it.
Don't worry. It'll get better.
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